"You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto..."

by samsons1

In “You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto…” I try to bind the hearts and celebrations of all people during this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays...

I thought of this familiar phrase while looking for a suitable title for this ‘wizze’.   While I don’t personally remember hearing the line initially I did find it was first used in the lyrics of the song, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” from the 1937 film “Shall We Dance”.  The song most adequately shows that humans being a very diverse lot may at times refer to similar objects, situations and occurrences quite differently.  Thus said, let me begin by saying “Merry Christmas” and/or ”Happy Holiday” to all those who are reading this right now.  While I’m sure we may feel differently about the use of these greetings, this doesn’t take away from the intent of the one speaking in any way.  Some just say “Merry Christmas” to everyone they greet during this season while others choose to say “Happy Holiday”.


How do you normally greet others during this season?

"Let Christian Men Rejoice..."

This correlation came to me recently in another writing.  Just because someone chooses to say Happy Holiday does not necessarily mean they don’t believe in Christmas.  It could simple mean that the one speaking is sensitive to the fact that everyone does not believe the same way they do.  That doesn’t mean they are any less faithful or sincere to their own belief if they choose to use Happy Holiday in place of Merry Christmas.  I’m glad this point was finally ‘brought home to me’ although rather abruptly.  My dad had taught me as a young boy, ‘that just because someone says something, that don’t make it so”, or in this particular case, make a final conclusion or certainty to what has just been said.


"Joy to the World..."
"Joy to the World..."

Have a Happy face...

During this time of year many are scurrying about busily buying gifts, making preparations for a super holiday while the children may have play or chorus practice and at times the weather doesn’t seem to cooperate; a lot needs be done before the holidays and the end of the year.  When we realize we are by no means alone, everyone else seems to also have similar situations within their own families during this time. Hopefully we humbly smile as we meet, nodding our heads in recognition to others in their similar plight and mutter some conveyance of respect and appreciation as we hurriedly move on to the next item on our list.  All this happening collectively and we are to always appear ‘Merry’ or ‘Happy’?  I would say if the truth was know our attitudes might better resemble that of ‘old Scrooge’ in Dickens’, “A Christmas Carol” as opposed to the happy faces of carolers singing their melodious carols on the street corners.


However you may choose to say it...
However you may choose to say it...

Happy Holidays...

Just look around.  The season is already in full swing.  The’ Hussel’ and ‘Bussel’ of Christmas time or whatever it is that you celebrate during this time of year or choose to call it… can you feel it?  Do you hear the familiar tinkling bell at the Salvation Army Kettle, while some are collecting for the less fortunate in our communities?  So, no matter how you say it, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays or whatever you prefer, may this season and celebration be the best you’ve ever experienced.  May you and yours truly experience peace and love, happiness and health during this season and throughout the New Year.

© 2011 SamSonS


Updated: 12/04/2011, samsons1
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samsons1 on 12/23/2011

thanks kinworm for your nice comments. I don't think it hurts anyone's feelings or beliefs to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. I certainly wish you and yours the the happiest of holidays.
Merry Christmas...

Marie on 12/23/2011

I'm from the UK but I actually do say 'Happy Holidays' as well as 'Merry' and 'Happy Christmas.' I also have no problems with people wishing me blessings. I think it's a wonderful time of year and am happy for people to express themselves in a way that's natural to them.

samsons1 on 12/23/2011

thanks so much Terri for your understanding and non-discriminate heart. I realize everyone don't always see things as I do and I likewise have no problem with that, just as the title of this Wizzie implies. With a mutual understanding then I wish you a most joyous time of celebration with those you love and hold dear to your heart during this season...

pkmcr on 12/23/2011

No problem with that at all Sam :-)

TerriRexson on 12/23/2011

Merry Christmas Sam. I'm an atheist, but I don't have a problem using the term Christmas. It's a cultural reference to me. I do use Season's Greetings too. Happy Holidays isn't an option in the UK. For me it's time out from a busy modern life to enjoy family and friends, and it's a welcome midwinter celebration.

samsons1 on 12/23/2011

thanks Paul, I like this idea. Like you say it covers everything very nicely and can not be considered offensive in any way. With your permission I also will adopt this concept.

Thanks again and I wish you and yours a most joyous and blessed Christmas and Holiday season...

pkmcr on 12/23/2011

I tend to write "Have a Happy, Blessed and Joyful Christmas." This reflects not only my belief that we are celebrating the Birth of Our Saviour but also my desire that regardless of an individual's Faith or no Faith that at this time of year and throughout the year individuals will be "blessed" in whatever way is appropriate for them. Hope that makes sense! Wishing you and yours a Happy, Blessed and Joyful Christmas and a New Year filled with the love of others

samsons1 on 12/22/2011

thanks ethel for your gracious words and well wishes. I'm so happy you came to Wizzley...

ethelsmith on 12/22/2011

There is a lot of pressure to be happy at christmas these days. In the UK we do not of course call it the holidays, so Merry Christmas Sam

samsons1 on 12/05/2011

and thank you ohcaroline and a Merry Christmas greeting to you as well...

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