5 Easy Ladybug Cupcake Ideas

by ThePartyAnimal

I created this page for all of those looking for some ideas and inspiration for creating some SWEET Ladybug Cupcakes.

There are so many ways you can create Ladybug Cupcakes - it is just finding the idea you like or combining some - the limit is only your imagination.

8 Easy Ladybug Cupcake Ideas

A Ladybug Birthday Party is a very popular one anytime of the year, but even more so in the Spring and Summer. Ladybug Cupcakes are a fun treat to add to the festivities. The best thing is - you do not have to be a Professional Cake Decorator to make any of them.

Personally I love Ladybugs and every Spring there are tons of them flying around my house. There are even a bunch that get inside my home, but I do not mind at all. I feel that when I see a Ladybug it is Lucky and never do I kill them - they are Harmless, well to me at least.

So now let me share with you some great ideas to get you inspired to create your own Edible Ladybugs !!

Below are 5 of my favorite Ladybug Cupcake Ideas and once again they can all be mixed and matched - colors changed etc...

8 Easy Ladybug Cupcake Ideas

Ladybug Cupcake with Mini Oreo Face

This simple to make Ladybug Cupcake uses a Mini Oreo Cookie as the face. With the addition of some M&M Candies, Black Licorice and Red Icing - this yummy little Ladybug is complete. Is that cute or what?

For more details on creating this cupcake visit here:

How to make a Ladybug Cupcakes

5 Easy Ladybug Cupcake Ideas

Ladybug Cupcake with Wings

I love this Ladybug Cupcake that looks like it is about to take off. The wings are made with a Chocolate Wafer Cookie broken in half with some red Icing dots. The head of this Ladybug is made using a black gumdrop along with some black licorice antennae. And of course the cupcake is frosted Red.

For step by step directions visit:

L is for Ladybug Cupcake Recipe

LadyBug Cupcake

Ladybug Cupcakes using Mallomars

I really like this take on Ladybug Cupcakes with the Ladybugs made using Mallomars. Mallomars are those chocolate covered marshmallow treats. Then they are frosted with red frosting and dipped into red sugar. The face and line down the back is done with chocolate frosting with M&M spots. So cute !!

To see the complete directions visit:

Sweet! Ladybug Cupcakes

LadyBug Cupcake

Ladybug Cupcakes with a Strawberry Ladybug

Ok so these are Ladybug Cupcakes that I created. The Ladybug is created from a Strawberry with mini chocolate chip spots and a gumdrop head. The Ladybug is then sitting on a flower - do you love those or what? These are super EASY to make and everyone loved them.

To see the step by step tutorial visit:

Strawberry Ladybug Flower Cupcakes

LadyBug Cupcake

Colorful Ladybug Cupcakes via Martha

Who says Ladybug Cupcakes have to be done in the traditional Red & Black? I love Martha Stewart's take on the cupcakes in all these fun colors. The Ladybugs are created by simply cutting the top of the cupcake and slicing it in 1/2. They added different colored gum drop heads with licorice antennae and frosted the cupcakes in fun pastel colors. Adorable !!

For step by step instructions visit:

Martha's Bug Cupcakes

Which of these Ladybug Cupcake Ideas do you think you will try first?

LadyBug Cupcake

Creating your Ladybug Cupcakes

As you can see by the Ladybug Cupcake ideas I shared above anyone can create them. Just chose the method you like the best or combine them to create your own edible masterpieces.

You can also make your Ladybugs any color you want - change up your frosting colors or bring in lots of colored candies for the spots. I always say the limit is your imagination.

If you are looking for party ideas check out my Ladybug Birthday Party Ideas Page.

Birthday in a Box

Ladybug Cupcake Liners

LadyBug Cupcake

Fondant Ladybugs

Another fun thing you can do for your Ladybug Cupcakes is create Fondant Laybugs. No need to panic if you have never used Fondant before - it is not as hard as you think.

These would look adorable on top of your cupcake. Take a look at the video tutorials I have to the right - they walk you through it step by step. It could not be any easier.

How to Make Fondant Ladybugs

Updated: 01/01/2013, ThePartyAnimal
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janices7 on 03/24/2012

So cute - perfect for a ladybug baby shower or birthday party!

Angel on 03/22/2012

Great ladybug cupcakes! They are all so cute. I am not real good with the cake and cup cake decorating.. I am not sure I can pull them off. I will have to try sometime.

Marie on 03/22/2012

Ladybug (or Ladybird, as we say in the UK) cupcakes are very cute indeed and make a cute theme for a party.

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