A Man's Guide to Buying Lingerie

by WiseFool

How to choose the perfect, sexy underwear this Valentine's Day.

Lingerie can make a great Valentine's gift; it can make a girl feel sexy and let her know just how much you love her.

However, lingerie can also be a disastrous gift that ends up in the back of an underwear drawer never to see the light of day (or, indeed, the soft, romantic candlelight of a bedroom).

But never fear, help is at hand. With the following guide to buying lingerie, you'll be sure to make a great purchase that'll be enjoyed by you and the lady in your life on Valentine's day...and many days and nights to come.

Don't Be Too Adventurous

What do I mean by 'adventurous'? Well, I suppose here I'm really talking to men who perhaps haven't been with their girlfriends for very long, and/or have never bought them underwear before. In these circumstances, it may be difficult to know what your girlfriend's tastes are or, indeed, her opinion on receiving lingerie as a Valentine's present.

If this is the case, it's wise to stick with a classic, simple style - nothing too racy, so she can't be offended. And nothing too colorful or audacious that could be drastically counter to her tastes, and may make her uncomfortable about wearing it. 

Do Splash Out a Little

Women love underwear that makes them feel good. They're not so fond of underwear that makes them feel cheap. And, believe it or not, the price of underwear is often indicative of the quality.

Now, of course, I'm not suggesting that you go crazy, spend more than you can afford and find yourself in debt over a brassiere.

However, if you're planning on buying underwear for the lady in your life this Valentine's day, makes sure you select the very best within your budget. This might mean cutting back on other gifts, like chocolates or flowers. However, if the lingerie is beautiful, sexy and a little on the expensive side, your Valentine won't mind a lack of extravagance elsewhere. 

Don't Guess Her Size

The golden rule of underwear is: if it doesn't fit, she isn't going to wear it. 

Lingerie that's too big will feel sloppy and incredibly unsexy, while anything too small will be cutting off the circulation and making her feel 'fat' into the bargain.

So, always make sure you know her size before you buy. If you're able to have a sneaky peek in her underwear drawer, do so. If that's not possible and you still want her Valentine's lingerie to be a surprise, ask one of her friends, a sister or perhaps even a room-mate to help you out.

You may well find that she has different sizes depending on the style of underwear she already has. In this case, things become a little more tricky. You'll need to have an idea of the kind of lingerie you want to buy and match that with a similar shape or style she currently has in order to choose the right size.

But don't panic too much about this. As long as you know her size, your selection can't go drastically wrong and, more importantly, she won't blame you if it's a little on the loose or tight side.   

Do Take Note of Her Favorite Styles

Obviously, lingerie is a gift that you're buying for yourself as much as you're buying for her. And, of course, a woman wants her lover to enjoy seeing her in a sexy set of new underwear.

However, if you have dreams of PVC or other kinky fare and the tastes of your girlfriend or wife do not lean that way, don't go there. You'll lose on two counts - she'll think you were buying the gift selfishly and she'll never wear that black, leather crotchless thing anyway.

By all means, if her fantasies drift to a similar shade as yours, have at it. But if she's not a fan of the kinky stuff, steer clear.

Respect her comfort zone and ensure you're thinking of her tastes (not just her body) while you're selecting Valentine's lingerie.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Advice

Buying lingerie online is an attractive option for many different reasons, chief of which is that it removes any potential embarrassment of interacting with a sales assistant.

However, if you do choose to venture outside the house and take a look at a few items of underwear 'in the flesh' (so to speak), it might be beneficial to actually ask for some advice. A lingerie sales person will be able to offer hints of the most popular items and the most flattering styles and shapes for your Valentine's size.

On the other hand, if you have a female friend or relative you'd feel comfortable discussing 'delicates' with, that could be a good idea, too. Of course, not all women feel the same way about underwear, but you may pick up a few important facts about comfort, and tips about the way women perceive receiving lingerie as a Valentine's gift.

Updated: 02/08/2013, WiseFool
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