3 D Printing and Metal Fabrication

by pateluday

Printing and Fabrication is an amalgamation of different technologies to create designs concieved using metals.

Metal fabrication is an age old process where metals like steel are given shape according to their use. Building components is an example where fabricated products play a major role. In order to keep with times all industrial processes including fabrication has to keep in tandem with evolving technologies and make best use.

3 D Printing & Fabrication

Computer Aided Design

3 D printing comprises of number of processes where in a three dimension product is created using computer control. Thin strips of metal are fabricated or joined together to create a 3 D object. This process of adding material using CAD Model is also called additive manufacturing this is done by adding layers of liquid molecules or powdered grains. In current times creating 3 D printed objects can be done by using other processes.  

The CAD Model has been successfully used in fabrication by using 3 D printing process, additive and substractive manufacturing.

3 D Printing Video

Digital Modeling

 This combination of technologies using CAD is also called Digital Modeling. This involves 3 D printing using a variety of CAD software, additive and subtractive manufacturing process where designed objects can be fabricated with ease. 

Three  types of machines are popular for such fabrication:

  • CNC Router
  • Laser Cutter
  • 3 D Printer

3 D printed models are created without much incidence of errors. Errors if presented can be rectified before the actual printing is done thus in this manner verification occurs in the design of the object before it is printed.

Though multi  material printing is possible but the process is complex and fraught with difficulties. This remains the fundamental element of future technology.

Video 3 D Modeling

Construction 3 D Printing

3 D Construction Printing

Although in infancy 3 D construction printing is an amalgamation of many technologies and process to fabricate building components. A vast variety of construction models using 3 D printing methods are in use now. But the methods mainly used are:

  • Extrusion: polymer, concrete, cement and wax. 
  • Polymer Bonding : sintering
  • Additive Welding 

The advantage of 3 D printing construction of building components would be speed, lower cost of labor, and less waster of material used.  

Initial usage of this technology include in fabrication of housing, construction components, bridges and civil infrastructure. In recent years these technologies have become popular among new and reputed steel fabrication units in USA. In time come this technology will be the changing face of the industry. 

Video Construction 3 D Printing

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Updated: 05/16/2020, pateluday
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