Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters Moshlings

by katiem2

Get the best deals on the hot new toy in big demand bobble bots the robotic collectibles of Moshi Monsters.

Bobble Bots, the series of robotic collectables are in big demand and sure to pop up on your child's wish list. These fun characters are based on the popular children’s website Moshi Monsters. These fun little toys are not the typical toy launched from the site, for example the Hexbug, the bobbie bots are cute and yet popular with both boys and girls. A toy parents can feel good about buying, read on to learn more.

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Moshi Moshlings Series 3 Mini Figure

The Moshi Monsters Series 2Pack that Includes 1 Virtual Prize Code!

Feast your eyes on the very popular Moshi Monsters Series 2pack, the ones flying off the shelves at stores. Relax, get yours here online and avoid running from store to store only to hear they're sold out. Kids love the Moshi series collections so much. The only thing they like better is getting a virtual prize code to enjoy more virtual fun. These 2Packs are a great stocking stuffer including the bonus prize code kids go crazy for. 

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Moshi Monsters Moshlings Collection

Cute aren't they? Yes kids are going wild for these fun take a long bobble bots.

With their bright colors, easy to handle shape and happy expressive faces kids are falling in love with the moshi monsters.  They are anything but monsters as they inspire creative play in young growing minds. Follow along as we take a look at the most popular bobble bots moshi monster moshlings play sets.

This fun Moshi Monsters Moshlings Mini Figures - Series 1 - Pack of 3 Figures comes with a surprise mystery moshi monster. Kids love this thrill of surprise.  The mystery moshi, only to be revealed by the child opening the package adds excitement to the joy of these fun toys.

Moshi Monsters Bobble Bots Gross-ery Store

The Bobble Bots Gross-ery Store tops the wish list of boys and girls.

Kids enjoy the idea of running their own grocery store. Shopping with Mom and Dad is a fond experience and one kids love venturing out on their own with these fun moshi play sets. The bobble bots grocery store is easy to take along in the car, to the doctor or other meetings where you need to provide the kids with something for them to do. 

Moshi Monsters Bobble Bots House

Every bobble bot needs a home.

Kids enjoy taking care of their bobble bots, every bot needs a home sweet home. It is for these very strong family values every boy and girl expect to have a home for their bots. This fun house delivers.  

Kids nurture and grown their bots community adding their favorite play sets to their bots collections. The bobble house is sure to please the bobble bots fan.

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Moshi Monsters Moshlings

Moshlings Toys Mini Figure 5Pack

This five pack adds lots of fun characters to your child's bots community. The more personalities added to your son or daughters collection the more diverse interpersonal skills your children begin to develop. The process of make believe play helps develop social skills allowing children to rehearse or practice if you will  Bottom line, although we parents like delivery useful skills by way or our play and toy choices, kids love their moshlings bots.  

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Updated: 10/10/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 09/23/2012

Brenda, Good question, you are so in the toy know. Enjoy the birthday party. :)K

BrendaReeves on 09/23/2012

I've got to ask my DIL and daughter if any of the kids are into these. I have a birthday and of course Xmas coming up soon.

katiem2 on 09/03/2012

corrjo, Mine too Moshi Monsters are very popular with kids, def the hot item of the moment.

CorrinnaJohnson on 09/02/2012

What adorable little toys. My daughter loves Moshi Monsters!

katiem2 on 08/31/2012

Brenda, I understand what you mean. It seems my kids fall in love with something like these Moshi Monsters, I go out expecting to pick it up only to find the shelves empty. When toys like these become a fad they are impossible to find. It is for this reason I've learned the magic of online shopping. Who needs the hassle of driving all over the city from store to store for days and even weeks on end? Nope not me.

Brenda on 08/30/2012

So glad I found this now I can save both time and money. One thing I've learned for sure and that's to go online for these trendy must have fads all the kids have or gotta have.

Ragtimelil on 08/30/2012

I don't have any kids to buy for but these are cute!

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