Pagan and Wiccan Calendars for 2015

by JoHarrington

Yearly calendars are useful anyway for recording all of your important appointments and birthdays. Those created for Wiccans also include the Sabbats and the phases of the moon!

The Wiccan Wheel of the Year keeps on turning without beginning nor end. Though many witches do consider Samhain to be New Year's Eve.

However, we all live in the secular world too, where the Gregorian calendar reigns supreme. From January to December, there are appointments to keep and anniversaries to remember. No-one needs telling how jotting these down in advance helps planning in good time.

There are Pagan calendars around which combine the best of both worlds; and now is the time to be grabbing one!

Llewellyn's 2015 Witches' Calendar

Witches' Calendar 2015 by Llewellyn

It's the biggest, most polished and most popular. We've all had at least one of these in our time!

Image: Reverse of a Llewellyn Witches' CalendarSay Pagan calendar and, for many, there's only one on the market.  The annual wall calendar for witches by Llewellyn is a staple on Yule present lists. 

There are very good reasons why it's so eagerly anticipated.  First and foremost, it looks fantastic. A combination of classical artwork and the introduction of new, modern Pagan artists means that every month has great pictures. 

It's something that you might choose to have on your wall, even if there wasn't the practicality of the dates underneath.

Indeed, I have known people to cut out the artwork, after the month or year is over, and frame them in their own right.

Also these calendars are informative!  There's the generally useful data of the phases of the moon, plus the Sabbats, but historical notes too.  Famous Wiccan birthdays (Doreen Valiente, Alexander Sanders, Janet Farrar etc) are listed, as well as events like the anniversary of witch trials.

However, each month comes chock full of seasonal tips and knowledge. The Sabbats are described or items in the natural world are highlighted.  In that way, it's as much a guidebook as it is a calendar.

One year, when I was learning Spanish, a friend sent me the calendar from Spain. I used it as monthly practice in language!

Llewellyn 2015 Datebook and Almanac

Buy the datebook as a diary to carry about with you; while the almanacs act as Wiccan guidebooks through each specific year.

2015 Calendar for Pagan Astrologers

While not specifically Pagan (though most scientists would beg to differ), an alternative offering by Llewellyn is charting the year's astrological happenings.

As with the witches' wall calendar, this one displays two large, square pages each month. The top one is decorated with zodiac artwork, alongside a column explaining what is significant in current astrology.

You don't need to know your rising sign from your ascendent (*smirk*) to enjoy this astrologers' calendar. The information assumes no prior knowledge; hence it can be a great gift for an absolute beginner.

Llewellyn's 2015 Astrological Calendar

Celtic Mandala 2015 Wall Calendar by Jen Delyth

Celtic Earth Mysteries and Mythology Wall Calendar

Modern Wicca owes more than a few debts to its Celtic and Anglo-Saxon spiritual heritage. Jen Delyth's mandala calendar goes back to the start.

The further that you go in the Craft, the more sniffy and elitist you become about companies like Llewellyn.  (Come on, you know I speak truly here!) 

Mass production, generic stuff just isn't going to cut it; and nor is that helped by the fact that Llewellyn does seem to have lost its sparkle over the past half a decade.  The art is more mainstream and appears to be targeting teenage Goths, for no good reason at all.

For those who prefer their spirituality to be a little more ancient in inspiration, then Jen Delyth offers a credible Pagan calendar.

A Welsh artist, she has drawn upon her own Celtic traditions to explore the duality in nature, which runs rampant through Wicca too.  Day, night; male, female; winter, summer; light and dark, it's all there, twisted into her mandala knotwork.

Personally this would be my choice for a Wiccan wall calendar for 2015 (because I've been initiated into the Craft so long to be quite sniffy and elitist...).

The calendar part does list all of the Sabbats and important days, but also includes every other religion's festivals too. There are also activist/political dates, like International Women's Day.

Another aspect which will make Wiccans happy is the full environmental disclosure on the back.  The Celtic Mandala wall calendar has been created through a combination of recycled paper and that sourced from managed forests.  Jen Delyth herself plants trees to off-set her carbon footprint.

Celtic Mandala 2015 Engagement Calendar and Celtic Folk Soul

Use the first as a portable Wiccan appointment diary; then discover more about Jen Delyth's artwork and spirituality in the latter.

Goddesses 2015 Calendar

Susan Seddon Boulet's 2015 Goddesses Wall Calendar

Absolutely stunning original paintings by an American artist takes us on a monthly exploration through the feminine divine.

Susan Seddon Boulet probably needs no introduction within Pagan circles, but I'll do it anyway.

Born in Brazil in 1941, she made her home in Oakland, San Francisco, USA.  In between, she had been very widely traveled, including a stint at a finishing school in Switzerland.

The birth of her son Eric was the inspiration for turning her talent onto fantasy, fairy tale and legendary subjects.  This, in turn, grew into a spiritual journey through Shamanism, Native American Traditions and the Mother Goddess, with a healthy sprinkling of Jungian psychology to boot!

Though sadly gone now, she left paintings in art galleries across the globe; and enough to fill Pagan calendars for many years to come.

Twelve Months of the Goddess Calendar 2015

Over on Zazzle, Orsobear's Goddess wall calendar has been updated for the fourth year running.

Each month now has a completely different collection of artwork, quotations and chants to reflect the season. Bright and clear days are laid out in the lower section, ready for you to add your own notes.

There is something quite special about this one, as Orsobear has left it fully customizable. If you don't like what the artist has made for you, you can swop all or any of the month's illustrations for your own.


12 Months of the Goddess Wall Calendar

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JoHarrington on 11/16/2012

Oh, we've mixed and matched that it's all the same thing, but for the baby. Though granted, He's a very important baby!

Sam on 11/16/2012

Kate, it is called CHRISTmas for a reason, if you want to celebrate something else, call it so, YULEtide for example ;-)

JoHarrington on 11/16/2012

Awww! Well, it is the season of goodwill. Let them have their tree. :)

kate on 11/16/2012

I was in a christmas shop with my parents recently and they were bemoaning the fact that Christmas was no longer about Christ. I didn't have the heart to point out the origins of Yule to them, they seemed so content in their grumbling.

JoHarrington on 11/15/2012

Conversations were meant to evolve. It's only debates and parliamentary meetings which are supposed to stay on track. :P

Sam on 11/15/2012

The Christmas, or Yule tree, is what I call a true religious merger, but we are seriously going off topic here ;-)

JoHarrington on 11/15/2012

Sam - Well, I wasn't going to say... LOL But are you enjoying the 'Christmas' tree?

Lots of hymn stealing going about then? I'm sure that God will appreciate the familiar tunes!

JoHarrington on 11/15/2012

I haven't had a day book in years! But yes, they were lovely back then. I never think to get one for myself, but love them when they're sent as gifts.

Sam on 11/15/2012

And we did borrow a lot of the older, pagan religions - what goes around comes around - or whatever they say;-) For a fun, and completely off topic, have a look at how different (Christian) denominations have 'borrowed' hymn tunes from each other - Oh May! Deary, deary ;-)

Ragtimelil on 11/15/2012

I haven't had one in a while but I loved their day books.

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