Wooden Picnic Tables

by Digby_Adams

Create a relaxed outdoor dining space with a wooden picnic table

I grew up in a small town along the rural Northern coast of Maine, where I spent summers eating my meals outside at a simple pine picnic table. When it was time for dessert and it was a special night, my parents took us to the local Dairy Queen, where you guessed it we hung out at a wooden picnic table. It seemed everywhere we went in the summer provided seating at wooden picnic tables. We'd often see neighbors or classmates and strike up a conversation. So It's no surprise that when we wanted a place to hang out in the backyard, my husband and I added our own wooden pine picnic table to our outdoor decor.

I love the fact that it's not a fussy table set with cushions that have to taken in quickly every night. We did treat ours with linseed oil before winter. Now it just sits outside when it snows. It is truly casual outdoor dining without a care in the world.

Wooden Picnic Table in Our Backyard
Wooden Picnic Table in Our Backyard
Digby Adams

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Georgia PT6D-MCQ-KD Oden Picnic Table -6"

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Lakeland Mills CFU232 Cedar Log 6-Foot Picnic Table with Attached Benches, Natural

Lakeland Mills 6' Picnic Table is one sturdy unit. You can find cheaper tables, but this one will last you for many years and will not blow away in a strong breeze.

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Family Gatherings Often Feature Loads of Food on a Wood Picnic Table

What child hasn't sat at a picnic table like this waiting for a hot dog.
What child hasn't sat at a picnic table like this waiting for a hot dog.

Lots of different woods are used to make picnic tables. Ours is made of pine. It's affordable and if your treat the wood properly it will hold up in the harshest winter. Our wood picnic table doesn't get babied. It's left out all winter long in our cold and snowy Maine climate. In fact on a clear winter night we love to bundle up and take out a steaming hot cup of cider and do some stargazing while we sit on it. You can also opt for richer woods like cedar and teak.

Rectangular picnic tables are the most common. It used to be that the seating was always attached. I think this keeps things simple. You sat down and that was that. Three or possibly four people didn't have to decide how close they wanted to seat to the table. If you wanted to be closer well you had to sit on the edge of your seat.

Amish pine picnic tables have become the rage and I've seen many in a lot of Maine backyards. More often than not the seating is detached from the table. Sometimes the benches even have backs. You can often choose from 4- and 5-foot Amish pine picnic tables.

Amish Pine Picnic Tables

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Public Park in Battle Ground, Indiana Features Wooden Picnic Tables

Even people without yards can enjoy an outdoor meal
Even people without yards can enjoy an outdoor meal

Convertible Picnic Table

Stunning Outdoor Decor

If you want more color in your outdoor furniture, then by all means opt for a red cedar picnic table - and of course it can be round or square. If you're working with a small yard or an odd-shaped lot, this might be the best choice for you. In addition to red cedar, you'll also find outdoor decor and tables in white cedar as well.

Because our house is so old, it doesn't have a porch or deck in the back. We've decided that we aren't going to add one at this time. We've also not installed a formal patio as well, because we like the natural back yard. Some of this is that we prefer to spend the money on the house and partly we just love walking out of the door in our bare feet and feeling the grace there.

Come summer we have a croquet court off to one side of the picnic table and we love sitting around and watching people compete. Croquet is a game that everyone can play and enjoy. Coordination and stamina isn't a factor and we often have teams that pair a 5 year-old with an 80 year-old. Everyone has a great time and eats lots of ice cream!

Ceddar Wooden Picnic Tables

Gorgeous Outdoor Furniture on ebay

Children's Picnic Table

Outdoor Decor for All

Ebay is one of the easiest places to find a large choice of picnic tables. You can get economy shipping - or if you find one selling in your area, most ebay sellers are more than happy for you to pick it up. I've driven all over New England picking up big items for the house. I think it's fun to meet the sellers and they seem to like showing me more stuff to buy. I think sometimes I have an I Love to Shop tattoo on my forehead that I can't see but everyone else can.

If you think that ebay is just for buying small things you would be wrong. You can really get a great sense of who a seller is by checking out their Positive Feedback Rating. Most sellers I know work very hard to keep it near 100%. You can also read comments from previous buyers. If there's a problem, believe me they are not shy about sharing it. Ebay also makes it easy to find their best sellers with the Top Rated Seller designation. A seller gets that by selling a lot of things on ebay, while meeting ebay customer service standards.

Attached Wooden Picnic Table

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Annette Bromley on 01/15/2015

Great article and I also got to enjoy those tables growing up and still do. There is something unifying about dinner around a picnic table that brings family and friends together when the dining room table does not. (at least not as much today.)

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