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by pateluday

This my wizzography which details my writing skills and my love for various topics. Get to know a little about me and read my articles on Wizzley.

I have been providing search engine optimization services for many years. I was fond of writing since my school days but the fact I could do a better job dawned upon me by chance. It was about a decade back whence I designed a website on Yahoo Geocities for myself titled Tiger Heavens of India. After designing the website, I began to write its contents and wrote it quite well. This is then followed by writing online on some free sites. I did not earn money from the writing up but it gave me an opportunity to learn and develop my interest. I also learned about Internet Marketing and how to write for search engines and people.

Today I write for many platforms for search engine optimization and for earning from the resources wherever possible. I wish to develop a good reputation and hence am keen to learn from other writers on the Internet.

My Interest in Nature

Naturalist Uday PatelWhen I developed my first sight on Yahoo GeoCities about tiger reserves in India I became popular. Subsequently, I also began to blog and write articles online.  Hotels, wildlife lovers, and nature photographers liked me to accompany them to the tiger heavens. This initiated my career as a freelance guide the job contributes to part of my earnings to make a living. I am working as a content writer nowadays for a wellness company. 

Visiting National Parks and birding destinations accords me with news, greater knowledge, and activities. This enables me to write better about the destinations and subjects.  During my work as a birding and nature guide, I have met many dignitaries and General's MedalMedal from General (ARTRAC)great people some of whom have become lifelong friends.  

Wildlife Blog

Kipling CountrySeooni Hills! Kipling referred to this mountain range in Satpuras as the abode of human-like creatures he penned so vividly in his book "The Jungle Book...
The largest share of tiger sighting that takes place is between Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks. But you can see the tiger at Pench, Ranthambhore, Tadoba, and Cor...
For regular visitors to Bandhavgarh appears to be pristine forests and grasslands but if you notice the niche habitats it will create a liking for the National Park. N...

Seo Digital Marketing Blog

 Digital Marketing is the buzzword everywhere. It is ruling over businesses as they decide to go online to promote their brand, services, or products. The usage o...
 Understanding SEO & Traffic When search engines came into the picture, the major challenge was to index and rank the phenomenally growing number of websites....
 The Need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Whether it is a company or a professional all website owners wish that their property performs like an ace and come...

I Love to Write

Uday PatelIn my writing, I have always tried to be honest. I do not believe in the easy way out. I do not indulge in copyright infringement, spamming, and writing what is not true.  Since my early days as a writer, I have come a long way and there is always a long way to go. I pay heed to expert writers and editors when they guide you or give you a hint. This is a surefire way of gaining expertise and being perfect with your pen. Oops! Keyboard.

Diversification is a key to success for a writer, and I have learned to research and write unique content on many topics. This makes me a versatile As Nature Guidewriter with an understanding of many topics. My greatest liking is writing on online platforms, and on websites. I have learned to create contents that are required by the online interfaces. 

Becoming An Seo & Writer

Search Engine Optimization Professional

Subsequently, I began to promote my site as I wished to see people reading what I had written. Thus I began to learn the basics of search engine optimization and started to shape my write-ups 

Author & Seo

for users as well as search engines. At that time infusion of keywords in the articles and blogs was important. Not anymore!

With the usage of latent semantic indexing or LSI, search engines have become smarter. They can read between the lines and make out what the page is about. Hence greater stress has to be given to writing for readers and not search engines. 

I began to learn ins and outs of website optimization and started getting business. Today I have clients to support me. I provide both on-page and off-page SEO along with content. Backlinks are important hence I build quality links that help in ranking my sites higher on SERPs.  


Top Rated Internet Platform

This wonderful writing platform is an amazing discovery online. Not only does Wizzley gives the writer an opportunity to publish and earn, it is very user-friendly. 

I am glad that I have arrived here and promise to deliver accordingly. Wizzley is also the place to find great amount of information and entertaining articles written by the best writers.

If a content writer wishes to convert his write ups into engaging stories than Wizzley is the best place to learn. One gets an opportunity to learn from imminent writers on board and develop skills as a writer.   

Me on Wizzley

I have written only five articles on Wizzley but plan to write many more successfully. Understanding a platform and its terms and conditions is key to success online.

List of my pages

Pench National Park

A page on Pench National Park where tigers roam in the wild. Find a plethora of information on this wonderful tiger reserve in MP in India.

Kanha National Park Wildlife

Discover the wildlife and tigers of this tiger heaven. Kanha is a National Park and Project Tiger Reserve. it is one of the finest conservation units in the World.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

Discover the little tiger heaven in India. Besides tigers and amazing biodiversity Bandhavgarh boast of history the dates back two thousand years ago.

Birding in Central India 

Madhya Pradesh the land of the tiger is a birders paradise. Discover lesser-known destinations which are heaven for bird watchers in Inda.  

How to go on a tiger safari?

Well, this is what the page talks about a tiger safari in India. Land up at the right place if you wish to see the tiger in the wild. 

More pages will be created that are thought-provoking unique and interesting.

Updated: 12/02/2022, pateluday
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pateluday on 06/21/2021

Thanks DerdriuMarriner

DerdriuMarriner on 06/21/2021

pateluday, Thank you for all the practical information about search-terming and writing.
In particular, I appreciate your saying "I pay heed to expert writers and editors when they guide you or give you a hint." It makes me think of the Old Testament Proverbs about the foolish person not heeding, the wise person heeding, instruction.

pateluday on 10/24/2014

Burntchestnut. You have wonderful nature in US, Come to India to see tigers in the wild.

AngelaJohnson on 10/23/2014

I'm a nature lover, too, although we don't have tigers in the wild here in the U.S.

pateluday on 08/21/2014

Thanks Younghopes best wishes to you too!

younghopes on 08/20/2014

Good to know about a fellow Indian here, welcome to wizzley and looking forward to read more about India

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