A Garden Made Easier

by blackspanielgallery

Whether using pots or a small area for gardening, much of the difficulties have been removed. Now it is easier than ever to plant and maintain a small garden.

Last year I wrote an article titled A Garden Made Simple that concentrated on rollout gardens, where a roll of seeded material could simply be rolled out, watered, and produce plants. Rollouts are available for both vegetable and flowering plants. Well, as often happens, a new concept has built on this and gone to the next level.

How can there be an easier garden than roll it out and water? Well, the next level includes a mat that inhibits weed growth, and allows both air and water to pass through. Now, the simple to plant garden has gone so far as to become an easy to maintain garden. This is being touted as a benefit for those with little or no gardening experience, but I would add it is an advantage even for an experienced gardener with time constraints.

How This Rollout Garden Functions

This rollout garden consists on a weed barrier mat, with holes cut in the mat.  The holes contain soil and seeds properly spaced.  The instructions are to prepare soil, place the seeded sheet atop the soil, and water.  There are instructions as to how long to water initially, since the circular soil areas must have the covering dissolved.


The seeds are advertised to have a shelf life of one year, so wait until the time is right to plant.


The seeds are advertised as organic, nonGMO seeds.

The Three Variations on The Simple Garden Theme

The first is a themed garden.  These fit a pot or plot of one square foot, and the arrangement of the seeds allows for use in both square and round pots.  Other sizes are also available.  Using the herb sheet as an example, one sheet contains seeds for basil, dill, parsley, cilantro, sorrel, and chives.  There are eight soil circles, with basil and chives each occupying two. 


These come with themed sheets.  The themes available are Tacos, Herbs, Caprese, Hot Sauce, Salads, and Cocktails.


The second is the Deluxe Kit, where soil, pot, and a receipt book are included in addition to the sheet.


The third option is the rollout.  The rollout is much larger than sheet for potting.  These do require that the bed be prepared first.  However, the seeds are properly spaced, and the weed blocking mat is a real asset.  


The pots can be used indoors or outdoors, but there will be an issue if any of the plants require sunlight.  And, the placement of potted plants and rollout gardens outdoors require attention to sunlight availability.


Another consideration is soil quality.  Except for the kits that include soil, the soil quality is the gardener’s responsibility.  The roots will go into the soil, and what the roots contact is of vital importance in having a quality, productive garden.  The fortunate thing here is the seed choices that are in a single sheet can all thrive in a single soil composition.


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A Garden Made Simple

Last year I added the article below to Wizzley.  While this article goes to the next level, the variety and pricing of the rollouts in the older article are worth considering.

A Garden Made Simple

Having a garden can give much pleasure, but not everyone is a skilled gardener, nor does everyone have time to properly plant a garden. Garden roll outs solve those problems.

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Updated: 04/08/2017, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 04/09/2017

Yes, Frank. It is important, and those selling the rollout gardens often do not emphasise, that some knowledge is important. Proper soil, time for planting, proper watering, and need for sunlight or shade are among them There rollouts make things easier, but are not foolproof. Follow the directions, and supplement with knowledge is the only way to success. Of course pest and disease control are also considerations.

frankbeswick on 04/09/2017

Good idea. I use weed control fabric, but I cut the holes myself when I need to.

I need to make one point. If you purchase a roll out garden with wildflower seeds, remember that wild flowers need a soil less fertile than garden flowers and vegetables do. It is for this reason that I don't have wild flowers in my garden, as I have spent so much effort in enhancing soil fertility, the wild flowers cannot cope with my soil.

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