5 Reasons Why People Fail At Internet Marketing

by Kangaroo_Jase

These 5 reasons highlight important points as to why people fail at internet marketing. Some of these reasons will surprise you. Read on for understanding more.

Writers laptop
Writers laptop

It's almost amazing the number of people who turn to using the internet hoping to change their fortunes through using internet marketing to make a few dollars. Whilst enthusiasm and determination work in the early days, time, education, a plan and lots of patience is required for the long haul. Lots of blood, sweat and tears are also required. Lots of it.

You see there is this ideal that pervades the 'theme' of internet marketing and has become a long standing belief. Something along the lines of 'I will write a blog and people will come and read my stuff and click on ads and make me money. But I only need a few articles and the blog will earn me some dollars ad infinitum. So rinse, repeat write up a new blog and I will get more dollars.'

Ok, long story short. If you want to believe this crap, give me $49.95 dollars and I will give you a 37 page ebook showing you and 'explaining' in detail, step by step setting up your $100 dollar blog recipe. Hell, I have just reduced the price from $79.95 but it goes back to that price come midnight. I will even show you how you can earn half the ebook price on spruiking my banners as an affiliate of my ebook. Ok, are you kind of getting the picture now? Good. And I show you how to put it all on autopilot.

Seriously though, almost every single serious marketer I know, works their bloody arses off and works hard to build up their complete set of works to earn at least a livable amount of money or akin to a 9-5 income. But they keep working to maintain and incrementally increase their sustainable income.

Another long story short. Unless you are some marketing wunderkind, there is no get rich quick, hell, there is almost even no get rich slow in this business. It is usually done through hard, diligent work, getting educated, using many sites around the internet (as in having many eggs in many baskets). Its a long, hard slog and alot of the work garners incremental rewards over time.

But the rewards are worthwhile. The work I do today, will pay me, not now, but in the future. Sometimes, it won't even pay at all. Ok, Now Ive burst your get rich quick bubble, lets see how else one can fail.

No Plan

No understanding of what your doing can hurt you

Time and again we see so many people become interested in this business. But start running the race before the gun has gone off.

First thing they do, start writing articles about,....wait for it..... "How To Make Money On The Internet'. I always scratch my head when I see this, because too many newbies are writing about a subject they no nothing or little about, but think its the prime opportunity to make money.

This is a bad idea, they write stuff, get no traffic, ask others how to make money and then get little financial return in a short period of time for their existing blogs, articles, etc ........ so they give up.

They failed to plan.

Let me ask, would you pop into a bank and ask for a mortgage without seeing the property you want to buy, or the amount of money you wish to borrow, which will dictate how much you want to replay each fortnight or month? No.

Will guess what, that is how people enter 'internet marketing' with no clue.

The solution - create a plan, if you don't know what you want to do, get educated first (so make that your plan, at least to begin with!)

Once the plan comes to mind and you start exploring and detailing your call to action, you are better educated to have a platform to start from and explore your opportunities. Oh, by the way, plan to fall flat on your face often as well. Some things will work a treat, some will kick you back. But that's education.

Lack Of Research

Know your stuff, then know it some more

Having an initial plan, such as wanting to earn $100's a month through writing on a number of blogs is a good, broad goal. You can further detail your plan and actions you want to take to achieve these goals with your plan.

But the plan wont work without a lot of research. You can be the best author and writer in the world about cats. But if no one is looking for 'kitten vomits' on the search engines, it is most likely that folk are searching for a term more like '6 month old kitten vomits after eating'. Doing research with something like specifics on what people are searching for (and searches is a whole other area for doing research) will make a HUGE difference to your income.

But you have to plan your research as well. If you have found a great product for stopping kittens vomiting their food, how do you provide that product or service to your target market? Do you write articles with links? A blog post on your blog dedicated to kitten health and care? Does one guest post of veterinary blogs to help provide insight and solutions? How long does it take for your 'name' or brand to become trustworthy for people to buy the product from you?

Research is vital for marketing the right product, on the right platform to the right target audience market.

Something to consider is your research may be from your personal knowledge and experience and also may happen offline as well.

Wrong Product Or Service

Choosing the wrong product can be a time waster as well as a valuable lesson

You will do this often, and often you will find that you are marketing the wrong product. Planning and research will help reduce this as well as experience over time. But even the experts can get it wrong as well. A wrong product may simply come about because you have entered an already saturated market for the exact product your wanting to provide. You may find that you have found and have researched the best keywords for a product, created a dedicated website to setup for sales, only to find that the target market is to small.

You may also find out that there is just simply no demand for the product (when did you or anyone else you know buy a pet rock?)

Conversely you might be entering a market with your product that is already saturated over the internet and without some form of unique functions or way to sell the product. A market heavy with the same product may also be a very hard market to initially crack, let alone maintain sales.

Taking On Too Much

Trying to be many places at once

Another unfortunate outcome can be folks taking on too much, too early. They hunger for success so quickly they feel if one can produce as much as possible then they can sit back on their laurels later.

They may write several articles to submit to content or article sites with links to several blogs they have created and then write several blog posts on these blogs and then start adding products to websites. This is totally unsustainable in the long term.

You have to set realistic goals you can achieve over time. It is great want to write one hundred articles, but writing them out over a year is way more realistic than deciding to write them out in one month.

Dont forget effort is also balanced very much by rest. Use your rest time to get out, exercise, see your family, plan other things, and just take it easy.

Giving Up To Early

Many people start to give up not realizing that only now they are reaping what they sow.

It is a very hard question to answer yet within this 'business' if one asks the question, 'how long does it take to make some serious money' in this game of internet marketing, as a guide I can only suggest at least 1-2 years. I only suggest this, do not read that as gospel. It may take you twelve months, or it may take 3-4 years.

