Alexandria Ingham: The Writer, Mummy, Student, Wife and Weight Watcher

by AlexandriaIngham

I'm rubbish at sharing information about myself but I'll give it a go in this wizzography.

Hi! I’m Alex and I’m a writerolic…if that is even a term. In other words, I love to write and that’s the way it has always been. It was originally fiction and I have notepad after notepad with fictional stories, plays and ideas. They’re a complete mess to anyone that looks at them except me.

I never thought I could do anything with my writing professionally though. I wasn’t one of those who wanted to be published—I wrote for me and if my friends enjoyed it then great! But I wasn’t interested in sending things off to publishers to have them come back with rejections. It’s not that I was bothered about rejections…it just wasn’t something I wanted.

Instead, I decided to join the army and get a degree with their help. My degree? Computer Science—a far cry from my writing interests. But I did enjoy it to some point and it has helped me in ways now. I did even get a job after being medically discharged as a systems tester, so I used my degree for a whole three months before moving from Birmingham to Dundee and starting a life with my now-husband.

Me and my daughter
Me and my daughter
Alexandria Ingham

A Handful of Articles by Alexandria Ingham

Welcome to the World of Alexandria Ingham

Okay, so I’ve jumped quite a bit there trying to welcome you into my world. I do that. You should see my Wizzley articles before I’ve edited them! Some of them jump all over the place. This one isn’t going to be edited as much since it’s about me and you deserve to read me for who I am.

I’m now living just outside Glasgow with my husband and 16 month old daughter. She’s a little monkey (aptly nicknamed from the womb) but I love her to pieces. She makes me want to be better, whether it’s in my writing, furthering my studying, with my weight loss or just in general. My daughter is the one who is pushing me to work out this whole residual income thing, so I get to spend more time with her as she grows up.

I’m so blessed that I get to work from home and look after her at the same time. Just after moving from Birmingham, I couldn’t find a job. The companies that I was applying to were all closing down. The recession had really affected Dundee—and still has!—so it was time to look into other options.

I got a night job up in Aberdeen and then worked in Edinburgh for a bit but eventually the travelling was just too much. I wanted to spend more time at home.

I got a job at one of the fast food places but hated it. I’ve never known somewhere drain the life out of me like that one did. That was when my husband pushed me to find out more about writing. He knew I loved it and wondered if I could make some money from it. Working from home was my dream, especially if we were going to have kids, so I did my research. I found a website that I no longer write for and it all escalated from there. The forums gave me tips on finding private clients and writing became a full-time job.

Alexandria Ingham: The Writer
Alexandria Ingham: The Writer
Alexandria Ingham

Writing About My Passions

One thing that I love about writing is that I can write about my passions. Whether I’m here, writing for other 2.0 sites or writing on my own blogs, I get to write about the things that interest me—and I make money for it! Okay, so the money is low right now but it’ll pay off in the end; I know it will.

History has always been a passion. I love learning. Being from Yorkshire, I was raised on the story of the Wars of the Roses and raised to be a White Rose girl. That’s never going to change, which is why I rarely write about anything around that time: I can’t be objective about it because of my views and opinions.

So, I jump forward in time and write about the people who came about due to the end of the Wars of the Roses: The Tudors.

The more I researched about The Tudors, the more I learnt about Scottish history, mainly Mary, Queen of Scots, and The Stuart dynasty. I fell in love with them and wanted to research them more. That’s now moved onto the Georgian era but there is still so much to cover in the earlier periods, so I’ll stick to them for now.

History isn’t my only passion and that’s another thing that I love about writing. There’s no need to stick to just one area. I can build, grow and expand into different worlds and niches.

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Alexandria's History Articles on Wizzley

On July 29, 1565, Mary, Queen of Scots, married Lord Darnley. He was her cousin through Margaret Tudor and their marriage became important for James VI of Scotland.
Richard III is often blamed for a lot of things during his reign. However, what were the events that led to his coronation and was he really the villain the Tudors made him?
Mary Boleyn was more than just Anne Boleyn's sister; she was Henry VIII's first Boleyn interest.
The portraits of Elizabeth I don't show her true appearance. When she was 29, she contracted smallpox and it led to changes in her flawless appearance.

