Bakugan Battle Packs

by Tested_to_Destruction

Bakugan Battle Packs are the ideal way for first time users of Bakugan Battle Brawlers to jump right into the action - and start having some awesome fun with their action figures.

A set of battle pack allows two players to battle right away. Kids ages 4 and up will love the challenge of gaining points by rolling their Bakugan toys into a metal gate card where the marble automatically opens to show the warrior that's hidden inside.

Bakugan, as a game, is fairly easy to learn but it can take a long time to fully master. Bakugan (pronounce BACK-oo-gon) means ‘exploding spheres’ in Japanese, and has exploded onto the toy scene across the world since it was first introduced onto the toy market.

Currently there are wide range of Bakugan toys and play sets available for fans of the show and avid toy collectors, and in my opinion the Battle Brawlers starter packs are a great choice to start off your toy collection - and also as a gift for all occasions.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Starter Pack Series 1

With Christmas, a Bakugan Battle Brawlers Starter Pack is a great way to introduce them to the different characters in the world of Bakugan. The starter pack contains the favorite action characters of Griffon, Dragonoid, and Mystery Marble and 3 metal gate cards that are very essential to have an action-packed game.

Griffon is a Griffin-like Bakugan that possesses a deafening roar to stun his opponents. Each hand ends in very sharp claws that never dull, and it possesses a serpent-like tail that can inject a very venomous poison to an enemy brawler. Dragonoid is the leader of the Bakugan, and he possesses strong morals and convictions. He is considered one of the most powerful species living in Vestroia. He has the ability to radiate an intense heat in battle dissolving anything around him.   

Bakugan Series 2 Starter Pack

The size of Series 2 Bakugans is slightly larger than regular marbles that were released in November 2008. The Bakugan Brawlers are the latest warriors in the new combat age scene. One set of the starter pack contains 3 Bakugan warriors and 3 metal cards and 1 instructional booklet. All these are necessary to get you started with your first battle with other players.

This starter pack is an important first set to buy when you have just joined in. The Bakugans will pop-open into powerful Bakugan warrior action figures when rolled in the game card. Your kids can use their strategic and math skills to place their cards effectively to earn points, as each card can affect the outcome of the battle differently.  

Bakugan Starter Pack Red

Buying a Bakugan Starter Pack Red is offers a great head start for beginners. It launches them right off the bat with 3 Bakugan marble morphing action figures and 3 metal gate cards; it comes with instructional booklet too. This adds to the fun and excitement of collecting Bakugan toys.

The marble morphing action figures are spring-loaded marbles that transforms into menacing Bakugan warriors once in contact with a magnet. The Bakugan toys enhance your kid’s imagination and strategic skills once they battle against different opponents. Starter Packs also comes in several other different colors: green, blue, and black. 

Bakugan Bakucore Starter Pack (Red Abisomega, Blue Verias, Smokey Grey Mystery Ball)

Bakugan battle brawlers are here! Answer the call to brawl and decide the fate of the galaxy! Magnetic marbles POP open into power Bakugan warrior action figures when they roll ...

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Updated: 10/15/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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