A Drive That Was Worth The Risk

by RubyHelenRose

Sometimes we go, what we thought was the wrong way, because of the terror and fear we felt.."Taking a car like that I mean come on, a convertible even. What were you thinking?"

"It was the only car I had at the time to drive". 
What a most beautiful day in the spring countryside, a perfect convertible top down day. 
With the snowcapped mountains calling out my name. We are warmer now. We have lots of wildflowers. We see the flowers dancing up the hill, the road is all dirt and we watch it curve in twists up the hillside.
"No, no, no screams the car, not me. I am a soft ride convertible all plushy inside."
"Yes, a beautiful interior, clean and soft. You also have a good motor. You are easy to drive, you corner quite nicely, and start like a dream. Just imagine the warm spring fragrance that will dance around us. Spring is here we are near," sings Hummingbird.

As butterfly dances with joy, little trails along the hillside busy our eyes up to a clear meadow, all soft and green. The most beautiful meadow we have ever seen. All those millions of colors.

No 1 trillion colors, we decide, no even more than that, look over on that hillside. Flowers in abundance far and wide. So close to the mountain, but then not really, as we stood and turned in circles completely mesmerized. There was still quite a ways to the snow capped top.

Then all of a sudden, as if by magic, a multitude of purple butterflies. Huddled close together at first. Of course I try to follow. They took me fast and deep, I forgot I was walking until the hill got steep. I had to jump back into the car fast, they were flying so quickly. The next corner, they had settled at last. Just for me and my car, it seemed, so quiet, is it a dream?
Just enough space to sit and write at grassy place off the road. We got out as silently as we could. The air smelled and delicate as honey, from all the wildflowers fragrance, wafting in the wind.

Warm, very warm in the contrast to the white patches of snow up high on that blue sky drenched mountain. 
Cloud people saying hi! Then another, in a mantra it seemed, they said,
"Time to go down, time to go. We do not want you to drive down this mountain in the dark."
"No, no, you are right. So, lets go."

We will still see the pink horizon of sunset dancing off the white snow. The flowers turning to gold and rose colors, deep purple's, black greens, as JayBird with a squawk, says good night, goes to bed in the limbs.
As we try to back up and get on our way the tires begin to spin.
"Oh now what," we cry in dismay.

We hear a big rumble as smoke begins to fly up from the road behind us. Fear grips our hearts until we realize, it is just a very, very loud Jeep bouncing off the echoes from the mountains behind us. Heading towards us, yes, were we off the road far enough he wouldn't hit us?
I would never want to be here at night. Remember no fear. He had to stop behind us, sorry we thought we were out of the way. But we are stuck and need your help anyway.
"That's simple, he said, got a couple of paper bags to give them back tires a grip?"
I did, so we pulled out nice and slowly, not even a little slip.
"Thank you, kind sir's, thank you."
"Thank you too for getting out of the way. "Go ahead, we'll follow you down safely."
"No you please lead the way, I'd rather follow your dust. I want to see the mountain for as long I can behind me."
"Sure you are okay?"
Yep, there are still plenty of of light today, and the car is moving fine."
"See?" There is plenty of room now for you to go around me."
Yes, I said to myself, more than enough light of day left for me to see my way.

By the time we coasted our big convertible, back down the mountainside, we barely noticed the dust in the distance. The Jeep was already through the meadow. Nice, now we can leave the top down as the sun turns everything pink.
Once more the flowers seem to change colors right before our eyes. Blues, blues, all shades of blues, deep greens, owl hoots, birds twittering lullabies. Mother Earth father sky, to all of creation.
Enjoy our trip down the mountainside.
We are happy for the glorious day we got to play at a park in the woodland flowers. We have energy now to last us all day.
It was a good experiment. A good answer to the question, "What energy do our bodies need today?"
Pure energy of relaxation, fresh fruit and vegetables to eat. An adventure to wake up the senses and know we are never alone.
Moments of writing inspiration. New strength in our arms and legs.
And from that little hike how much energy did you spend today?
We made a safe journey following thunder and lighting up the mountain.
Invigorating laughter filled our hearts. We feel the harmony of nature, mother earth, father sky. The rain feeding the trees and flowers. The sun wrapping a warm pink blanket over the earth. We felt overflowing abundance in to the next day.

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Beautiful Scenery

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Updated: 07/10/2012, RubyHelenRose
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sheilamarie on 07/08/2012

Hello, my home is north of the border, under the satellite sign. Fun read about your adventure.

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