5 Tips on how to Get Your Kids Started in Music Young

by RobertKeith

Teaching your children to play music young could be the greatest gift you give up on them! Music brings so much happiness into your child's life and this article will show you how.

Kids naturally adore music, but how can you take that and convert it into a life long obsession? Even prior to your baby is born, you can play music or sing to your belly as a way to introduce music to them. After they reach the toddler stage, there are so many choices for bringing music into your day-to-day lives! Check out the tips below for raising a child who is passionate about music.

Have Them Involved

When your child is as young as one or two years of ages, you can start assisting them to actively experience music. Initially, provide things to enjoy with to generate noise. This could be a pan and wooden spoon or an actual instrument toy like Janod toys for kids. Janod produces drums, tambourines, and several toddler-friendly instruments made small to suit kids. They'll have fun making their very own music and songs and you can develop their abilities by tapping out a tempo for them to match. It sounds too advanced, but you 'd be shocked by kids' natural competency to maintain time.

Participating in nursery rhyme games can also assist little kids learn about music. Any tune or song where they can dance or play hand games will be lots of fun while still teaching them about pitch and rhythm. Try "Ring Around the Rosie," "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," or "The Hokey Pokey."

Register Them In a Class

These days you can locate music classes for kids as young as newborns. This is a great way to introduce your child to new sounds while spending quality time with them. Connecting fun times with mommy or daddy with music will most likely help your child want to stick with music for years to come. Lessons can also help children learn to socialize and work with others, both in the context of making music and as a whole.

Young Girl Playing Piano
Young Girl Playing Piano

Motivate Musical Play

As your child gets older, encourage him or her to experiment with music using musical instrument toys like those by Janod. They make guitars, xylophones, pianos, and recorders for older kids so they can try their fingers at various kinds of musical instruments. Although this may make your house somewhat loud, know that your child is learning about his or her natural skills and will likely choose an instrument to play in the future.

Incorporate Music Into Everyday

Making up songs to go with everyday tasks like picking up toys, brushing teeth, or tucking in her favorite stuffed animal will really help your child think about music constantly. She will likely even learn that different rhythms and pitches in songs can indicate different feelings.

See Events

While your child will obviously not be capable of getting through an entire concert or night at the opera, hunt for child-friendly music events in your town. Whether it's a kids' music concert or an all-ages drum circle in the park, observing and hearing other people play music supports your child develop his own musical taste and will teach him to view music as merriment.

Updated: 09/01/2016, RobertKeith
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