5 Expert Advise in Designing Your Floor Plan

by RobertKeith

You can either decide to buy a house that's been completed or build one from scratch.

If you go for the latter, be prepared to get hands on with everything, from buying the building materials to assisting the construction workers finish your house on time. However, before the construction work begins, you need to have a floor plan.

Designing the perfect floor plan isn't easy because your family has different needs that change from time to time. Today, the space may be used as a living room, tomorrow it may be converted into a home office or an extra bedroom. If you are want to create the perfect floor plan with ease, the following expert tips will come in handy:

1. Find Inspiration

If you are not sure about how to start with your floor plan design, create a vision of your prospective house. Let your imagination run wild and have a rough picture of the home in your head. 

You can watch design shows on television or look through various architectural publications to find inspiration. Alternatively, you can visit neighborhoods that you find attractive to spark your imagination and creativity. If there's an open house somewhere, visit the place and have a look around. 

Inspiration creates desire and allows you to stay focused on designing the perfect floor plan for your home. Do not limit yourself when looking for inspiration, you can even take a picture of a random house you like and then study it later to find out what makes it unique. 

Floor Plan
Floor Plan

2. Call Attention to Your Assets

Before you design your floor plan, analyze what you have. Measure the size of the land and decide how much space you want to use. If you have a big family, you can use a large portion for construction. 

If your land has great views, you can design a floor plan that accentuates them, for example, your house could face the mountains if it has such a view. Alternatively, you can go for the traditional east-west axis to take advantage of good weather. Note that most of the sun will be coming from the south, therefore, you want to make sure that the rooms situated in those areas are well lit, and the light is distributed evenly to the rest of the house. 

Calling attention to your assets when designing your floor plan will allow you to take advantage of the natural surroundings. You will create a house that has good views, and is well lit and aerated. 

3. Be Practical

Everyone has different needs and your floor plan doesn't have to be the same as everybody else's. You are the only one that knows what will work for you; therefore, try to be as practical as possible in the final design. 

You might prefer the traditional plan of separate rooms for the kitchen and dining area. In that case, you don't need an open floor plan. Alternatively, you can decide to have a workshop instead of a garage because you don't have a car. You might be a social person that loves to invite friends over, hence you may have closet near the main entrance, where your guests can place their shoes when they come over. 

Make sure that you create the perfect house for you. Your floor plan should take into account your hobbies and daily routines. Don't design a house because you saw someone else use the same layout, and the home turned out great, you may end up wasting money on a room that you do not need. 

4. Furniture Placement

You want to create a floor plan that will fit whatever furniture you decide to put in the house. When designing the area to be covered by the house, consider the measurements of sofa sets, cabinets, tables, and any other furniture that you think is relevant. 

The electrical receptacles, vents, thermostats, and light switches should be conveniently located. For example, you want to place the electrical outlet next to the wall that will have the office desk. Such a design helps you avoid accidents that may be caused by awkwardly placed wires and extensions. Alternatively if your land has a nice view of the beach, you may want to design a big window that enables you to enjoy the sight while seated in the living room or dining area. 

The best way to take advantage of your floor space is to design a house that will allow you to be creative. With time, you will see the need for additional furniture, therefore, make sure that the floor plan factors in these requirements. 

5. Select A Designer and A Builder

If you want to design the perfect floor plan, you need to pick a good designer. Ask around to find out which designer or architect is highly regarded. You can also do an online search to discover local builders in your area. 

Look for a designer that can correctly transform your floor plan idea into reality. Alternatively, you can draw the floor plan using special software and then, seek the guidance of an expert planner. He or she will go through the design and make the necessary changes for safety purposes. In addition, find a local builder that can accurately build the house according to the floor plan. 

The success of your floor plan is determined by both the designer and the builder, therefore, make sure that you find competent individuals for this task. Depending on the type of house that you want, you can either choose an in-house designer or an architect to draw your floor plan. 


Since designing the perfect floor plan can have a lasting impact on your life, take your time when coming up with the idea. Make sure that the design factors in all your needs and desires. In addition, ensure that you find the right person to turn that dream into a reality.

Updated: 08/26/2018, RobertKeith
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