Wizzley, Seekyt, InfoBarrel, Bukisa: A Writer's Comparison

by SusanM

A comparison of passive income sites - Wizzley, Seekyt, InfoBarrel and Bukisa.

After running a magazine I thought I needed something slower paced. The idea of passive income writing was very tempting.

Writing for passive income is not very passive. It still takes skill, organization and hard work. But it has many benefits if you pick a site that will suit who you wish to write for and what you want to write.

This information is based upon my own experiences writing for passive income sites but may not be the experience of every writer.

Where Do I Write?

Wizzley: I'm a recent arrival to Wizzley but I admit I have been bitten by the Wizzley bug. I'm just beginning to work on my articles here.

Seekyt: I have been writing on this site for 4 or 5 months and currently have 130 articles. I have just started writing on TopicSpotter. This is the new site owned by the creators of Seekyt.

InfoBarrel: The first passive income site I joined around 5 months ago. I wrote 26 articles on the site before I defected to Seekyt.

Bukisa: I did a test "run" on this site with 5 or 6 articles. After a few months I moved the articles to other sites.

HubPages: I have only recently added HubPages and with only time to write and publish 1 article I don't feel I have the experience with the site to make any comments.

Comparing the Writing Experience

Creating the Text and Inserting Pictures

These sites mostly have a easy to learn writing system. Wizzley has the most flexible and extensive selection of tools. So the finished articles look great but the other sites have all the essentials you need. The Wizzley and InfoBarrel systems are very similar as are Seekyt, TopicSpotter and Bukisa so if you have trouble learning to use writing tools you would be able to swap easily from one to the other in these cases.

In general the sites have a single system that is used for writing articles. Bukisa on the other hand appears to be unique. It provides different tools for writing an article vs a how to guide.


Adding Affiliates

All the sites let you use main affiliates like Amazon. The Wizzley system has the biggest choice of affiliates which means it's very easy to add products. I find I earn the most money from Amazon with my Wizzley articles. 

Inserting links is only a problem in InfoBarrel. I had many articles knocked back for inserting just two of the following links:

  • Amazon
  • Articles I wrote on my other sites
  • Articles that were added as interesting go to resources with no personal gain.

I found this problem has discouraged me from writing on InfoBarrel.


Inserting Pictures

Being able to insert pictures is important for catching a reader’s attention and making sales through affiliates like Amazon.

All the sites have photo tools. But the Bukisa tool did not work for the entire time I used the site. This meant my articles had to be published without photos. Not good. Seekyt is fine if you only need one photo. But it can be temperamental if you need to add more than one picture. I found the format on InfoBarrel was too rigid for my liking. Wizzley is my favorite for adding lots of photos to my articles. It also lets you add Amazon products as pictures only just by inserting an easy Amazon code for the product you want. Love it!  


Have You Written Enough Text?

Seekyt and TopicSpotter are the only sites that shows you when you have written the minimum number of words. On these sites the writing area border changes color. This is a very handy tool. With Wizzley you only know if you have written enough when you go to publish your article. Wizzley automatically lets you know how many words you need to add to meet their minimum requirements. InfoBarrel does an automatic word count for you every time you save your article draft. Bukisa does not provide this service so you will need to either cross your fingers and hit the publish button or check your word count via a Word document. 


Final Words about Creating Articles

Wizzley, Seekyt and TopicSpotter have very active, helpful and friendly writing communities. This may not seem important but I have learnt a lot from my fellow writers. It's also nice to share the writing experience with others.

InfoBarrel is VERY strict about keyword density. This can make it very hard to write articles on topics that do not have alternative words to use like asthma. I didn’t find this community as active or helpful as the others. 

Creating Drafts and Deleting Articles

Being able to save your draft is helpful for writers. You can save your article as a draft for at Wizzley, InfoBarrel and BukisaSeekyt and TopicSpotter don’t have this so you either need to write your article in the one go or write it in a Word document first and then cut and paste it for publishing.

It may seem strange to include being able to delete your articles but I feel better knowing I can delete an article if I want. Being able to delete my articles means I feel like I still own them. Wiizzley, Seekyt, TopicSpotter and Bukisa let you to delete any article you want at any time with the click of a button. InfoBarrel does not. I have asked them to delete one of my articles. They did this quickly and without any problems. But I still like keeping control of this. 

