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by blackspanielgallery

Writing articles for the internet can be easy, but many people make it a real chore. Simplify your work by getting organized.

I have been reading from people asking how long does it take to write an article for the internet, and they then go no to claim it takes long for them. They open a new page on a site like Wizzley, which is where this article was published. Then, look up bits and pieces of information for the topic they intend to write about, adding small bits over hours, days, or even weeks.

First, I do not pick a topic I cannot write about without looking up the main portion of the material. Some details may be looked up, such as when I write about a coin I might look up its mintage, but I would probably already have some knowledge of my topic before beginning to write. Writing on unfamiliar topics causes one to misinterpret what is there, especially if it is a technical topic. I have read many errors articles written for Hubpages on scientific topics, the material just does not match my physics training. So, first write on something you know, or can easily come to know.

Wait to Open a Page

Never Clutter Your Article List

Another thing is that people often worry about how many open and unfinished pages they have.  There is really no reason for this.  I open a page when the article is ready.  Write the article, look for natural breaks to make modules, and then, after you have finished, cut and paste into the text modules one at a time.  This also allows you to order your modules.


If I have an open page it is because I am currently cutting and pasting, and adding those modules that might make money. 


Order the Material

Things Must Flow Smoothly

If you are writing straight through have the material ordered in your mind or on paper.  If you take time with the segments and must stop until a later time, lay out the material by adding your module headings in your main file.  Then, you can write those modules as you get there.  But, the inclusion of all of the subtopics should be decided upon on the first day, if possible.

Be Willing to Move Things

Flexibility Is to Be Embraced

Sometimes something comes to mind if added, but after adding it the flow is no longer right.  Cut and paste freely, moving things so as to keep the article smooth.  Other times you will realize you forgot to place something in an earlier module without which things make no sense.  Be willing to go back and add when necessary, but pay attention to what will happen to the overall flow.


Proof Read Your Work

We All Make Mistakes

Typos happen.  And that sentence that you changed after it was half written can come out strange, perhaps not saying what is intended.  So, proof read the work.  Looking for underlined spelling problems is not enough.  You must go through the article to see how it reads.


And, during the proof reading be willing to revise your work as needed for the best possible results.


Quiet Is Important

Writing while there is a lot going on around you is difficult.  Writing in solitude is best.  But, regardless of the distractions when you write, quiet is really important for proof reading.  This is when the work is polished.  Earlier errors can be fixed in the proof reading.

Watch Grammar and Spelling

Write Must Be Technically Correct

People do not like to read choppy articles written with sentence fragments or sentences so long they get lost in reading them.  They cannot follow a poorly written article, and will bounce out before getting into your work.

Better Writing

Tips for Even More Improvement

Better writing has other guidelines.  Make certain people can figure out what each pronoun you write pertains to.  Another writing skill is to remember overuse of a word is not good, use a Thesaurus if you fall onto this trap.  And, write for your audience.  You are not writing to show how complex your vocabulary is, but want to not come across as a third grader.  Write at the skill level of your readers.  No one likes to look up words in every sentence.

Watch the Number, Size, and Placement of Income Modules

Look at Your Article’s Appearance

Yes, in the end we all write for money, but the modules cannot precede the words that describe their content.  And, it is not good to have too many products follow each other.  People are used to some advertisement, but they are less tolerant of having to scroll past a long string of products to get to the next text module.  Make a person scroll farther than they can see on the page and you might just encourage that person to conclude your article must have be a waste of time, that the rest is not worth their time to get to.


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Updated: 12/11/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 07/03/2015

I really do not know how people write when they take months to finish an article.

CruiseReady on 07/03/2015

I agree that it's important not to just pick a random topic, but to write about what interests you.

blackspanielgallery on 06/27/2015

And it is probably the thing most often overlooked.

candy47 on 06/27/2015

I agree with you about quiet being important. No distractions!

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