8 Ways on How to Drive Traffic to Your Webcomic

by kliffgorre

Tips on how to attract visitors to your online comics or webcomic.

These are the strategies that I use in driving traffic to my own webcomic. And they bring in good results every time. I'm not going to talk about SEO here because as a webmaster, you should already know that search engine marketing is the topmost technique in attracting traffic. In this article, I am going to show you simple ways on how to push more traffic to your webcomic using web 2.0 sites like social networking and bookmarking sites. So here we go.

1. Every time you publish a new webcomic, submit it to StumbleUpon. Whether you update your webcomic daily, weekly or monthly, make it a point to submit the link to your new strip to StumbleUpon. You'll get an instant boost in your traffic levels. The incoming traffic could be in the dozens, hundreds, or thousands, depending on how popular your submission goes among StumbleUpon users.

2. Create a Tumblr page for your webcomic. Tumblr is a blogging platform that has millions of users. The objective is to get a piece of these huge numbers of users and direct them towards your webcomic. What you need to do is create a blog copy of your webcomic. Every time you upload a new comic on your main site, upload a copy of the comic on Tumblr as well. When you upload the comic on Tumblr, you link the image to the URL of your main website. This way, when a Tumblr user clicks on the image you uploaded, he/she will land on your main webcomic website. More traffic!!

3. Bookmark your webcomic on Digg. Digg is not as popular as it used to but it can still drive huge amounts of visitors to your webcomic if a bookmark of yours reaches the front page. To increase your chances of landing on the front page, it's best that you stay active on the site and make a lot of friends and contacts.


4. Create a Facebook Page for your webcomic. Take note that a Facebook Page is different from a Facebook Profile. A Profile can only be seen by people logged into Facebook while a Page can be seen by anyone online. If you are able to acquire a lot of “Likes” on Facebook, the social network can be a great source of steady online visitors for your webcomic.

5. Submit your comics to Reddit. Webcomics get a lot of attention on Reddit. On any given day, there are several cartoons and webcomics on the site's front page. Reddit has a huge following. If a submission of yours reach the front page, don't be surprised if you get over a hundred thousand instant visitors to your site.

6. Create a Twitter account and regularly tweet your webcomic every time you upload a new strip. Don't forget to connect with other webcomic artists on the site as well. If you retweet their tweets, they might do the same for you.

7. Create a Google+ page for your webcomic. This is similar to a Facebook Page.

8. Utilize the services of PostLoop. This is a website that will push visitors to your webcomic at very minimal fees. This website is especially valuable if you need interaction within your site. You might want to read this PostLoop review first before you avail of their services.

If you follow these tips on a regular basis, your webcomic will gain a significant increase in traffic. If there is anything you want to add to the list, please do so by leaving a comment below. Thanks.

Updated: 09/12/2013, kliffgorre
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kliffgorre on 05/23/2013

Glad you liked it. :)

Bubblews Earnings on 05/03/2013

Great tips. I am going to try these tips on my own webcomic. Thanks again. :)

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