Suburban Taj Mahal's - a New Trend?

by EnelleLamb

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For anyone who has read the book, "One Thousand and One Arabian Nights", India is a land of mystery, magic, stunning architecture, opulent tapestries and amazing food. The folk tales introduced us to a culture, social structure and lifestyle that was very different from what we were familiar with.

One aspect of this culture that has impacted the construction industry, believe it or not, is the way the family unit takes care of each other. This is not to say that we don't take care of our families, but we are familiar with growing up and moving out of our parents' house to establish our lives in a home of our own to raise a family or pursue a career. In many Indian families, instead of moving out of the family residence once they have grown up, they move into separate apartments within the family home.

For this reason, contractors have been building "monster" homes that can accommodate families within families.

New construction

new construction
new construction
Enelle Lamb

Mega houses

Visitors are often amazed at the size of some of these structures, and I have to agree that several of these homes are more along the lines of millionaire estates or royal palaces!

However, when you realize that there are separate apartments inside these mansions, you have to admit that they look a whole lot richer and opulent than mere row housing, or town houses, yet they supply the same desire for privacy. However, the main difference between them is the fact that the family, and extended family, hold the title to the property, whereas with town homes and row housing, each domicile is owned or rented individually.

English country style construction

english country style
english country style
Enelle Lamb

English country gardens

This construction has spawned a whole new approach to "keeping up with the Jones"! Single family dwellings are now mirroring the look of these mansions as if to claim that everyone can have the look and feel of living rich without being rich.

I have to admit, if I had the opportunity to own one of these houses, without the attached price tag, I would take it. Nothing says success better than a well landscaped, modern palatial home.

However, without an extended family to help with the upkeep and cleaning I think I might just stay where I am!

Whole neighbourhoods of these homes are being built and sold daily. Some of these houses take nearly a full year of construction before they are ready for the new homeowner to move in.

Many of these properties are completely landscaped - front and back, so the new owner doesn't have to do any work except unpack their belongings and arrange their furniture!

As much as I appreciate the amount of work and the end result, personally, I would like to put my own stamp on my property. I don't mind getting my hands dirty, and I derive a lot of pleasure out of seeing something that I created.

Mega home

mega home
mega home
Enelle Lamb

Personal preferences

I suppose that it all boils down to personal preference. Do you prefer a modest home in an established neighbourhood, or do you want something a little larger or more modern? It seems obvious when you look at the new residential construction that a lot of buyers are more interested in larger and modern.

There appear to be very few "modest" single family dwellings being built. "Modest" has been relegated to gated communities and town house complexes - at least where I live, but I have to say that even these homes have a modern updated look to them. New homeowners seem to be moving away from traditional homes on lots that required yard maintenance, opting for smaller lots with less upkeep and more modern, no fuss landscaping.

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer an established neighbourhood where people still mow their lawns and plant gardens in the spring.

One that has beautiful trees and hedges that have been growing and thriving for twenty years. A place where I can add my own small touches and feel proud of my efforts and know that my house doesn't look like the one next door.

I want a house that I can grow with and modify and possibly do those small renovations that I can look at down the road and say "I did that!"

"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!"

Come join me!

New landscaping

my house
my house
Enelle Lamb
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EnelleLamb on 09/04/2015

I totally agree! I'm not one for heavy cleaning LOL

Rose on 01/08/2014

The bigger the mansion the most the maintenance costs and the more time (or money) you spend cleaning. Sometimes small is beautiful!

EnelleLamb on 07/04/2012

It was, but sure fun to do! You should see it this year. All the plants have come up bigger and bushier than last year! I might have to do some thinning so they don't overgrow the rocks.

redelf on 07/04/2012

Thanks for your reality check in that last photo! You have a lovely home - certainly not a mini mansion, or a house-Mahal, but lovely nonetheless. I love your new landscaping - that flower bed must have been a lot of work!

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