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This is a page on moving and the way it has to be done. Moving or relocation from one place to another is stressful hence it has to be done with planning and professional help.

Moving or relocation as it is often termed can be local or interstate. Relocation happens due to choice or due job requirement. Company professionals, employees of institutions, military personnel are some of the people most likely to be transferred to another state. Many personnel may be required to relocate often and this becomes stressful. Knowing how to move is important for this involves transportation of household goods, valuables, and delicate items which you would like to settle with at another residence.

Commercial Moving

Office Move
Office Move


Rules & Regulations in US

Moving requires planning and eventually execution with perfectness. You need to hire professional help, an honest company with experts having experience and integrity. If this is your first time then you need to know the formalities.   

Relocating locally is not much of a bother as far rules and regulations are concerned but this does not mean it is free for all. Some formalities may be required but in case of long distance or interstate transfers better equip yourself with the rules and regulations. Some formalities are necessary before transportation while some may be applicable afterwards.   This will make your move safe and efficient since you will manage professional involvement better. In case of DIY you have to handle all hence spend some time.  

First and most important thing is that you cannot move hazardous items or perishables if storage for a considerable period is required. These are chemicals, toxic substances, pets, firearms, crackers, and livestock.  For hazardous items, and may be others you need special permission with move taking place under specified conditions.  

All the formalities should be carried out by the movers including insurance. This you have to make sure.  There are many organizations in US who can assist.  


Moving Tips

Video Low Cost Moving


Moving Cost

Hiring Professional Movers

Pricing is important hence study the market and get an idea of the price you have to pay for packing, transportation, fee, and allied activities. Some companies charge on an hourly basis, while many charges on a weight basis, distance and storage are also taken into consideration, the flat rate is ideal for the whole exercise.     

Understand the pricing system before accepting the mode of payment and the way charges are applicable.

Moving Video

Organizations That Regulate Transportation

FMCSA - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was established within the Department of Transportation. This organization enforces safety norms and regulations in order to prevent fatalities and injuries. The organization is involved in many aspects of motor vehicle transportation to make things safe. Registrations and licenses are within the purview of FMCSA hence make sure the moving company is registered and has been issued a relevant license.    

On the organization's website, you will find full information as to how to protect your move, especially against fraud. You will find a booklet that will disseminate information required for making a move safely. You can download the booklet which is in PDF. The booklet informs those wishing to move local, interstate and, long distance.  

AMSA  - American Moving & Storage Association  

Established a long time back, the nonprofit aims to improve moving and storage in the USA. It has a cross-country membership base of more than fourth thousand reputed companies in this trade. Each mover has a background check and associated with proven ethics. For this, the association has initiated a ProMover program. Whenever you relocate contact this organization. you can also come across trusted reviews on their website.    

Making A Checklist

List of Personal Belongings

ChecklistingThe first step after you have found a reputed mover is to make a checklist of your belongings which are to be transported to the new location. Make a detailed list and do not forget to include valuables as well.

You may be tempted to carry them yourself. This is a good idea. But then you cannot carry all the items yourself. Can You?   



Packing & Dismantling

Safeguarding Belongings

PackingThis is very very important if you wish to see through your belongings in one piece. The moving company will do this for you preferable. But you must be able to assure that the right kind of packing material is used and in a proper way. The company should also unpack at the targeted destination for you.  

Dismantling may be required in the case of certain large belongings like equipment, piano, and furniture. These are just a few examples. Hence you should supervise their dismantling and the packing. At the destined place, the process should lead to reassembly and be done efficiently.     



Trucking & Storage


LoadingIn the case of large consignments, it is important to make sure that the transporter uses his own trucks. The part load may be economical but it is less secure. Suitability of trucks and careful loading is important in order to prevent damage especially in the case of long-distance moving.   

Sometimes interim storage may be required. It is best done at the company's own warehouse. Shared storage may not be secure. Also, make sure why and for how long storage is essential in case of long-distance transportation.      

Moving Cross Country Video


Moving Masters


On The Way Security

Before the transportation takes place go for moving insurance. This is important in order to secure your belongings. This will also make you sleep well whence the activity is taking place.  Discuss this with the movers. They are required to provide basic or full value coverage. Find out all about insuring your worldly possessions.    



special pricing
special pricing

Special Rates

Special Discounts
Special Discounts

Moving Company Special Pricing


Check for special pricing if you are a war veteran or a senior person. Special discounts will cut the cost down in this case. This is a service to the nation for people who have helped guard and build the country.  Many professional moving companies in NY  in the USA offer discounts to these categories. Extra service and tender loving care are for those who deserve it.      


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pateluday on 05/07/2021

Not really but we do have an open attic in most of the homes. People stock expired objects or seasonal reusables, and grains in attic or atari as it is known in Hindi.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/07/2021

pateluday, Thank you for pictures, practicalities and products.
Do residences in India have hideaway places that easily can be forgotten about or that challenge retrieving anything left in them? In the USA, they may have crawl-space or ladder-access attics or dark-niche basements and garages, all of which it's not that difficult to miss something when going through clutter or when preparing to move. I know of people who've moved, only to realize that they must have left something in some dark, difficult corner. Landlords and successor residents sometimes maintain ignorance, sometimes search for and turn over whatever was overlooked.

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