The reason is simply there are too many factors involved. I can certainly see two people almost doing the same amount of work over a period of time, yet the outcomes for each will be markedly different.

Also, almost no one will consider before entering this kind of business, it may take that long until they earn some income that’s useful to them. So many folk get into this business, but due to the fact it takes such a long incremental amount of time for income to grow, they give up before seeing some serious rewards. Which to me is surprising as for some folk, it may take 5-10 years in the corporate world to get to become a supervisor in the company they work for.

So what the hell are a couple of years in this business?

But as I suggest it all depends on output, products, timing, platforms, effort, time and keeping at it by following a plan and working consistently. So I personally suggest if you’re working hard at it and not seeing some gains when you want them to come, just hold out longer and see what happens, but don't stop , by all means!!!

So due to the fact that many people don't see some serious dollars in less than 12 months, they simply find it too much or too hard work, and give up. You REALLY need patience.

Updated: 01/30/2012, Kangaroo_Jase
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Kangaroo_Jase on 02/19/2012

Time is always a factor and so many give up way too soon.

I myself find that there are many who are looking for the 'magic bullet' and will usually pay $49 dollars for the perceived magic bullet.

I agree Paula, so many do not realize that there is so much time spent slogging away that is a business thats often thankless and not highly supported by others we love, but it is our passion, excitement and motivations that keep us going.

We who do this understand the amount of work involved and reap the benefits in time.

lakeerieartists on 02/17/2012

From my perspective the number 1 reason people fail at affiliate marketing and writing online is that they were not prepared to actually work at it, and therefore they give up too soon.

Anamika on 02/15/2012

Agree with your points. Most people who attempt to make money on the internet wants fast results and when they do not see it they give up.

Kangaroo_Jase on 02/10/2012


As you well know, there are certainly more than five reasons. Also, there are many benefits to approaching this as if one is 'running a business, professionally'.

There is still a thought process, stigma or mythology that people who have not spent much time in these kinds of pursuits and beleive how one can achieve alot of money in a short time. Whilst achievable for some, its rare to see someone achieve an income equivalent to a 9-5 income they may have had formally. Doable bout usually not in a time frame less than 12 months.

I am telling it how it is because these myths still need to be dispelled and certainly I see so many folk whom are on the cusp of something big give up because they will not wait for the bigger rewards to come. Conversely there are no easy, going to make a lot of money in less than 6 months and retire soon kind of programs or easy ways to achieve it. I also like dispelling the fact that passive income is ....well not as passive as one would like (not a lot of set and forget thats for sure)

I certainly agree that many should read before they write, get educated and learn as you earn.

I really appreciate your commentary as you offer insightful and very helpful insights.


Its like building a house I see this kind of effort for reward in earning an income using the internet. Spend alot of time building a valuable and rock solid foundation and in time, one shall reap immense benefits.


this is most likely my own biggest bubear and THE one myth I continually tell people doesnt exist, even if you can make money quickly, there still is no valid, reliable ongoing 'get-rich-quick' system.
Unless its illegal.

Thanks so much for sharing and spending time writing your commentary everyone!

WordCustard on 02/08/2012

I see people giving up too early all the time. People believe the 'get rich quick' myth. There is no get rich quick, but slow steady effort will eventually see a reward providing some attention has been paid to avoiding the other pitfalls you mention.

biztable on 02/08/2012

Internet marketing is a real challenge and it will take time and hard work before things start running smoother and you start earning. You won't make a dime online until you get the trust of both search engines and users.

humagaia on 02/07/2012

Are there only 5 Reasons Why People Fail At Internet Marketing?
I think the basis of all work is to come at it professionally. 'This business' is no different. You would not last very long in the corporate world without having knowledge about what you are expected to do, or ability in doing it.
Educating oneself on all aspects; finding those writers that actually know what they are talking about, and are willing to share (sifting out the marketing hype and the BS); putting in the time to develop your skills; finding your niche and your 'voice'; developing beyond your comfort zone; but above all knowing what it is that you are striving for, and planning to achieve it, are the cornerstones of any developmental and incremental earning opportunity: not least this one.

My goal in the first place was to earn an equivalent amount of money to that I receive from my pensions. I retired early from the corporate world with ill health and the pensions I had built up were nowhere near what I expected. After almost 2 years I have just about achieved that goal (notwithstanding the constant ups and downs due to Google algorithm changes). What I have written is now out there and earning on a daily basis. I have a portfolio of work that will keep earning. Now to implement another plan with a greater goal!

Your article puts the 'on-line writing game' in perspective. Although not all of your statements are necessarily true, they do hold true for the majority of would-be writers. You can earn a liveable wage in a short time, but not many achieve this. My motto: read before you write - I think that is a mantra which you have underlying this article.

I like the way you 'say it as it is'. Power to your elbow!

Kangaroo_Jase on 02/06/2012


Those are starting to rapidly lesson as people come to realize only so many people can do a program for 50 bucks a hit. Not all of those programs are legit either.
This is the number one criteria, one needs time and patience, there is no get rich in a months time in this biz.

I've been doing this for two years and I certainly agree there is always lots to learn. I feel I have not even scratched the surface of that tip of the iceberg of learning....yet.

Holistic_Health on 02/05/2012

There's always more to learn -- even once you start making money.

Sheri_Oz on 02/03/2012

I am reading more and more in different sites about the long haul and how people need to be patient to make money on the Internet. So I hope that fewer people are falling for the get-rich-quick $49.99 plans (that were $79.99 last night and go up again tomorrow).

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