5 Great Perennials To Grow In Michigan

by jeffwend

Looking for ideas of flowers to grow in your Michigan garden? These 5 perennials are sure easy to grow and look great in any yard.

Michigan Perennials

Ideas For perennials to Grow in your Michigan garden

We love our summers here in Michigan. It gives us a time to enjoy the warm weather and work in our yards as we grow beautiful flowers and a bountiful garden. The majority of the flowers in my garden are perennials. These flowers return and bloom every year after the time you plant them. There are varieties that grow in shade, sun, almost every environment. There are certain perennial flowers that really thrive in different regions. I would like to share some information on five of my favorite perennials to grow in Michigan which are Blue Fescues, Black-Eyed Susans, Butterfly Bush, Purple Coneflower and Daffodils.

Daffodil Flowers

Janine's Daffodils


A springtime favorite

A popular spring time favorite perennial in Michigan is one that almost everyone knows the name to, and that is the daffodil! They are early bloomers that can bloom as early as March, but really thrive in April and May. Daffodils are beautiful and look good in any garden or in any pot around the house. The flowers of daffodils have a trumpet shaped center set against star shaped yellow pedals.

Blue Fescues

Blue Fescues
Blue Fescues

Blue Fescues

A great looking ornamental

Blue Fescues are a very common ornamental that is popular in yards all over the state of Michigan. It is the type of perennial that needs full sun. The plant gets about 6 - 12 inches tall, depending on where in Michigan it is planted, and how much sun it receives. These plants need plenty of water as well though, or they will lose their beautiful blue shade and begin to wilt. It is actually said that the amount of sun these plants receive determines its shade of blue.


A hardy perennial

Daylilies are an excellent choice for those who may not have the greenest of thumbs. They are a very tough plant that is adaptive and will thrive even in droughts with little to no care. True to their name, daylilies will open their flowers in the day and close them at night. Eacy daylily plant will produce several flower buds on each stalk and many stalks grow from each clump of the plants which allows for there to be several weeks of flowering for each clump of the plant. Daylillies also come in a variety of colors.

Butterfly Bush

Attract butterflies to your garden

Another popular perennial you will see found all around the state of Michigan is the Butterfly Bush. This flower is almost more of a bush and grows up to 10 feet tall. The Butterfly Bush grows quickly and blooms midsummer. Its attractive, small but compacted flowers come in plenty of colors such as lilac, orange, red, purple, pink and white. Besides the fact that these flowers grow back every year, they are very attractive to people because their strong, sensational scent and they live up to their name by attracting butterflies and also hummingbirds.

Butterfly Feeding on Butterfly Bush

A Monarch Butterfly Spreads its Wings as It Feeds on the Flower of a Butterfly Bush

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Purple Coneflower

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Purple Coneflower, Kentucky, USA

Purple Coneflower

A beautfiful flower with medicinal properties

The Purple Coneflower, also known as the medicinal herb Echinacea, is another of the most frequently seen perennials. This flower has a golden middle with lilac petals that almost seem like they are going to fall off. The appearance of this flower is very similar to the Black-Eyed Susan, but the petals are a purple color rather than yellow. This flower grows best in full sun to only partial shade and in a dry soil.

Get Started Today

There is no time like the present to get started on your garden

No matter if you are looking to just add a little color to your yard or if you are looking to grow a beautiful flower garden, these are 5 perennials that thrive in Michigan and will look great in your yard. These perennial flowers help keep a Michigan summer beautiful by continuously bringing back their gorgeous attributes to the garden year after year.

If you are looking to try planting these perennials in your yard, all of these flowers should be available at your local greenhouse or florist.

Perennials and Flower Gardening Resources

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Virtual Perennial Makeover

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barbarab on 09/03/2011

wonderful article!! almost had me longing for a raised flower bed...then I remembered the dreaded 4 letter word (weed) and took a nap until the thought passed :)
just playing with you...daffodils are one of my favorites..that and iris

petunia on 08/06/2011

I don't live in Michigan either, but that blue fescue is lovely!

sheilamarie on 06/30/2011

I don't live in Michigan, but I need to work on improving my flower garden. Thanks for some tips.

jeffwend on 06/09/2011

They do spread don't they. When I take my dog for a walk I see them growing in some unusual places.

SimeyC on 06/09/2011

We get tons of daffodils around our house during spring - remind me of my native Wales - they seem to spread too!

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