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by blackspanielgallery

Search travelogues and the internet for attractions and events in the place you are about to visit. There are some ideas here to look for, including day trips from a base city.

The example I use is New Orleans, but many similar activities, and even some not available in New Orleans, may be available in the city you are planning to visit. For example, New Orleans has no mountains, nor castles, nor covered bridges. Each city is unique, so look up the city of choice before you visit it. This is just a sample of what kinds of activities you might find. But, it has a long history with elements from different parts of Europe, Africa, South and Central America, and Asia melded into one.

New Orleans is a place filled with history. There are museums to be attended, including the Cabildo, a museum with artifacts dating back to French rule of the area, the D-Day museum, which has exhibits related not only to D-Day, but all of World War II, the New Orleans Museum of Art located in a park with its sculpture garden that is free to roam through, and the New Orleans Mint that once minted coins in gold and silver.

The shops along Magazine Street, and in the French Quarter, include many antique shops for those who like a glimpse of the past. The city was ruled by France, then Spain, then France again, then sold to the United States as Part of the Louisiana Purchase.

There are some places where one can even see the Mississippi River.

In addition to the museums, and the activities I will get to shortly, there are festivals. Many weekends have one or more festivals going on. The larger ones include Mardi Gras, a multi-day event, and three music festivals Jazz Fest, Voodoo Fest, and the French Quarter Fest. Other family friendly festivals can be found during the year.

Mardi Gras Parades

And Other Parades in New Orleans

Mardi Gras parades occur over quite a few nights.  But, there are saint Patrick parades, the Italian Heritage Parade celebrating Saint Joseph Day, Easter parades, and, well, there are many other parades.  Jazz funerals can occur anytime with no notice.  Parade viewing is free.

New Orleans Streetcar Rides

A Cheap Activity in New Orleans

A streetcar ride along historic Saint Charles Avenue, or along Canal Street, is an inexpensive activity that can be quite enjoyable, and is a good activity for kids to enjoy. Relax and ride the rails on the median, called the neutral ground by the locals. Streetcars have the right of way, so they stop only to load and discharge passengers, and at stoplights. TA streetcar will use a clanging bell instead of a horn to notify traffic it is coming. Since they run on electricity, they do not make fumes like other vehicles, which allows the passengers to ride with windows open if they wish.


There is a reasonable fee to ride a streetcar.  The red ones look nicer, but the green ones are the kind used in the past, and are more historic.


Of course the San Francisco trolley or the double decker busses of London might be closely related activities in those cities.  And there are many more cities with their own fun mode of travel for a tourist.  we could even include gondola rides in Venice.

Travelogues to explore Interesting Cities

Find things to Do on Vacation
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Horse and Carriage Tours

And Other New Orleans Tours

Horse and carriage tours are available in the French quarter. The carriages line up on the Decatur street side of Jackson Square, and offer a unique experience. The driver doubles as a tour guide. With the narrow streets of the French Quarter keeping traffic moving slowly, these relics of the past fit in quite nicely.


Of course there are walking tours and bus tours.  Some walking tours specialize in ghost tours.  Others offer historic information.

New Orleans Street Entertainers

Street Musicians and More

The French Quarter streets are the stage for many street performers. Musicians, mimes, and dancers perform for tips. A walk can provide unexpected entertainment at any time.  If ou like it and stop it is expected a tip be left, but if you walk by you are not expected to pay.

Street Musician Poster

Street entertainer wall Art

New Orleans Architecture

A Combination of Many Styles of Architecture

New Orleans has many old buildings. The city was under both Spanish and French rule before being part of the Louisiana Purchase and bought by the United States in 1803. There are influences of the many cultures from which the city evolved in the buildings themselves. Certainly, this is true in the French Quarter, but it is equally true of some other parts of the city. A leisurely drive can offer entertainment of its own.


Many cities, especially European cities, have old, interesting buildings.  Those ruins of buildings built by the romans and by the Greeks are particularly.  Also, older churches rich with stained glass windows and painted ceilings are a must for tourists, provided the tourists are respectful.

The Historic Mississippi River

A River Cruise

The Natchez is a wonderful riverboat operating on the Mississippi River. Board the Natchez for a unique tour.


Of course there are river cruises on some rivers of Europe.  This is a wonderful way to relax and view the banks of a river, taking in scenes you would not otherwise be able to view.

River Cruising in Europe

A Guide to Taking a River Cruise
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Have Your Day Captured in Art

Artists Work on the Sidewalk

Many artists sell their paintings on the fence of Jackson Square. If you are looking for something different, check out their art. But some will draw on request. Have a sketch drawn while you wait. See yourself. or the person you are with. emerge as a permanent reminder of the day.

A Sidewalk Artist Selling Original Pieces of Art

Art for Sale

Louisiana Plantations

A Day Trip from New Orleans

Just an hour or so from the city of New Orleans are many old plantations.  Many are opened to the public, and may even feature dining.  Check which ones are open, and what is available.  Then contact the plantation you are hoping to visit, and verify it is actually open.  Private events like weddings can cause a plantation to be rented for the day, hence closed to the general public.

Oak Alley Plantation

Visit Oak Alley Plantation Or Some Other Plantation Close to New Orleans

Enjoy the Beach

It Is a Day Trip from New Orleans

In just a short time one can travel to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.   There is a lengthy beach along the Gulf of Mexico.  Picnics, and seasonal water fun are possible.


And, if you travel a short distance on, you will come to the unique Biloxi light house, a relic of the past that is on the median of the highway.  It is located at just west of Interstate 110, a short spur from Interstate 10.  It is amazing that it survived Hurricane Camille and Hurricane Katrina.  I suppose the round design kept the force of the oncoming waves as the area flooded from exerting enough force to topple the structure,  An image of one of my Zazzle products that uses  the light house is used for the introduction image.


Biloxi Light House

Visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast

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The introduction uses one of our own images, and is our Zazzle product.

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blackspanielgallery on 07/13/2017

Well, there are Spanish speaking and VietNamese speaking areas. Cajun French is mostly heard in rural areas. In New Orleans every culture is celebrated. I just saw something for Bastille Day that will occur this weekend. Cinco De Mayo is celebrate. The Germans have Oktoberfest. The Irish have Saint Patrick's Day. The Italians have Saint Joseph's Day. Of course Mardi Gras is from the French and Spanish heritage of the area. And, the architecture is frequently from the early inhabitants, although the city burned down twice. The important thing is different cultures celebrate and open the celebrations to all, and when people party they get along.
There is a riverboat that gives tours of the River. As for gardens, there is a garden in City Park, but it ma not be as nice as you might hope for. It is adequate, and does really get popular over Christmas when it is decorated with Celebration in the Oaks. It used to be Christmas in the Oaks, but it had a name change to include the Jewish community.
I have not seen the movie mentioned.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/13/2017

blackspanielgallery, Are there French- and Spanish-speaking pockets within the city, as there are within the state? Are there any activities, programs or structures focused on historic gardens or the port? Is there any day on the order of Pioneer Day in Utah that focuses upon Louisiana's French and Spanish past?
In another direction, have you seen the effectively unsettling film The Skeleton Key (filmed in Saint James Parish)?

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