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AN ac adpator is a handy gadget for the car owners and offers a range of power supply uses. The five best ac adapters reviewed and compared.

An ac adapter is a highly useful little gadget, often found in vehicles to adapt the power supply from ac to dc as a means of powering car accessories - such as a 12v air compressor or an auto vacuum - and more.

They're equally useful for a range of other electronic gadgets and accessories, not least laptops, net books and hand held game stations. Largely inexpensive, they come in a range of power supply conversion's .- from 9v and 12 volts and upwards.

The five best ac adapters are featured below. They're all good value for money products, highly rated and on the best sellers list in their category - as well as manufactured to a high standard.

2-Port USB Car Charger Adapter for MP3, Cell Phones Etc

This is the best AC adapter and it works with a multitude of different gadgets - Mps players, iPad, cell phones, cameras and much more. It can power two different devices at the same time, by way of a pair of USB ports in the units base.

It's simple to use, nothing difficult about it - simply plug it into the vehicle's internal power outlet and you're good to go. These are awesome gadgets in themselves - especially if you work on the go or take long road trips and like to keep some of your home comforts along for the ride - PDA's, iPod etc. As cheap as it gets, does the job - buy one.

2-Port USB Car Charger Adapter

Technical Specification: Input Voltage (DC): From 12 Vdc Nominal / From 10-24Vdc Maximum ; Input Current: 1.0A max at 12Vdc ; 75% minimum at dc output full loading and nominal D...

$9.99  $0.01

Duracell 813-0291-07 175 Watt DC to AC Pocket Power Source Inverter

The second best AC adapter is this one, courtesy of Duracell. Unlike the previous unit, this one features one USB port and one standard AC outlet, which gives you a broader range of uses. Having the two connections allows you to connect small hand-held gadgets - iPhone, iPod, cameras etc, as well as larger devices such as laptops, portable DVD players and so on.

It's handy, it's a breeze to use - keeps the kids entertained when you're on long journeys, stops your cell from dying on you or keeps you heading in the right direction by way of your GPS device. They're highly useful products, keep everyone happy (including you) and don't cost the price of a small plane to buy.

Duracell 813-0291-07 175 Watt DC to AC Pocket Power Source Inverter

Whether you're at home, on the road, in the air, or any remote location, you can trust Duracell portable and backup power solutions to keep your important electronic devices pow...

Only $34.99

DBTech 175 Watt Portable Micro Power Inverter With USB Port --- 12v AC to 110v DC Car Plug Converter

This AC adapter is just about the same as the previous unit - differs mainly in it's size and shape. Bit bulkier but nonetheless you can connect any small AC powered appliance or use the USB prt to fire up your MP3 players, charge up your cell phone and so on.

 Like before - plug into the cars cigarette lighter or DC outlet to get connected and you're away. It's lightweight, doesn't get in the way when you're on the road and provides a stable connection between the power in the vehicle and whatever you plug into it. Nice unit, robust, doesn't overheat and dual purpose sockets.

Wagan EL2402 SmartAC 200W Power Inverter with USB Port

Another best seller, this AC adapter has two standard sockets and one USB connector. Now you can run tow DVD players, two Netbooks or whatever you choose, as well as keep your cell phone of GPS up and running.

Popular because it offers the chance to run three devices rather than two, it also has an in-built surge and short circuit protection, so you're not gonna find yourself with a depleted battery or a blown electrical system. It works, it doesn't mess your car up, keeps everyone quiet and you happier whilst driving - and all for less than 30 bucks.

Wagan EL2402 SmartAC 200W Power Inverter with USB Port

The Wagan Smart 200-Watt USB Power Inverter provides one USB port and two 120-Volt AC outlets. This inverter is ideal for supplying power to laptops, mobile appliances and other...


Stanley PC1A09 100 Watt Power Inverter with USB Power Outlet

The final best seller - this one from Stanley and featuring a pair of sockets - one standard DC and the other a USB port. The nice thing about this one is the fan - which operates just as quietly as the advertising says it does.

Happily sits in a range of positions once you've plugged it into the cigarette jack, nice and snug, doesn't slip out, and delivers a nice level of continuity mile for mile. If you've got a DC outlet in the back, buy two - one for your GPS, cell or whatever, one to keep the kids happy and entertained. Well built, typical of the Stanley brand name and worth its purchase price.

Stanley PC1A09 100 Watt Power Inverter with USB Power Outlet

Stanley 100-Watt Inverter - Auto has 100 continuous watts of power, a 110 power outlet and a USB power outlet. It features silent running technology so avoids the annoying fan n...

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