Wooden Toys For Babies

by Tested_to_Destruction

Even the very young can play with wooden toys, and there are plenty of well designed examples on the market for babies up to 12 months of age.

Wooden toys are every bit educational toys as the plastic ones you commonly see in stores. What sets these toys apart is their quality. Wooden toys promise a lifetime of fun because, unlike many other toys, they can last for years and years.

Many parents find that good quality wooden toys often fall in the category of heirlooms, along with jewelry and vintage oak cribs. A wooden toy doesn't just give fun and entertainment to your young ones, but also a sense of belonging, since these toys are frequently passed from one generation to another.

Plan Toy Solid Wood Drum

All parents know that babies love sound, especially the ones that they make themselves. Maybe adults think it's only noise, but for a baby it's  more than just music, it's okay, it's fun, it's entertainment. One of the most crucial aspects of child development during this age is the sense of hearing; and one of the best ways to develop hearing is with aural stimulation.

This solid wood drum would is a perfect wooden toy for babies. The tip of the drumstick is rubber, which softens the sound so that it's not totally noisy. Since it is made of wood, this drum will last for years until, hopefully(!) your baby is old enough to play sounds that are truly beautiful music to your ears.


Plan Toy Solid Wood Drum

This tympani-like drum with drumstick will develop children's spatial perception, fine motor skills and auditory nerves. The drumstick has a rubber head to soften the sound.Play...

$30.0  $29.9

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Plan Toys Stacking Tree

Compared to other stacking toys, this one has a very different theme as it forms a very whimsical pine tree! Each piece of wood is dyed and not painted, therefore it won't chip. Chipping paint is one problem some people encounter with wooden toys; so, start looking for dyed wooden toys rather than painted ones.

Each wooden piece has a great grip for babies. They are not overly large nor are they too small to be a choking hazard.   All told, it is a unique stacking tree that your baby will want to play with for a long time to come. It's a wonderful wooden toy for babies under 12 months old ... and it looks great when stacked up and placed on a shelf, so it's decorative too!

Plan Toys Stacking Tree

The design of the stacking set is based on the concept of nature. Each wooden piece can be stacked to form different kinds of trees. Helps children learn about color variation a...

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Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart

This is a brightly colored, 30-piece ABC cart set, sturdy and classic. The wooden blocks can be given to a toddler under one year of age; however she will really just start to appreciate the pull wagon once she starts walking by herself. The brightly colored blocks are a perfect toy for a 1-year-old; at this age, little ones are attracted to and love to play with colorful objects.

As your child grows, she will begin to have fun exploring the animals and alphabets printed on the sides of the blocks, which is what makes this a great educational toy. And, when she begins to walk, she will love pulling the wagon around the house and into the backyard.

Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart

This sturdy, classically styled block cart features 30 brightly painted, solid wood blocks with a colorful collection of pictures, letters and numbers. These chunky blocks are p...

$25.24  $10.50

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Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker

This Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker is just like the plastic ones you see everywhere, but the difference is that this one is made of wood. You will be surprised as to how light the rings are, considering they're wooden, and the rim width is the perfect size for an easy grip.

This is not just a classic wooden toy for your baby, it's also very educational. The bright colors are hugely attractive to infants, and they will stimulate your child's developing eyesight. A 12 month old baby will initially start playing with this toy by banging the rings together, but it won't be long before they're stacking up the rings in order, which demonstrates that they're associating both colors and size.

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker

18 months & up. Includes 8 smooth, sturdy wooden pieces to stack and create a colorful rainbow! Base is. 3.5" x 3.5" x 8.5" high.

Only $8.49

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