Workout Wear for Full Figured Women

by SimplySara

Curvy girls like to look cute at the gym too! Even when we workout at home, wearing trendy workout gear makes us more likely to get up and move.

Let's face it, ladies: it's hard enough to find trendy clothes that are flattering to our figures to begin with. When we shop for workout wear, it doesn't get any easier. We need workout wear that will control the jiggles, reduce chafing, and allow us to move freely about the gym, yoga studio, or our living room. Here are some curvy-girl-tested selections that give the best of both worlds: cute and comfortable!

My Experience

I am a full time telecommuter. That means, I sit in front of a computer all day. About a year ago, I got on my scale and saw a number I had not seen since I was ready to deliver my daughter. She's four years old now!

I started searching for workouts on my Netflix account and working out in my living room. There were a few on there, but most of them were kind of dated. I found a few on YouTube that were OK. I've since found some great workout DVDs and games for my Wii that I enjoy. The best part is, I can just get up at any time during the day, walk into my living room and just press PLAY.

As I got more and more into working out at home, I noticed I was more likely to workout, and workout longer, when I had on somewhat cute workout clothes. I had a couple of pairs of yoga pants and a cute tank top that I seemed to gravitate towards.

I surveyed some of my work-at-home-work-out-buddies and they agreed: We were more motivated when we felt we looked better. So, it's no scientific study, but the observation of one work at home mom and her friends.

It can be challenging to find workout wear that is comfortable, flattering, and affordable. I did some digging and found some choices I think you'll enjoy.

Eggplant Colored Capri with Lavender Flying Heart

Go beyond black and gray workout pants!

So many times, we gravitate toward the same old, boring black workout pants! For one thing, they are easy to find! Plus, I think the notion that "black is slimming" is engrained in our psyche. Black and gray are alright now and then, especially when paired with a cute, brightly colored top. If it has a catchy slogan on it, all the better!

But, still, a gal can't survive on black yoga pants alone! We need to diversify our workout wardrobes and include fun, interesting colors.

These capris have a 5" roll over waistband for ultimate comfort and movement. They are roomy, comfortable, and flattering. Best of all, they are not black or gray! Isn't the lavender flying heart detail on the leg adorable? You get fashion, and function, all rolled into one! Pair with a shirt in a complimentary color and you are ready to step out- or in - in style! Click on the image below to order a pair for yourself!

Eggplant Colored Yoga Pants

Bright Colored Cargo Pants

Made popular by Zumba, these bright colored cargos go great with most workouts!

Whether you've been to a real life Zumba class or enjoy it from the comfort of your living room with a DVD or Wii game console, you know cargo pants are where it's at! With all the twisting and turning that goes on during Zumba, you have to know these are super comfortable. Zumba pants are loose fitting and allow for flexibility and movement. Since they're not as form fitting as yoga pants, some full figured women prefer cargo pants, especially when leaving the comfort of our home gyms!

Pink Zumba Pants

Click here to order a pair of pink Zumba pants.

Shopping for Sports Bras

What's worse for a full figured gal than shopping for jeans? Shopping for sports bras!

It doesn't matter how budget conscious you are, sports bras is one area where you can't really compromise. A full figured woman needs comfort, support, and straps that don't fall down constantly while trying to exercise.

I have tried cheaper sports bras and found they just don't get the job done. I've even tried layering two at a time, or wearing one over my most supportive day time bra. Sporting two sports bras is a little bit better than just one, but it's not fun to wriggle into one as it is, let alone one on top of another! Oh, the rolling and binding!

Trust me, ladies, it's well worth the investment to get a sports bra that fits you right and holds everything in place, no matter how intense your workout gets.

Highest Rated Full Figured Sports Bras

Curvier girls are less likely to sport a bra without a shirt over it. For that reason, let's focus here on comfort and control, rather than fashion.
Augusta Sportswear Women's Wicks Moisture Sport Bra. 701

Augusta Sportswear Ladies poly spandex sport bra. 701, 90% polyester/10% spandex knit, Antimicrobial controls the growth of odor causing microbes, Wicks moisture away from the b...

View on Amazon

Moving Comfort Women's Maia Bra

Our full-coverage support superstar. Moderate-contour cups offer extra modesty; rigid spacer fabric and underwire provide ultimate stability-all with supreme comfort.

View on Amazon

Enell High Impact Sports Bra

The Enell High Impact Sports Bra is a must have for well-endowed women who need superior support and comfort while working out.

View on Amazon

Don't Forget the Shoes!

Here are some suggestions for stylish walking shoes with great support. The suggestions here have been customer tested and approved! If you are walking every day, you should have more than one pair of walking shoes: “One to wear, one to air."
AVIA Women's A9999W Walking ShoeNew Balance Women's WW855 truebalance...Ryka Women's Optimum Mary-Jane Fitnes...

What Do You Wear to Workout?

Whether you are curvy or not, I want to know how you dress for your workouts.

Fashion and Fitness

It doesn't matter if you are going for a daily stroll with your friends, hitting the hottest exercise class at the local fitness club, or sweating in your living room with the help of a great workout DVD or game console. Great support and a little bit of fashion go a long way to helping you feel better about yourself. When you feel good, you are more likely to stick to your routine and achieve your fitness goals. Reward yourself for your dedication now and then with a new sports bra, comfy workout pants, or sporty shoes.

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Updated: 02/12/2013, SimplySara
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katiem2 on 04/11/2013

I love the Zumba pants, they are so cute and I can attest to the comfort of such Zumba pants, I practice Zumba and love the pants. I don't have this pair gonna head over to the sales page and see if they come in my size. Great article and thanks for the lead on the cute work out clothes, I do like to look good but feeling good trumps it. We can have both.

Plus I'm always in need of and on the look out for great support bras that are COMFORTABLE but still offer the proper support. I'm a 34 DDD and it's very hard to find a bra that works for me and I love to dance Zumba so support and comfort is a must. :)K

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