Allen Wrench Set Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

An Allen wrench is almost a must have hand tool to have around. The five best Allen tools reviewed and compared.

An Allen wrench is a surprisingly handy tool to have around. It's amazing what Allen tools come in for and as they're largely inexpensive, they're a worthy buy for the tool bag or home improvement enthusiast. General sold as a mini tool set, they're available in a range of standard and metric sizes, usually come packed in their own cases and are always manufactured out of heavy grade steel.

Allen wrenches are small, lightweight, unobtrusive tools and yet most will find that they're face with needing one more and more. Bike repairs, furniture assembly, some plumbing tasks and more can all end up requiring the use of an Allen key.

The five best Allen wrench sets are featured below - best sellers, the highest quality and the best rated tools in their category.

Stanley 90-391 SAE and Metric Folding Hex Key

This is the best selling Allen wrench set - and you get both metric and standard Allen keys. Manufactured by Stanley, they're set into a pair ergonomic, easy grip multi-tool type housings and are both easy to use and easy to locate in and among the average tool bag or box.

The cases are stamped with the accompanying symbols which allows you to identify the right sized wrench for the job and the angle that each key sits at when in use is comfortable and allows you to maneuver the key easily enough. This is a a very sturdy and well designed Allen wrench socket set, and gives a lot of bang for your buck in relation to the price tag. A great buy.

Stanley 90-391 SAE and Metric Folding Hex Key


Only $30.64

Fuller Tool 130-8030 30-Piece Combo SAE/Metric Hex Key Set

This is a great Allen tools set - and covers 30 different metric and standard Allen keys in total. They're all housed in their own Allen wrench holder, and each one is identified by size and type. The case is solid and reaonably good quality, bright yellow so easy to find when needed - though the smaller ones tend to loosen and fall out of you bang it around.

Each key is manufactured out of chrome vanadium steel and they're all chamfered, which helps when it comes to inserting the keys. It's highly likely that there's more wrenches than you'll ever need but - at least you know you've got all the bases covered when it comes to assembly of furniture and anything that requires a hex key to tighten it. A good all-round set, priced right and on the money.

Fuller Tool 130-8030 30-Piece Combo SAE/Metric Hex Key Set

The Fuller 30-Piece SAE and Metric Hex Key Set features 30 chrome vanadium steel keys (15 standard, 15 metric) for maximum versatility in repairing and tightening a variety of d...

Only $15.74

Bondhus 22199 Hex L-wrench Double Pack, Long Length, 12137 (.050-3/8-Inch) & 12199 (1.5-10mm)

This is another best selling Allen wrench socket set and covers both metric and standard ranges. They're a US manufacture, constructed out of protanium steel - durable, built to last and cover enough sizes to make them a good standard set for any tool bag. The set all comes with a lifetime warranty - any problems and the full set is replaced free of charge.

They're longer than other featured sets - which is both an benefit and and a negative, depending on the amount of room you have when using them. They're housed in a slot-through wrap-around case and do appear to stay in place when not in use. A good quality set, low priced, well made and worth the purchase price.

Bondhus 22199 Hex L-wrench Double Pack, Long Length, 12137 (.050-3/8-Inch) & 12199 (1.5-10mm)

Protanium steel with Proguard corrosion resistant finish. Set of 22 L-wrenches. Engage at angles of up to 25deg off vertical. U.S.A. Sets (qty.): 2, Total Hex Keys (qty.): 22, H...

$19.38  $17.78

Stanley 95-883M 18-Piece Hex Key Set

This is another Allen hex tool set from Stanley, 18 pieces in total and all housed in an incredibly comfortable and ergonomic housing. Each hex key is manufactured out of chrome vanadium steel and when folded out, they lock into place to prevent slipping and loss of grip. The sets are metric and standard keys and all are clearly marked according to size.

The case is sturdy enough and feels solid when you're applying the torque required to tighten and/or loosen bolts. There's a rubber grip that's laid into the case, right where it's needed the most and when you've got the hex wrenches working, the grip feels secure - which is always a bonus when applying pressure. A good quality little set, easy to find, innovative design and for less than ten bucks - buy your mate a set.

18 Piece Hex Key Set 95-883

95-883 Features: -Hex key set.-Keys fold out for easy access and storage.-Rubber grip for outstanding comfort.-Once the hex key is locked into place the storage unit becomes the...


Miha 35392 5-piece Micro Metric Short Arm Hex Key Set in Mini Molded Holder

This is the smallest hex wrench socket set and works fine for the smallest of assembly or dis-assembly tasks. The set comprises five metric and standard Allen wrenches, manufactured out of CRM-72 hardened steel and despite their size, they're incredibly tough and hard working. They're also protected with a corrosion resistant coating to prolong their shelf life and at just above five bucks, they're an inexpensive, practical buy.

They're all housed in a mini-case, and feel pretty secure for such a tiny set. These are great for repairing eye glasses, working on small engineering projects and similar and, being a particularly small size range - a good set for hobbyists and precision tasks. A nice little set, well made and a bargain buy.

Wiha 35392 5-piece Micro Metric Short Arm Hex Key Set in Mini Molded Holder

L-key Hex Metric Mini Short Arm Keys Black Finish. 5 Pc Micro L-key .7, .9, 1.3, 1.3, 2mm, In Molded Holder.Corrosion protected Black finish.Wiha Special CRM-72 Hardened Tool St...

Only $4.6
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