Adventure Time Birthday

by AlanB

With the success of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network an Adventure Time birthday is perfect for that next party! This article looks at some ideas for that birthday party.

At the moment, the choices for Adventure Time themed party supplies are fairly limited. And, these limits seem mostly restricted to imaginative ways of bringing Adventure Time to that next birthday party. Hopefully, this article will help guide you so you understand a little more about Adventure Time is; ideas to recreate the Adventure Time theme; and ways to put together the best Adventure Time birthday possible. Also, if you have any ideas or comments to share please them in the comments section at the bottom.

What is Adventure Time?

We need to know what Adventure Time is before we can plan a party around it

Adventure Time SwordAdventure Time is an animated series that follows the adventures of a 14-year-old boy named Finn, and his magical best friend Jake, a dog that has the ability to grow large, turn small, and change shape.  Together, they venture across the Land of Ooze, a post-apocalyptic continent, and often come into confrontation with The Ice King; the main antagonist.

Other recurring characters in the series include Marceline, a 1,000-year-old vampire Queen; Lumpy Space Princess, an alien that loves cosmetic surgery; Beemo, a sentient video game console robot; Flame Princess, the princess of the Fire Kingdom who is not only a friend of Finn’s, but also in a relationship with him; Lady Rainicorn, a half-rainbow, half-unicorn creature that is Jake's girlfriend; and Princess Bubblegum, ruler of the Candy Kingdom.

Originally, Adventure Time was created by Pendleton Ward and was a short produced by Frederator Studios for Random! Cartoons.  Due to its popularity, the cartoon was turned into a series for Cartoon Network; which premiered on April 5, 2010.  Each episode of the series features two 13-minute segments.

For more on Adventure Time head over to the official Adventure Time website.

Adventure Time Birthday Party Supplies

Finding party supplies for an Adventure Time birthday can be difficult

Currently, there are no official Adventure Time party supplies yet, but they should be coming out in September 2013.  Until then, we’ll have to be creative with what is currently available.  Here are a few ideas to help create the Adventure Time theme for your party:

Sword Bubble NecklacesSword Bubble Necklaces – Hang these sword bubble necklaces throughout the birthday party areas.  Plus, they come in various colors to represent various characters in Adventure Time.

Solid Tableware – There are a few different colors that could be used for the Adventure Time birthday party tableware.  Obviously, red matches the Adventure Time logo very well; Finn wears a light blue shirt and blue pants making either blue an option; and Jake is a yellowish color, making yellow another choice.  Or, you could get a set of each color for your solid colored tableware.

Red BalloonBalloons – There are a wide variety of different colored balloons.  So why not get an assortment of different colors to represent all the different characters in Adventure Time?  Plus, you could get some soft tipped markers, and allow the kids to draw their favorite Adventure Time character on the appropriate colored balloon.

Party Favors – Even though the official Adventure Time themed party supplies haven’t yet launched there are plenty of options for party favors.  For girls, perhaps the most popular party favor is a Beanie Baby Unicorn.  Other party ideas include warrior swords, foam swords, gold foil crowns, and various oozes and slimes.

Additional Decorations – Don’t forget the streamers!  Like the balloons, there are a wide assortment of colors to choose from that can match just about any character from the Adventure Time lineup.

Fun Ideas for the Adventure Time Birthday

Some fun activities and games for the kids

Just because the Adventure Time themed birthday supplies, favors, decorations, and party activity products are currently unavailable doesn’t mean you cannot put together a fun, Adventure Time filled party.  Doing so, however, requires a little imagination and creative thinking.  Luckily, this article helps with the creative side of things if that isn’t your cup of tea.  Check out these fun ideas for an Adventure Time birthday:

Galactic OozeLand of Ooze – The backdrop of the cartoon is a post-apocalyptic continent called Land of Ooze.  Of course, this means that a fun idea for the party is some ooze or slime.  Galactic Ooze comes in a variety of colors ranging from red to white. Or, another idea is the stretchy and bouncy Mars Mud.  Plus, these oozes and slimes make great party favors!

Adventure Time Cutout Pictures – The official website has some great cutout pictures that can be printed.  From Finn and Jake to other popular established characters, these Adventure Time cutout pictures come in PDF format and are great for all kids.  It is important to note that you’ll need sturdy paper to print on, kid safe scissors, and either tape or glue.

Gold Foil CrownsAdventure Time Scavenger Hunt – A neat and fun idea for the birthday party could be a scavenger hunt.  A few ideas for a scavenger hunt are vampire teeth that represent Marceline; packs of bubblegum that represent Princess Bubblegum; delicious cupcakes that represent Mr. Cupcake; and inexpensive gold foil crown hats that represent The Ice King.  The best part is the kids get to keep their scavenger hunt items!

Foam Swords and Armor SetsFoam Swords and Armor Sets – Part of what makes Adventure Time so popular is its combination of a post-apocalyptic world with some medieval props.  Of course, having real or even plastic versions of swords and armor is out of the question due to safety reasons. Luckily, there are foam swords and armor sets!  The kids will love to play their favorite characters as they battle an imaginary Ice King, Lich, or foes from the cartoon.

Updated: 12/19/2012, AlanB
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