Zombie Party Supplies & Favors

by Tehreem

Plan a scary zombie party for your kids birthday. The party theme can also be used on Halloween. Be prepared to enter the land of the dead!

Zombie lovers would love to have a zombie themed party for their special day. It will be a scary and unique experience for all the guests who, I assure you, would enjoy very much. This party theme will also be well suited for Halloween.
To help you with all your planning and shopping, i have searched for the best available zombie party supplies which you can use to make your party a real-life zombie experience for others. You will find everything here from scary party invitations to all the party decorations.

Get Ready For a Scary Time!

Starting your party with the right invitations is the first step you need to take. These "Save The Date' invitations will be best for a zombie theme. The product given on the right contains 20 post card invitations with envelopes. The fun thing about this are the envelope seals which will give a creepy feeling to your invitations! 20 of 'Save The Date" stickers are also included. All in all, these are the best invitations you can get in an affordable price.

Zombie Table Supplies

Partypacks are the best options for themed parties as they save you from roaming around in markets and find the right item to match all other supplies that you have bought. The 'I love zombies' party packs has a modern color combination and it will suit well with your party theme.

This party pack contains dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, spoons, forks, knives and lunch napkins for 18 people with many extras included. A solid-colored table cover also comes with it.

Apart from the tableware, the pack also contains 12 balloons, 2 curling ribbons and crepe paper rolls all in assorted colors.

Zombie Party Decorations

Make Your Own Zombie Zone!

Many amazing decorations are available on Amazon to decorate the party place. The 'Do Not Feed The Zombies' poster would look great on one of the walls of your room. You can also use it afterwards to decorate for Halloween or it can simply go in your kids room.

The 'i love zombies' balloon matches with the partypack mentioned above. It will look fabulous floating in mid air if you fill it up with helium. Another great idea is to put around zombie zones using party tape for zombie theme. The tape warns about zombies so it definitely will create a sense of excitement among kids.

You can also use some zombie pop-ups. They will look great around the party room. and make sure you keep the lights off and use some creepy lamps for lightning, dim the lights, light up candles everywhere and make sure to use low voltage lights in the rest of the house.

Some sites offer gravestone generators which you can use to print out gravestones. You can stick these to mirrors or walls all around the house. 

If you have a big flat screen in your home you can play zombie movies all night in low volume.

The smaller rooms and bathrooms of your house can be made creepy by adding some ambiance noises. For this you won't be needing much then a CD with scary soundtracks. The recorder should be well hidden so the guests don't discover the source of sound. It will sure creep them out!

Zombie Food For The Party...

Luckily, zombies don't eat much.... Other than fresh humans!

But if you don't happen to have a vast supply of human beings you can always offer the zombies some meat dishes. Smoked fish, beef tartare, roasted beef, ham (long cutted) will be suitable for an adult party. But for kids you must make some yummy dishes with scary garnishing. 

"Fresh Flesh" signs can be added to the party which point towards the food table. You can have zombie shaped suckers for kids and they would love to have a sweet table filled with all sorts of goodies. Make a brain jelly, a zombie cake, coffin muffins or skull shaped cupcakes.

Scary eyeball sweets are also available on Amazon. Strawberry icecream with a bowl of strawberry soup would also be a nice addition.

Feed Your Zombies

Skull Cake & Cupcake Pans
Only $39.99

Zombie Cake & Cupcakes

Bake a freaky cake on the day!

Zombie Cake will be the best part of the party. You can search online for many many awesome scary creations which you can try to make at home. 

You can easily make coffin mini-cakes or skull shaped cake or muffins using a variety of cake pans available. An assortment of human figures, coffins, skulls and other freaky figures will be a great way to make the party enjoyable.

Some cupcake and muffin pans which will make perfectly shaped cupcakes for your party have been featured below. They are easily cleanable and won't make a mess of your cupcakes.

Get some eyeball candies for the party from Zombie Eyeball Candies!

Zombie Character Suckers & Glow In The Dark Puppets

Zombie Character Suckers (1 dz)Set of 5 Glow in the Dark Zombie Fing...
$10.97  $10.25

Zombie Cake & Cupcake Supplies & Decorations

For decoration purposes, you can either use cupcake toppers or you can use other materials for it. Spreading white icing over a skull shaped cake and using strawberry syrup to give the effect of blood pouring out of the skull will make a great zombie creation. You can also use some freaky toppings like popping eyes and brain etc for decoration.

Some decorative items which will be useful in decorating your cake are featured below. 

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katiem2 on 05/12/2012

I couldn't forget about that don't feed the Zombies sign, just got to have it!

Tehreem on 05/08/2012

Thanks katiem2 for having a visit. Zombies are on my mind from last 2 months. I have always been a great fan of vampires and werewolves but very recently my interest has grown more into zombies, credited to the zombies movies, which made me think about how would I have reacted to such an devastating event of undead coming back to life to eat us.
Zombie land was such an awesome movie, perhaps because I always imagined about reacting to zombies just as the main character Columbus did with his own set of rules.

katiem2 on 05/08/2012

I've been a big fan of Zombies since I watched the movie Zombie Land with Woody Harrison, and the beloved Columbus character, I'm from Columbus. Anyway Zombie parties are all the rage now, I can imagine many party goers finding this page very useful.

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