5 Useful And Essential Apps For Your Android Device

by Kangaroo_Jase

Five apps that are extremely worthwhile to have on any Android phone. Games, Utilities, Music, Social Networking, Communication, there is something here for everyone.

The 5 Essential Apps For Now

There are literally 1,000's of apps clambering for your attention to download and use on your Android based smart phone today. Apps and their use on our mobile devices have changed the way we interact in our daily lives in a very short period of time.

For many new to the smart phone market, the choices of which app to use that is actually useful and will cover a specific need can become bewildering, How do I use this phone, let alone how do I get apps that fulfill my needs is a question many people ask to know. Over time you will become accustomed to your device and work out what you need and how it will help with your daily phone use.

It can be tricky, yet deciding on 5 essential apps that once you start using them, you cannot do without, is a most difficult choice indeed. Read on and discover 5 essential apps that will help you get information you need at your fingertips, be entertained, find your way or just simply idle some time whilst waiting in a queue for coffee.

Number 1 - Entertainment - Angry Birds

Angry whhaaaaa? Yes a game about birds and they are angry

Starting out from a company that started as a small computer games outfit, Angry Birds has about six different variants and has become the world’s most popular and most oft downloaded game for mobile devices to date. Based in physics, you are given angry birds that are hurled with a slingshot into crates across the screen that are used to save other caged birds. Saving the birds from their cages may take more than one attempt at a time.

Addiction level is high and currently the game has been downloaded over 20 million times. Will you help the caged birds and get angry?

Angry Birds

The worlds most downloaded game for any mobile device
Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free)
Only $0.00

Number 2 - Utility - Trip Advisor

Awesome app to use especially to travel locally, across country or overseas

Trip Advisor is a godsend to many and to many who travel frequently. From finding hotels to restaurants, entertainment options to local and international airfares, you have lots of travel information at your finger tips.

Importantly as well, as you read through the forums, you will discover the power of crowd sourcing for finding, useful, helpful and relevant information. Crowd sourcing in this regard is many people who have travelled to a particular destination, let’s say Thailand and write in the forum about a particular experience whilst touring in Bangkok and seeing a Thai boxing match.

You can read literally tens of reviews from these visitors, seeing their comments about their pro's and cons' about the experience. Was it good? Was it bad? Did it cost much? Was it a hard venue to get to? Can it be improved. After reading a few to a couple of dozen reviews, you instantly know if a place, event or tour is worthwhile for you to do, or not.

Find many places and events and also utilize the 'near me now' feature for finding local hotels, bars, clubs, places to eat and tours that you may be able to do whilst actually touring overseas!

Bon Voyage!

Trip Advisor

Excellent crowd sourcing utility app for overseas travellers
Only $0.00

Number 3 - Music - TunesAccess

Get all your music stored in the cloud, with unlimited storage

It gets hard with a large collection of music most people have today and generally a library of music will outstrip the size of storage of even the fattest smart phones. TunesAccess solves that problem with storing your music into an account and have all that music stored - in the cloud.

With having your music accessible over a Wi-Fi or internet connection, you no longer need to hold your music directly onto your phone. Add a feature to be able to play your music back through your phone or PC enabled computers and share your music with your friends. Now you do indeed have a killer app for music.

Keep your music of ever growing songs in the cloud.

Share, manage, upload and expand your media library with friends.

Play your music through your Android preferred device.

Tunes Access

Music in the cloud
TunesAccess - the free cloud storage ...
Only $0.0

Number 4 - Social Networking - TweetDeck

Addicted to Facebook? Twitter? Foursquare? & Buzz? This is the app for you

In this modern communications era, it just seems we now cannot get about without either logging our locations into Foursquare, updating our days current 'status' on Facebook, or micro whingeing..... Sorry micro blogging about 'made coffee, late for worx' on Twitter.

You can do all of this in one singular app (but not much more) on Tweetdeck, rather than using and loading separate apps for Facebook, Twitter, Google's Buzz and Foursquare.

You will also find with this app a straight forward way to autosign into your places and sign out.

See, manage and track your messages, posts, tweets, replies and likes and comments.

Set your controls and customize for how you send and receive your messages, comments & retweets.

Integrate your Facebook updates and Tweets with Foursquare whilst on the go.


Integrated and easy to use for Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz & FourSquare
Only $0.00

Number 5 - Communication - Skype

Effective and powerful communication through, text, audio or video and multi conferencing

Skype is an old item of popular communication software and is widely used on PC platforms. It still is very useful for using on smart phones of all types. The power lies in its ability to hold free Skype to Skype calls and messages, video calls, regular calls for much cheaper than some providers and instant messaging with singular or group sessions.

Use your phone for Skype on phone to Skype on PC video calls, use a monthly subscription or pay as you go pay type for landline or international calls. Send pictures, videos and files through your contacts integrated with Android address book & Skype.


Text, Skype To Skype free calls, video calls, instant messages and more
Only $0.00

The Choices Made Herein

Give enough time and use of so many apps for devices, as you expereince more confidence after using these 5 killer apps for Android, you will find many more apps you deem essential that will differ for you and for family & friends. This is a rough guide based on my own use and many discussions I have had for several months and asking questions about observations on the use of the majority of these apps from my family & my friends.

So in conclusion, its seems that the 5 most essential apps are those that are highly sought after, provide value, deliver feature rich material and good content. They also need to be easy to use, quick to be understood on its basics and functions and be for free or very inexpensive.

You will discover in time more apps you deem essential and those provided here will put you in good stead.

Updated: 03/25/2012, Kangaroo_Jase
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