Gamification Of Writing Sites And How They May Influence The Way You Write

by Kangaroo_Jase

Gamification of writing sites whether you know it or not, has been influencing the way you write for quite some time now. Read on to find out just what it means for you.

Gamification is a term used to reference having aspects of real life influenced by concepts that ask you to perform functions or actions for some kind of basic or simple reward. In terms of using a content creation website such as Wizzley, HubPages, Infobarrell or Squidoo, gamification may come in the form of badges, levels, point scoring and other types of reward.

Just What Does Gamification Mean To You And Me?

Gamification is the term used as its a form of behavior modification and a means to influence you with making certain decisions. But don't panic, it is not a bad thing, its a way for an individual, group, or a company to ask you to do certain tasks, then become rewarded for these tasks when you complete them.

This process has been running in games both board, card and electronic since the beginning of these games. When you think about games, you know that when certain actions are completed, you are rewarded by earning points, or XP (a term for gaining experience, usually in points) or other means for winning, or gaining a completed task.

As tasks are completed and beginning levels are reached through to medium levels and higher, usually once more tasks are completed, more complex challenges are issued to you as an offer to achieve. Usually the higher the risk of the task, the more beneficial the payoff.

Gamification And How It Works On Content Creation Sites

Depending on the writing site/s you use, you may or may not notice as you write and create content you may also be earning something like 'badges' for your progress. You may additionally be earnign rewards for activity elsewhere on that site. These badges may be rewards for items like;

  • Completing 10 articles
  • Issuing ten questions
  • Providing ten answers
  • Posting ten forum posts
  • Leaderboard of the most, the highest, the best achieved for a category
  • Challenges completed

There are many rewards offered and these may or may not influence the way you write. Some of these content creation sites may also offer certain special rewards that only become available once you have achieved a certain task, group of tasks or certain levels of attainment. These special rewards are only offered once unlocked and will not be available to site members until they themselves achieve it.

You may be influenced to just write one more article for that 100 article badge, or one more forum post to reach 1,000 posts, or one more answer to get our 500 Answer badge.

The reason why we are happy to be influenced in this manner is we are competitive by nature and we love being tasked with achieving certain behaviors and being rewarded for it. Our curious nature also assists us with finding out what happens when we' just get to that next level and find out what is needed to unlock the next one'

The Changing Game - Gamification Of Life

So as you may or may not realize, we love these kinds of risks and rewards when we play our card, board and computer games. But we may not also realize that companies are using these concepts to influence our behavior by gaming the way we do tasks with offering rewards for tasks completed. It is not to different from someone playing a game and unlocking an achievement than it is when spending 30 dollars in a store knowing that 30 dollars earns us a 5% discount for when we purchase fuel (as it does in Australia and New Zealand) for our cars.

If you look at the way you shop and see what vouchers you redeem, what 'hot offers' and coupons you have, you are experiencing a 'gamification' by companies to influence you the way you spend your money by offering rewards or discounts - as the game.

Conversly, writing and content creation sites influence us with when and how often we write to reward us with badges, honors and special privileges and an increase in potential income earnings as well.

Welcome to the Gamification Of Life!

A Short Descrition On Gamification

Do You Use Sites That Gamify Your Experience?

Updated: 03/23/2012, Kangaroo_Jase
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katiem2 on 05/21/2012

It makes very good sense, I'm so glad I read this.

Kangaroo_Jase on 05/19/2012

Hi Katie!
It is a very simple form of doing things we desire over doing things we must do. People will often and always enjoy a task that's fun or seems to bring joy, even if one realizes an end result is pointless. Add in a 'reward' for a joyous task and people will flock to what you want them to do.
I have found that the most contemporary example of this today is - shock horror - Facebook users!!!!
But we can as writers add this to our written pages, blogs and websites. To the benefit of our readers.

katiem2 on 05/18/2012

After thinking about this a bit further I'm def going to implement this and better engage my readers to boost reader involvement and add fun to my pages enhancing their experience and desire to follow.

katiem2 on 05/18/2012

What a great insight on a brilliant way to better position our writing efforts. Oh this is fantastic. I appreciate your gamification heads up. Thanks

Kangaroo_Jase on 03/24/2012

Yes it is a growing trend, but many folk do not realize it is a concept that's been used for many a year. The great thing about it is those who are savvy have an informed choice of using the concept or doing their own thing, yet sometimes this does achieve the same end result.

Reading your forum post on gaming absences I'm not surprised Im speaking your lingo Jo. Youve already become 'gamified' with wanting to get to 100 articles on Wizzley and needing to get quality output happening than just posting up some stuff to get the magic number. I dont envy you

JoHarrington on 03/24/2012

LOL You're certainly speaking my language here. Not only did I not need the explanation for XP (being a hopeless gamer and all), but I'm 3 articles away from 100 on Wizzley. I'm straining at the bit to just write them and be done.

Thanks for this. Great article. <3

Kangaroo_Jase on 03/24/2012

Hey samsons1,
Recognition comes in many ways and not always as an apparent 'Hey look at what I did!' form for others to recognize.
It is hard to not want to achieve certain levels or hit targets when we are also reminded of how close we get to new levels. This is why I came to get a love/hate relationship with the Civilization games for computers, playing these at 2am always turned into ..... just one more turn and then I go to bed :)

samsons1 on 03/24/2012

good article and well written. Let's just face it, we do what we do to be recognized for what we are doing...

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