Yellow Flowers Meaning

by marciag

The yellow flower meaning and symbolism is quite strong pretty much all over the world. The color itself is bright, happy and it conveys positive messages and ideas.

Yellow is one of those colors that is bright, happy and induces a positive feeling in us. There are actually few people who would hate the lovely and open color that is yellow and its many nuances. Add that to meanings of flowers, and it can become a pretty powerful combination by itself.

I love flowers and I've always liked to look at and have yellow flowers at home (next to red flowers they're my second favorites). So it was not a big leap when I started to learn more about the hidden and not so hidden meanings of the beautiful yellow flowers.

In short, yellow flowers can mean anything from a feeling of friendship to joy, happiness, easygoing, new beginnings and so much more. There is a lot of symbolism in the color yellow, and spiritually it can also mean purity of heart and soul.

Because there are so many different meanings attributed to yellow flowers, avoid sending just any flowers in this color because you might very well send the wrong message with your gift.

The Meaning Of Yellow Roses

Meaning of yellow rosesYellow roses are probably the most common of yellow flowers given and received through humanity. Their history is relatively short, they've only recently have been discovered in the Middle East in the 18th century quite by accident. The first flowers were growing naturally and their cultivation has only happened after when people have tried to experiment with hybridization of the existing colors of roses.

If you've ever smelled a yellow rose, you'll remember how sweet and lovely it really is. Apparently the early yellow roses that were growing naturally in their habitat didn't smell quite like it at all. So we have to thank the cultivators and breeders of this type of roses for the added bedazzling scent.

So what does a yellow rose mean to anyone giving or receiving it? Yellow has always been associated with warmth and the sun, so the meaning has always been pretty positive - well except Europe in darker times when it was first introduced, as it seems that the yellow color was associated with jealousy and bitterness of a love that was dying.

In the meantime it has long removed this negative connotation and thankfully the happy feelings associated with the yellow rose are now here to stay.

Yellow roses are traditionally given as a sign of warm and real friendship, joy, happiness and fuzzy feelings. Btw, it is not really given as a symbol of love, unless it is a pure platonic love that has no physical desires behind it.

So when you're next visiting a dear friend - even if he or she is recovering in the hospital, giving yellow roses is a great gesture and one that will be immediately understood and received in the spirit in which it is given.

Image credits: Wikipedia Creative Commons

The Different Meaning Of Yellow Daffodils

a field of yellow daffodilsThe yellow daffodils have several meanings depending on the context in which they are given. For example it is the flower bouquet to give for a 10th wedding anniversary. In fact a great gift idea for the couple is to organize a completely daffodil themed day for them, including daffodil themed party supplies, giving jewelry with daffodils on them, etc.

Traditionally daffodils have a strong association with wealth, rebirth and prosperity. It is said that in China if you get a daffodil to bloom on the New Year's Eve, you will be prosperous for the entire year ahead.

The daffodil, also called narcissus, is a happy flower announcing the coming of spring. However going back to the name, narcissus, it in fact speaks of a myth about Narcissus, a Greek man in mythology who simply fell in love with his own reflection while looking at himself in the water. He was so enamoured with his own view that he fell in the pond and drowned. The Greek gods filled the entire area surrounding the pond with yellow daffodils to honor Narcissus.

Usually giving a bouquet of yellow daffodils symbolizes joy, friendship and happiness, along with a wishing of good wealth.

However a single daffodil stem has a quite different - and and in fact opposite meaning: Giving someone a single daffodil is like wishing him or her bad fortune, misfortune and bad luck. So if you give this flower to any of your friends or family members, make sure to give at least 2 or 3 in a bouquet.

Image source: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Do You Believe in The Meanings of Yellow Flowers?

The Meaning Of Yellow Tulips

yellow tulipsI love tulips! There is just something to this flower shape that is so unique and beautiful! Yellow tulips symbolize spring, a new start and they are quite commonly given and received. I think after roses, yellow tulips are the most commonly given flowers or used at home fresh cut as home decor.

In earlier times yellow tulips generally meant hopeless love and rejected love, but today it has shifted from this negative view.

For the most part yellow tulips mean friendship, just like yellow roses. They are also flowers symbolizing friendship, cheerfulness and joy. Usually people who are quite happy and smile a lot tend to get these flowers.

Image source: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Yellow Marrigold Meaning

marigold calendulaThe marigold is a beautiful, but very common flower that most people love, but some not so much. I don't know why it is so, but I've actually met people who hated this flower. In several countries these flowers are used in the celebration of the Day of the Dead, and in this case the marigold is actually called Flower of the Dead.

A particular type of marigold is very popular in Ukraine where it is considered a national symbol, just like the maple leaf in Canada.

For the most part, marigold has a more negative connotation than any of the other yellow flowers, because it has strong symbolism of jealousy, cruelty, grief and lots of negative emotions. Despite this you will find marigold included in various flower bouquets because getting them is very cheap. They cost way less than roses, for example.

Personally I love marigold (with the popular name of Calendula Officinalis) in essential oils and teas and I use this flower quite often at home in these preparations. So even if you might not like marigold and its rather negative meaning, give it a try in alternative healing products because it is good for skin damages, irritations, dry skin, cracked skin and even internally for a few things.

Image source: Wikipedia Creative Commons

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What Do Yellow Carnations Mean?

yellow carnationYellow carnations are regularly given at wedding as bridal flowers. They are very pretty flowers in a lovely yellow shade, but did you know that they have some very specific meaning as well?

While they can mean love, affection and wishing health, many times yellow carnations have a negative symbolism attached to them: rejection, disdain, dejection and disappointment.

So while many people do love to give and get carnations as sunny flowers, be aware that if the person knows about the meaning of carnation, he or she might not taking in the way the bouquet has been given.

Image source: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Learn More About The Hidden Meanings Of Flowers

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EliasZanetti on 06/13/2013

Interesting article, Marcia. The video about the hidden meanings of flowers is also great!

kimbesa on 06/12/2013

I friend of mine, who was a florist, is familiar with lots of flower meanings, but I'm not up on them myself. It is very interesting, especially for occasions like weddings.

Aysha on 06/12/2013

Wow I didnt know many of the meanings behind these yellow flowers

marciag on 06/12/2013

It is, isn't it - the same flower can have both meanings, and for some it does matter whether you give one flower or a bouquet!

jptanabe on 06/12/2013

How interesting that yellow flowers have both negative and positive meanings!

marciag on 06/12/2013

Oh that too, i did have a calendula soap, i forgot all about it. It IS soothing!

fanfreluche on 06/12/2013

No, but I do use Calendula natural soap for my kids. It's soothing (or so I think lol)

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