Wizzley writing

by ethelsmith

With so many freelance writing websites it can be easy to get your fingers burned or feel out of your depth. Not here at Wizzley though


A new venture

OK first let me confess that I am a newbie on Wizzley. I have a handful of articles and a short membership so far. However you can often assess such opportunities quickly. Having written on similar sites for the last 5 or so years I have certainly learned the hard way. These days I like to think that I still have a lot to learn but that I am less green.

All of this means that I feel able to have my say about Wizzley already. Hopefully it may help you decide if it is the site for you.

So easy to use

Having written on Hubpages for a few years perhaps Wizzley was extra easy for me. Hubpages uses a similar format but Wizzley wins hands down for ease of use. Drag and drop the capsules, add pertinent coloured backgrounds and more as easily as 1,2,3. If you prefer use the small arrows to shuffle the capsules of your page around, as you edit.

For those who are truly new to such ventures easy tutorials will soon help you get started.

Easy on the eye

Once you have created your profile and you first page you will see how easy on the eye Wizzley is. The pages will attract readers as they are reader friendly. Adding images, videos, amazon products and the like will add appeal as well as make you money, hopefully.

Thumbs up Wizzley

Overall Wizzley offers an easy to access website where you can share your views. You can create ages about almost any subject, as long as you obey the site rules of course. These are the usual rules regarding hate, profanities, spam, poor content and plagarism. It is best to familiarise yourself with them. If being a part of a "community" attracts you make sure that you show up at the forum pages. The staff and members are friendly and you will soon feel at home.

Making money can take time. If that is your main aim remember that Rome Was not Built in a Day. Since the various Google Panda updates it has become harder to earn revenue online. It is still possible but usually takes time.

Wizzley enables you to add Azazzle and Ebay products which is a bonus.


The one thing that you need is an honest website and Wizzley appears to be just that. When such sites are in their infancy they will often have to change a little as they develop. That makes sense. How some seem to go wrong is by changing beyond recognition. What attracted you in the first place can vanish, along with you.

In the end these type of websites lose their backbone, that is their writers. Let's hope Wizzley stays as sweet as it is in its infancy but blossoms with age. Personally I think it will.

Updated: 12/09/2011, ethelsmith
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ethelsmith on 01/04/2012

Angel I have so much to learn still. We all learn from each other. Wizzley has the edge over hubpages for ease of use I think. Hope you have fun and earn lots :)

Angel on 01/04/2012

I too love Wizzley so far. I am new to online writing in general and have a lot to learn. I write at Hubpages too and thought I would give this a try. So far I am very pleased. Great article and I hope to learn from you and many other wonderful people here.

katiem2 on 01/03/2012

I agree, I love Wizzley it is so easy to use, the picture options are amazing and the Amazon modules are fun fun fun. Great to be here and thanks for the inspiring thoughts on Wizzley writing. Katie

ethelsmith on 12/14/2011

Thanks Dak so do I

dak on 12/14/2011

This NEEDS more view, great post i hope more people come across this post

ethelsmith on 12/11/2011

And you Sam. Let's hope the bad side does not surface. It is a great site with lots of potential

samsons1 on 12/11/2011

So happy to see that you are 'settling in'. One can't help but love Wizzley, everyone is so nice and helpful here. I'm like you by finding the atmosphere here more pleasant than HubPages, and I find some of my 'old friends' here. Wishing you much success as you write...

ethelsmith on 12/10/2011

Jimmie and Kinworm yes I agree. The ease of access and speed is what makes it so attractive. Hopefully it will be lucrative in time. Nice to meet you both, virtually of course :)

Jimmie on 12/10/2011

I think that those of us who have jumped on board the Wizzley train at its inception are going to be well positioned when the site rockets to success.

Marie on 12/10/2011

I'm certainly loving Wizzley so far. I joined 6 months ago but didn't do much until a few weeks ago when I really made the time to get stuck in. Now I'm appreciating how nice it is to write here, it's very fast to construct pages once you know what you're doing. It is my favourite writing site so far and I think this is where I will be doing most of my writing for some time to come. Wishing you lots of success here.

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