5 Key Things People Forget When Trying to Get Rid of Acne

by wizpro

A look at some of the forgotten elements when it comes to everyday acne care.

Get Your Skin Back to Normal

Gentle Washing - a consistent and regular gentle washing routine is often neglected by acne sufferers. Many people choose instead to try to “power out” their blemishes with intensive washing sessions. This is actually a really bad idea because you could end up drying up your face without experiencing any benefits at all. It takes a good cleanser (don't use regular soap), lukewarm water, and a circular technique to get the most out of your washing regime.

When young people first start dealing with acne, they tend to stick to one approach based on advice from friends. Teenagers love looking for the latest cream to be able to zap your zits away quickly. But most people learn that this approach only works for extremely simple cases of acne. For people dealing with moderate to serious blemishes, the situation is evidently a lot more complicated. There are many factors to consider occluding the fact there might be genetic and hereditary elements affecting a person's skin. Simply looking for a magical cure in a bottle isn't good enough in most cases. You have to think about a variety of factors that could be affecting your skin while taking care of your body in general at the same time. Here are some things people tend to neglect when it comes to daily acne care.

how to get rid of blackheads
how to get rid of blackheads

Find the Right Products

Don’t Touch Your Face - this is a key element that people forget about on a regular basis even though it's so simple. A lot of people unknowingly touch their face an incredible amount during the course of a single day. You really have to watch yourself because this can be a bad habit that leads to the spread of bacteria. And if you happen to pop pimples, this is definitely a reason to keep your hands well away from your face.

Too Many Products - while it's good to keep your eye out for the latest products and treatments, you don't want to overload your face either. A lot of people neglect how important it is to find some key treatments and stick with them. If you're constantly switching back and forth between treatments you might not be getting the full effect. And if you bombard your face with too many harsh ingredients, it can actually create a tremendous amounts dress that damages your skin. It's not just about buying the most expensive creams and then hitting your face with as many of them as possible.


how to get rid of acne
how to get rid of acne

An Answer is Out There

Seeing a Dermatologist - no one really likes going to the doctor and you might be a person who is averse to seeing a dermatologist as well. But one of the most neglected steps can also be one of the most valuable. Seeing a dermatologist will help you to determine how to get rid of acne in a more specific way. If you've always wondered why certain treatments don't work or the reason behind your blemishes in the first place, a dermatologist can give you the answer. Instead of paying attention to all those commercials you see on TV, don't forget about this one help step that could lead you to the best treatment available.

Sun Tanning - some people think that they can effectively get rid of acne by using this tactic. But while you might think that your acne is disappearing, it's actually hidden underneath darker skin. The problem might also be getting worse except that you can really see it as much because of the darker pigmentation. If you use this method and especially without the use of proper UV protection, you're just asking for trouble in the future. Not only are you making your skin more susceptible to breakouts, you could be setting yourself up for signs of premature aging and wrinkles.


Updated: 08/07/2012, wizpro
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