Wooden Toys For The 2 Year Old

by Tested_to_Destruction

A 2 year needs virtually indestructible toys, which is partly why wooden toys are a great choice. Robust, well designed, and built to last - tough toys for toddlers on the go.

Toddlers and their energy levels can really make a parent's head spin! They're like a pack of little machines, constantly on the move, playing with objects and (sometimes!) getting up to mischief! For that reason their toys must be able to keep up with a toddler's mobility and they have to be durable, safe and entertaining as well.
When choosing your toddler's toys, you could consider wooden ones, as they're isn't any other type of toy that's more durable. True, some may be more expensive than plastic toys, but these are toys that will last for years to come, often outlasting your child's interest in them.

This in turn makes them a good toy to pass along to a friend or family members toddlers or ... keep them for your next one.

Plan Toys Dancing Alligator

Once your baby starts walking, you need to consider providing toys that will encourage them to walk. A pull toy that encourages a child's motor skills and balance is not just about fun, it's also about how well it helps to propel them forward, though not in the literal sense so much as in relation to their growing independence.

This Plan Toys alligator pull toy will likely become a constant companion for the toddler fortunate enough to own one. Toddlers love to pull this everywhere they go, indoors and outdoors. The clapping sound it makes when it moves enthralls children, making them burst into giggles!

The strings may be just long enough to cause toddlers to stumble, though, so it's best to cut them short, just long enough to leave the alligator 1 to 2 feet away from your baby's feet while it tags along.

Plan Toys Dancing Alligator

Explore the wild side with this adorable alligator! While being pulled, the wooden pieces make rhythmic click-clack sounds.

Only $30.0

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Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Set

This is highly recommended for children who are beginning to imitate their parents in doing cooking and chores as it's entertaining and educational at the same time.  Its play value will increase greatly if parents play with it together with their children.

Teach them the proper way to make sandwiches. With its true-to-life size and realistic "crunch" sound when the foods are "sliced," this is a perfect, cute little toy for your 2-year-olds. What's more, you can keep adding more and more Melissa and Doug cutting sets and food toys to this one. These sets are perfect for enriching your child's creative and role-playing games.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Set

This Sandwich-Making Wooden Play Set includes colorful likenesses of meaty cold cuts, garden vegetables and fresh bread. The entire pieces feature Velcro inserts, so keeping san...

Only $15.97

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Plan Toy Tea Set

Isn't it about time to provide your little one their very first tea set?  This beautiful natural wood set is very durable, and crafted to last for years.

Younger toddlers are most skilled at parallel play, and this set encourages the kind of social interaction that will become the norm for them in just a few short years. It's best if this is played with other kids or even parents. It is a wonderful way of capturing your child's attention away from TV.

Unlike plastics, the pieces of this set are heavy and quite durable, much like the real tea cups we have at home.  It also has realistic tea bags, which are really cute!  This may be small sized, but it's just the perfect size for small hands.

Plan Toy Tea Set

The Tea Set consists of a teapot, sugar bowl, milk pitcher, 2 tea cups, 2 saucers, 2 tea spoons, 2 tea bags, and 2 cubes of sugar. Playtime Ideas:Children can play various roles...

Only $29.99

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Pound-A-Peg

This brightly colored toy will be a favorite with your baby. The smoothly sanded wood pieces are safe enough for your baby to handle and they will enhance a toddler's sense of touch. There is so much to learn while having fun with the wooden pegs, frame, and hammer:  shapes, colors, and size differentiation skills; motor control, principles of sound, cause-and-effect.  Who knew education could be such fun?

After watching some backyard project involving hammer and nails, your two-year-old will most likely start pounding everything in sight with the wooden hammer! Even if the pegs are too close to make hitting individual pegs an easy task, your baby will still have loads of fun playing and learning with this lovely, well made wooden toy set.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Pound-A-Peg

2 years & up. Hammer the eight brightly-colored, wooden pegs into the solid wood bench, then flip to begin again on the other side! Simple, yet immensely entertaining! Wooden ha...

$12.99  $9.99

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Tested_to_Destruction on 10/12/2012

Thanks for stopping by kajohu :)

kajohu on 10/10/2012

These look like some great toys for toddlers! Our grandson just turned one, so he's a little young for many of the toys on this page, but a couple would suit him well right now. I especially like the wooden pull alligator!

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