Can I Work From Home?

by pkmcr

Deciding whether you can work from home is not as easy at it might seem! We all think we would love being able to work from the comfort of our own home. But can we or should we?

Can I work from Home is not just a question for those who want to work for themselves. Working from home is something that many people think about whether they want to work for themselves or for an employer.

However in order to answer the question "Can I work from Home" there are a number of things to think about before coming to a decision.

Let's take a look at some of the questions anyone considering working from home needs to think about.

Some of the questions may not be ones you have considered so do take some time to think about them as you plan for your future.

What Do You Need To Consider When It Comes To Working From Home?

Can You Work From Home?

There are a number of key considerations when you making the decision whether you can work from home.

How Much Do You Need To Earn?

We all have bills to pay don't we? So if you need to earn $45,000 each year, then doing a home based job which pays $8.00 an hour is not going to work for you is it?  When you work out the answer to this question then you are going to eliminate various work at home jobs straightaway.

Whilst the flexible working options that companies often offer may appeal it won’t matter if you’re not making the money you need to be. If you need a full time salary with the benefits you normally associate with a job then working at home for an employer may not be for you.

How Long Do You Want to Work Each Day?

If you are currently working for an employer you may want to explore a more flexible working pattern that allows you to work from home. 

So you could try writing out a proposal of how much work you can accomplish for your employer in how many hours.


Are You Willing to Learn New Skills?

If the work from home option you are looking at involves changing careers, then it may involve going back to college for a period of time get trained and to acquire them. Do you have the time, energy and personal motivation to do this?

Are You Thinking about Starting Your Own Business?

If you are thinking about starting a home based business, then you need to think about the amount of money you will need to invest to get started. There are some options which are promoted as free to start but they assume that you have a computer, an internet connection etc and of course there is a cost associated with each of those.

Working out if you have to invest any money to get started will make a difference to your choice. You may want For example, buying into a franchise is probably going to be more expensive than a small business that you start on your own.

What Are You Passionate About?

If you are thinking about working from home then think about what are you interested in and what type of personality you have. This is an important consideration because given that you will be at home, probably on your own for a large part of the time, you need to ensure that you are interested, or indeed passionate about it!

Do you enjoy talking to people? Are you interested in wine, food stuffs, perfumes and cosmetics or jewelry? There are lots of home based businesses that based around those areas of interest that might appeal.  If you enjoy using the internet and have skills in that area then internet marketing might appeal; maybe you love dogs and could think about something in that area?  There are lots of options available but you need to have thought about things seriously before you set off on your new adventure.

Once you have made the decision which sort of work suits you and that you want to focus on doing from your home, it’s time to get out there and make it happen.

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Have You Made The Decision To Work From Home?

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hamshi5433 on 06/18/2011

Although I would love to work from home, it will never be possible for me since my future career is Nursing. Ha and I agree with word custard below, working from home isn't for every one really..You really need to have some good skills, dedication, passion and LUCK to get steady incomes via working from home.
Your article made me think about this issue more, Thank you for sharing such useful information. :)

sheilamarie on 06/12/2011

Working from home is indeed a challenge. It is a lot harder to make ends meet when the full responsibility of income rests on yourself alone and your perseverance. Sometimes we have no other options and then it is great to have the expertise of those like yourself from which to draw.

WordCustard on 06/12/2011

Working from home isn't for everyone, especially those who want a steady income and need the discipline and social buzz of a traditional work environment. But, if it suits you and you are prepared to put in a lot of work for delayed reward, I'd say it is an excellent move. I work many more hours from home than if I was in an office, but I love the flexibility.

Stazjia on 06/11/2011

I worked from home for 20 years before retiring and I never found that getting on with work was a problem. I found that finishing for the day and not working weekends was the difficult bit. OTOH, sometimes I'd take a midweek day off for some special reason secure in the knowledge that I could catch up by working at the weekend. This was always handy to avoid the worst of the crowds when I went Christmas shopping

nightbear on 06/11/2011

It is very difficult to work from home. People need to realize before they make this decision, it is not going to be what they are thinking, it takes real discipline and drive. great pointers here.

dustytoes on 06/11/2011

Good points to consider if one hopes to work from home. I do work from home and it's easy to get distracted by the dryer buzzing, cats going in and out, and dirty dishes staring me down! I also do not answer the phone (unless I have to) until after 3pm. I have to make rules to ensure I accomplish what I need to each day.

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