7 Ideas For A Jake And The Neverland Pirates Party

by AlanB

Are your kids a fan of Disney's hit animated musical show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates? If so, have a look at these 7 ideas for an awesome birthday party!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Supplies

Coming June, 2012

Jake And The Neverland Pirates Party SuppliesIn June, the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Supplies will be available. But, that shouldn't stop you from having a party centered around Disney's hit animated musical. 

Jake and the Never Land Pirates is a spin-off of Disney's popular Peter Pan franchise.  The show stars Jake, Izzy, and Cubby, as they face troubles from Captain Hook, Smee, and the tick-tock crocodile.  Additionally, the live-action songs are performed by the Never Land Pirate Band. 

For more on Jake and the Never Land Pirates show, head over to the official website.

Remember, keep a lookout for the Jake And The Neverland Pirates Party Supplies.  Until then, if you're interested in seven great Jake and the Never Land Pirates party ideas, continue reading below.

1. Walk the Plank!

A simple game thats loads of fun

This simple, but fun idea requires a 2"x 4" plank of wood, as well as two cement blocks.  First, set the plank of wood on the cements blocks, and arrange the cement blocks so that they are each at opposite ends of the plank of wood.  Make sure you set it up away from things the kids could get hurt on if they accidentally fall off the plank of wood.  For toddlers, simply place the plank of wood directly on the ground instead of elevating it with the cement blocks.  As an added bonus, let each kid have a prize for 'walking the plank.'

2. Coloring & Creation

An easy and inexpensive way for kids to have a blast at the party

Head over to Jake and the Neverland Pirates Coloring & Create page on the official website.  The Coloring & Create page includes everything from printable coloring pages to printable pages that can be used to create things like the Forever Sword to a treasure chest.  Make sure you have the right materials and printer for the job, and that you print plenty out for all kids.

The treasure chest printable could also be used to create a treasure chest for idea 10 in this article.

3. Treasure Chest Pińata

Smack it, and watch the gold candy coins fly out!

Treasure Chest PinataThis idea requires Treasure Chest Pińata, two pirate eye patches, and gold wrapped candy coins.  Fill up the Treasure Chest Pińata with the gold wrapped candy coins.  Hang up the Treasure Chest Pińata just high enough so that it's off the ground, but isn't too high that some of the smaller kids cannot reach it. 

One-by-one, have each kid wear the two pirate eye patches, one over each eye, and have them whack the Treasure Chest Pińata a couple times with a stick.  Repeat until the candy treasure flies out everywhere!

4. Cannonball!

Your kids will have a soaking good time with this party idea

If you don't mind the kids getting wet at the party, this party idea will be an absolute blast.  First, you will need to buy some black balloons.  Next, fill up the black balloons with water, but not too much. The kids will need to be able to throw them.  Then, place an equal amount of water filled black balloons into two buckets. 

You will want to mark off your yard to represent the two pirate ships, with water in the middle between them.  Next, split up the kids into two teams, place the two teams on either side of the yard representing the pirate ships, and make sure they know they cannot go into the 'water'.  Finally, give both teams a bucket of black water balloons, and then yell, "GO!"

Additional ideas for this game is to include toy/plastic sharks in the area of the yard that is water.  You could also include various items to hide behind for kids so that they can dodge/avoid water balloons.  And, you could even add in additional rules like in dodgeball. If a kid gets hit by a balloon, they are eliminated.

5. Capture The Pirate Flag

A fun way for the kids to get some exercise

For this party idea, you will need two flags.  Divide the kids up into two teams.  It's important that the teams are fair, so that one team doesn't end up with all the faster kids.  Next, designate two areas across from each in your yard that are the pirate hideouts.  Then, place a flag in each of the pirate hideouts.

The goal of the game is one pirate team to capture the flag of the other pirate team.  But, there are a few rules that the kids will need to follow:

  1. If someone grabs the other team's flag, but is tagged before they reach their own pirate hideout, then the flag goes back the original pirate hideout it's from.
  2. The kids cannot pick up the flag from their own base and carry it around.
  3. The first team to capture the pirate flag three times is the winner.

6. Digging for Doubloons

Who knew that a bunch of plastic gold coins and a sandbox could be so much fun?

treasure coin favorsDo you have a sandbox? If so, then this idea is perfect for your Jake And The Never Land Pirates or pirates party! First, you'll need some plastic gold coins or treasure coin favors; these  that will be the doubloons.  Next, bury the treasure coins in the sandbox.  Now, hand out plastic shovels and buckets to the kids, and instruct them to dig up the gold doubloons from the sandbox.  For additional fun, other prizes could be buried for the kids to find!

7. Pirate Treasure Hunt

The ultimate party idea for any pirate party!

Of course, a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party isn't complete without a treasure hunt.  To begin, plan out your treasure hunt based around your house and yard.  Start by determining points-of-interest, and then draw a treasure map based upon those points of interest.  

After you're done drawing your treasure map, create and add clues to each point-of-interest that is easy enough for kids to follow.  Each point-of-interest should have a clue that leads the kids to the next point-of-interest.  At the end, make sure you include a big, red X that marks the spot of the treasure.  Make sure you conceal the red x so the kids don't run strait to it.

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