Time for Another Degree: Breaking into Law

One subject I never really had a love for but gained it for over the last few years is law. I’ve watched TV shows and it never really clicked until I started doing my own research into it to make sure I was working legally. The cases are complex and it urged me to take on some extra studying. I logged onto the Open University and found an introductory module for law. I’ve not really looked back since.

I love the issues and the way that it’s made me think differently about cases. The media is so narrow-minded on cases but I now look at them from different perspectives. I step back to take an objective view. The plans after that were to do the next module and work towards my Bachelor’s of Law but things don’t always work out as they should.

Financially, law isn’t possible. Tuition fees changed and the Scottish student loan system has had a big overhaul. I needed to look into other options. It didn’t help that the degree was in English Law and I’m in Scotland—a completely different law—so I started looking at the Scottish Law causes and other ways to get onto some of the courses. In the end, I chose to stick with the Open University and do a degree in Criminology and Psychological Studies with the idea to do the two year ordinary Scottish Law degree afterwards. If we move to England by then for any reason, I’ll be able to do the one year Graduate Diploma in Law.

So far, the Criminology degree is interesting and fun. I’m doing a social sciences module at the moment and started looking at everything in a different perspective. I may even start a small blog about my course, maybe with my revision notes, to help others…maybe…I already have a blog for students to help them survive before, during and after doing their degree.

Alexandria Together with Her Family

The Family Together
The Family Together
Alexandria Ingham

Meeting Patsy Kensit

Meeting Patsy Kensit Thanks to Weight Watchers
Meeting Patsy Kensit Thanks to Weight...
Weight Watchers PR Department

Alexandria Ingham: The Weight Watcher Mum

I’m a Weight Watcher member and I love this weight loss plan. Since being a student, I’ve been heavy. I’ve tried to do things about it—even those crash diets—but nothing worked until I joined Weight Watchers. And then I had my daughter. No weight loss for me.

Once I had my daughter, got married and got everything else out of the way that was happening within a two month period, I joined Weight Watchers again. I’ve had the luxury of meeting Patsy Kensit, a Weight Watchers ambassador and TV actress, and I’m being featured in our local press sometime next week (will update this when I find out more about it).

There are so many others who struggle with weight loss and are looking for those quick fixes. Because of that, I’ve created my own blog, Lose Weight With Alex, which details my own weight loss journey while offering tips throughout the week.

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The Future for My Writing

Writing is always going to be a passion and something that I love to do. Now that I’ve found websites to post the things that I love, I’ll keep doing it. I may drop away for a few weeks at a time, usually when life becomes hectic, but I will be back and ready to entertain. Hopefully, knowing a little more about me will help you understand why I do disappear now and then!

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AlexandriaIngham on 03/11/2014

Hi Susan, you're welcome. Glad you found it interesting. I am still working towards my degree, so thanks :) Hopefully it gives you some inspiration of the type of things to include in your own Wizzography. did I miss your comment? Thanks! It's not quite going to plan, but it isn't going to stop me :)

Telesto on 03/11/2014

Hi Alexandra, I'm nosing around trying to work out what I should write for my Wizzography. Completely understand how you feel about writing about yourself, but it's interesting to read. Good luck with the degree course. (Oh, actually, you may have finished by now... Oh well. Retrospectively then.) Anyway, thank you for this. Kind regards. Susan

dustytoes on 11/04/2013

What a beautiful family portrait! Nice to meet you Alex. And good luck with your pursuit of a law degree. If it's your passion, don't let anything deter you.

AlexandriaIngham on 11/04/2013

Thank you! I have a mean streak when my daughter (and husband!) don't do as they are told ;). Best of luck in yours too.

jptanabe on 11/04/2013

Thanks for the introduction - you sound like such a fun and nice person! Best of luck to you in all your endeavors.

AlexandriaIngham on 11/03/2013

Ologsinquito: Thanks. I am really happy and proud of her every day.

Mira: Thank you very much :)

Chefkeem: Thanks a lot. I really enjoy the site; thank you for making it such a wonderful place to write.

chefkeem on 11/03/2013

We're proud to have you as one of our authors, Alexandria. And we're delighted by your wonderful personality. :)

Mira on 11/03/2013

It was nice reading this.:) Thanks for sharing:). Your family photo is really, really cute.

ologsinquito on 11/02/2013

Your baby is really cute. You must be so happy to have her.

AlexandriaIngham on 11/02/2013

Thanks, Jo. I've never been a fan of talking about myself but I've had to change that over the last couple of years.

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