What's Most Important to You?

Don't Forget Keywords and Quality

The site you choose to write on is important. But a good site will not help you if you don't find out how to work with keywords or to write good quality articles. So remember to find out as much as you can about writing online. 

A Comparison of Article Traffic

I have found Wizzley, InfoBarrel and Seekyt are all giving me great placement in Google, which is creating excellent traffic for my articles. I think TopicSpotter will be the same. In regards to Bukisa all I can say is What Traffic??? I could not find my own Bukisa articles in a Google search even when I typed in the full title in inverted commas to narrow the search. Something I found very concerning. Once I moved my articles to Seekyt they gained good attention.

Why is Traffic Important?

Traffic or how many people see your article is important. This is because the more traffic you have the more action you will see with your Adsense and affiliates. Why is this important? Because the more traffic you have the more you will earn from them as long as you have created a high quality article.

Making Money: Which Site is Best

Adsense and Chitika

I have found Wizzley and Seekyt seem to work best for me with Adsense. But I have heard of people earning good money with InfoBarrel. I think TopicSpotter is going to work well for me too.

I must admit I do like how InfoBarrel has both Adsense and Chitika advertisements on every article page. This is something no other site offered until Seekyt started doing this recently.

I guess given my limited amount of traffic to my Bukisa articles the site performed okay with Chitika. I earned a few cents. Wizzley and Bukisa let you choose between using Adsense or Chitika. 

What about Affiliate Sales?

I think the best site for earning money though affiliates like Amazon is Wizzley. Then Seekyt and TopicSpotter. Bukisa does not provide any special tools like Wizzley but it does not stop you using affiliate links like InfoBarrel. I got the feeling it would be a hard  to earn affiliate money at InfoBarrel, but I may be wrong about this. 

Which Sites Do I Suggest?

Recommended Sites: I am happy to tell you to try Wizzley, Seekyt and TopicSpotter. I will recommend InfoBarrel because I have heard others earn good money from the site although I did not like writing on InfoBarrel.

Sites to Avoid: The only site I feel is not worth writing for is Bukisa. At least not until they make some changes. If the problems with Google ranking and adding pictures are corrected I would try them again.

Making Your Choice and Signing Up

Choosing a passive income site to write for is actually a personal decision. It's important for you to read about the experiences of others. But the only way to really get the feel for a site is to try them out. I discovered this with InfoBarrel which I had read very good reviews of. But I just didn't click with the site. So pick a couple that look good to you, sign up and see how things go. Good luck and happy writing.

Take a Look at Wizzley, Seekyt, InfoBarrel and Bukisa Now

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SusanM on 08/17/2014

Interesting question. I've not been actively writing for some time so I would not be the best person to ask now. Seekyt and TopicSpotter are run by the same person who you can contact. There is also a Q&A forum here on Wizzley. They might be your best options to check this out further (beyond checking out the current Terms & Conditions for each site). I hope you find the information you need. Definitely something you'd want to check out.

Mia-Mia on 08/17/2014

Hi, Susan. I'm researching writing platforms. I write as "Mia-Mia" on Squidoo. Unfortunately, Squidoo has been sold to HubPages. If I understood correctly, I just read that HubPages says it retain ownership and/or use of my photos and article content if I leave them, and that they can continue to use it for "a reasonable amount of time". Do Wizzley, Seekyt, or TopicSpotter do that?

SusanM on 06/07/2013

Very much so:)

kimbesa on 06/07/2013

Thanks for taking the time to make this comparison. Keeping an eye on options is a good thing is this changing netscape.

SusanM on 06/06/2013

Thanks :)

cmoneyspinner on 06/06/2013

Fantastic overview!

SusanM on 09/15/2012

I know the feeling Mira. I've wasted too much time using Dreamweaver rather than writing.
Thanks Crissaegrim

Mira on 09/15/2012

I too spent much time writing HTML with editors in the past when I could have been writing. Wasted so much time. Great article; thanks!

Crissaegrim on 08/24/2012

Great info! Thanks

SusanM on 07/11/2012

One of the reasons I love these sites mysteeqz5. I like the variety rather than being restricted to a specific topic.

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