7 Quick Tips for Selling on eBay

by ebaygranny

This is an article that shares 7 top tips for those just getting started selling on ebay.

If you are just getting started on selling items on ebay, you may feel a little overwhelmed with the procedure and what is the best way to write your auction listing so you can garner the biggest sale. In this article we will share 7 quick tips to getting started and making the most from your time posting on eBay.

selling on ebay
selling on ebay

1. Always include a photo. It doesn't cost much to list an item on ebay. While you do not need all the bells and whistles, you DO need a crisp and clear photo of the item from a good angle. Make sure it is the only thing in the shot and lay it down on a clean surface that is not too dark, dingy or drab looking. You do not want anything to detract from the image of the item.

2. When creating a listing price to start with, choosing $1.00 seems to gather the best results. If you are worried about losing out on an item by not earning enough, you could always put a reserve price down so you make sure you sell it for no less than what you would like. Most of the bidding action takes place on the last day within the last few minutes of the auction anyways, so you never know just how much you could end up with if it is a popular or rare item people are after.

3. Be sure you always describe your item accurately. This will ensure that your buyer will not be dis-satisfied with the item when he gets it delivered to them. The more you can say about your item, the less questions your potential buyers will have. If you can come up with an engaging story as well for second hand items such as where you got it or why it was thought to be a precious find, etc. This will capture your audience and make your product stand out and allowing for a better sales conversion. Including extra little accessories or bonuses can also sometime be a clincher for a sale as well.

4. If you are shipping to outside of your own country, be sure that you have clear shipping details listed so that those who are interested will not waste their time if you do not ship to them. If you can include a shipping calculator of some kind that they can use to find out how much it would cost exactly to ship to them, this would be a great advantage. If you are going to be insuring the item, be sure to mention that as well. If a buyer can feel secure in their transaction and that their item will arrive un harmed they will be more inclined to purchase from you.

5. Be sure to list if you do not have an exchange or return policy in place. Many people will not purchase an item if they cannot return it. If they will need to pay shipping to return it, this needs to be mentioned as well so the buyer will know what is his/her responsibility.

6. To ensure that you receive the most attention to your listing when selling on ebay, you want to time it correctly. It is said that a week auction listing is the best timing and by posting on a Sunday in the early evening, you can receive the widest range of seekers. If you set the auction to end at a time when most people are at work or away from their computer, chances are your item will not sell as well.

7. Finally once your item has be purchased, make sure that you pack it up carefully and promptly. Most buyers like to ship within 2 days of receiving their money. If you have allowed for a purchase through Paypal, you can keep track of when you receive your money so you can send the item right out as quickly as possible. If you provide quality customer service, keep in contact with your buyer, provide a positive feedback score for your buyer and be professional at all times, your customer will be sure to check back with you often to see what you are selling and he will also be sure to tell everyone he knows how nice it was to deal with you and what great products you offer.

If you are serious about selling on eBay and making a living out of it, then it pays to take the time to create the best listings you can, offer top quality products and give your best service to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Updated: 02/01/2012, ebaygranny
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