5 of the Most Popular New Year's Resolutions

by wizpro

What did you resolve this year? Maybe it's on this list of popular choices!

Spend More Time with Family - we live in a busy world and people are more occupied with more work obligations than ever. People are commuting back and forth and spending more time at the office just to make ends meet. This means less family time and a definite impact on young children growing up. A great New Year's resolution is to simply spend more time with your family in any way possible. Even making a promise to have one more family dinner a week can go a long way to strengthening your bonds.

People make New Year's resolutions every year with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, resolutions are becoming infamous for being promises that people have a hard time keeping. But that shouldn't stop you from trying in the first place because it's a great way to start off the year. You might just find some of your resolutions are exactly the same as your best friend or that of a total stranger. There are some resolutions that are more popular than others, and a certain few seem to pop up each and every year. Let's take a look at some of the most common ones that people make, and how they can potentially impact a person's life.

Quit Smoking - here is one of the most popular resolutions that people have a tough time sticking to. It's more than just a physical addiction, it's an emotional and mental one as well. There are a myriad of reasons why people have such a hard time stopping with this nasty habit, but it takes a lot of changes to make it happen. If you think it's time to stop, talk to your doctor about supplements and aids that might make it easier.

Get a New Job - some people feel lucky to have a job in the first place while others are bored to death with their current occupation. Whatever your situation may be, a new job can change things dramatically. It can rejuvenate your zest for life and boost your confidence at the same time. It might take a bit of work in today's economy, but there's no reason why you can't form a new path in your life with a great new job in the future.

Hipsters Celebrate New Year's Too

These are just a few resolutions that people love to choose every year. It's important to remember that the power to maintain them is within you at all times. You should never get discouraged if you happen to stumble once in a while. Everybody needs to make mistakes before they succeed, and that is true of any kind of New Year resolution.

Losing Weight - this is a popular resolution especially after the holiday season which is filled with heavy eating. Some people need a simple fast weight loss program to get back on track while others look for a more comprehensive way to change their lifestyle. No matter which you choose, make sure to stick with healthy habits so that you don't end up in some kind of yo-yo diet. It's not just about eating less food, make sure to exercise and get more active as well.

Go back to school - here is a great resolution that can lead to a variety of wonderful opportunities. You can further your education in a variety of ways while meeting people at the same time. It's a great way to remind yourself that you have the capability of learning no matter how old you are. There's nothing stopping you from taking a few classes during night school or even signing up for a more official diploma program. It will surely add to your resume while rounding out your knowledge base at the same time.

new year's
new year's

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Updated: 01/04/2012, wizpro
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