Horseback Riding Trails - a Great Way to Experience Nature

by EnelleLamb

Riding stables and trail rides in the lower mainland aren't as inaccessible as some would think, and most cater to the size of your party and your budget!

One of the best things about my backyard is the diversity of adventures just waiting to be taken. When it comes to stay at home vacations, my all time favorite happens to include horses. From the time I was very young, I have had a love for these powerful and very beautiful animals.Fortunately for me, my backyard is a haven for horse lovers, offering not only horseback riding, riding lessons, and riding trails, but horseback vacations.

If you are just interested in a weekend vacation, there are several stables very close by that offer their services for your enjoyment. If you are willing to drive a couple of hours, there are a ranches that offer everything from fine dining and trail rides to week long cattle roundups.

Hi Ho Silver...Away!

The Mustang Riding Stables, located twenty minutes away, in Mission, British Columbia offers a wide range of services, experienced staff and beautiful scenery for your riding pleasure.

If you are more inclined to take in a long weekend, four day trail ride or cattle drive, then perhaps the Sundance Guest Ranch, just outside of Ashcroft, British Columbia, or Siwash Lake Ranch, located at 70 Mile House, British Columbia, would be more to your taste.

There are several different websites, and I have listed many of them below. 

Riding stable websites

These are just a few of the riding stables that are available in the Vancouver area, with a couple of stables from the interior as well.

Pinto - nothing like the car

Enelle Lamb

Plenty of choices

(Isn't he just the most gorgeous thing you have ever laid eyes on?

I have to admit, I adore these animals, so when I had the opportunity to go riding, I jumped at it!)

There are a wide range of steeds to choose from depending on your level of expertise, from first time rider, beginner, up to and including seasoned hand. They may not look very big, but the view from the top tells a different story!


Enelle Lamb

The bigger they are...

The bigger they are...well, the bigger the horse! Not only do you need to find a horse to suit your riding level, you need one that can carry you comfortably. Most women don't have that problem, but men need a strong, solid animal - how would you feel packing around an extra 210 pounds?

This particular excursion was cause for a celebration. This was a birthday ride! Actually, the man-of-the-hour sits a horse pretty well for a greenhorn.

Adjusting the stirrups

personal fitting
personal fitting
Enelle Lamb

I had to document the occasion, and I'm so glad I did. Now I can sit inside on those rainy, winter days and remember what a glorious day we had!

Off we go

starting out
starting out
Enelle Lamb

Up the mountain

The trails that we enjoyed this time were similar (sorry, but rain forest trails all look very much alike) to the ones we walk on the weekends, but seeing them from the back of a large animal changes your perspective a tad.

The higher we travelled, the taller the trees were, as you can see by these photos.

I must apologize to some of my readers...I truly enjoy seeing the different trails, trees, flowers and fauna that grow on my doorstep. I realize that not everyone's cup of tea is trees, more people enjoy the colours and fragrance of gardens and flowers, so for those brave souls who do, and still come by and support my 'nature writing' I thank you!

Getting warmer

Enelle Lamb

Time to cool off

This picture was taken just before my horse decided to go swimming! It was rather hot that morning, but I really had no desire to take a dip...however, my mount had other ideas. Actually, she didn't plan on taking a bath, she lost her footing in the water, which was really quite deep.

Just as our guide finished explaining the perils of crossing this particular body of water, and what to do "if", I got to put her words into practice! My poor man thought for sure we were going over, and for a few seconds, so did I! Fortunately for me, I was riding a 'ferrari' of horses - no slug-a-bed here, let me tell you. My horse was so well trained, even as we were going over, he still responded instantly to the change of direction, and for that I am most thankful! We both managed to get to the other side without losing anything, and cooled off at the same time.

Swim anyone?

almost dunked
almost dunked
Enelle Lamb

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

When our ride was finally over, we were taken to a lovely gazebo where they provided us with wine, water, beer, (our choice) a plate of fresh fruit, cold cuts and crackers, and told to relax and enjoy our stay. I have never been treated to such wonderful hospitality on or after a trail ride, and It was the perfect topper to a wonderful excursion - one that we will definitely take again...this time without the bath!

Refreshing hospitality

refreshing hospitality
refreshing hospitality
Enelle Lamb
Updated: 12/04/2012, EnelleLamb
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EnelleLamb on 07/28/2012

Thanks redelf - I'm sure glad I don't have to mow it! LOL

redelf on 07/28/2012

Another nice article in your "backyard" series, Enelle! I really like your backyard!

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