ASL Gifts for Deaf Toddlers & Children of Deaf Adults

by JoHarrington

Looking for 'my first' American Sign Language toys and books? Deaf babies and infant CODAs will love these fun aids to communication.

Children learn better when they play. It's even more wonderful when those games reward them with a greater ability to express themselves. They'll mark their achievements in conversations!

We have ASL kids books and guides to teaching toddlers nursery rhymes in sign. There are ASL toys and other goodies, ready to make signed language learning a pure delight.

Whether you have a deaf baby, or your little one is a child of deaf adults (CODA), you can be certain that these ASL related gifts will go down a treat.

Toys for Babies Whose First Language is ASL

We all learn our mother tongue through repeated exposure to it in the home.

While the adults talk around and to us, we pick out sounds, then try them out in our own mouths. When we get it right, the cheering and encouragement is enough to make us want to try another word too.

Next thing you know, we're jabbering away unable to be shut up, as we provide running commentaries on our lives and engage in our first conversations.

For babies whose mother tongue is destined to be American Sign Language, there is nothing different about this process. But instead of sounds, they need signs.

The ASL baby gifts that follow will help keep their language within their view, until they're able to communicate their lives and needs quite fluently!

Sign and Sing Along: Twinkle Little Star

Clear signing directions are given on every page. You and your toddler will soon be singing along together!

All babies and toddlers love their nursery rhymes. They are little stories, which infants can grasp, remember and repeat with ease. The rhyming verses help develop their brains, training their memories and forging links between random things.

Of all the nursery rhymes in the world, a firm favorite is regularly revealed to be Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Filled with bright pictures of baby and stars, this Sign and Sing Along book incorporates basic ASL to tell the lines. Aimed at infants aged one and over, they will soon be signing away to every word in the familiar verse. Thus increasing their signed vocabulary in a fun way.

Nor is it the only Annie Kruber Sign and Sing Along book for babies out there.

More Sign and Sing Along Books for Deaf Toddlers and CODAs

Your CODA or hard of hearing infant will love the colorful images. They'll want to handle the books, even when you're not free to sign the verses too.

Let them play with them. The ASL toddler nursery rhyme books have thick cardboard pages. They've been created for little fingers to turn over (and chew on the edges) without any damage that would render the books unable to be used again and again.

Uncle Goose ASL Toy Bricks (with Braille too!)

Educational ABC Bricks with ASL for Toddlers

Deaf infants - or the children of deaf parents - will have so much fun with these Uncle Goose building blocks.

Yet as they're playing, they're also linking ASL with each letter.

This is the perfect way for your little one to learn their ASL alphabet. The reminders will lodge in their minds so much better when building with their bricks, than any amount of sitting them down and trying to teach them straight out.

Every time they pile one block onto another, creating all manner of wonderful things, they will be exposed to that information in plain view: the letter, the sign and the Braille equivalent too!

Plan Toys ASL Number Tiles

Learn to Count with Baby ASL Hand Sign Number Tiles

Crafted from Eco-Friendly PlanWood, these ASL number tiles will teach deaf children aged two and over how to count to ten.

Every Hand Sign tile is engraved with a number. The Braille is etched underneath, then turn it around and there's the ASL too!

Your clever little one will be able to count up to ten in three languages!

Baby Signing Time DVD Collection

A four volume bonanza of DVDs teaches your toddler ASL with aplomb! 

Appropriate for CODA or deaf babies as young as three months old, Baby Signing Time captivates them with beautiful, bright visuals. Then it introduces signs relating to environments that your infant will find familiar - playtime, visiting friends and family, meeting new people etc.

Baby Signing Time has won many awards from parenting groups and national bodies, including the Dove Foundation and the National Parenting Center.

It's so good that even parents of non-deaf infants have bought these DVDs. After all, their little ones can't communicate either at a few months old. But they might just be able to sign.

ASL Baby's First Book of Signs

ASL Computer eBook for Deaf Kids and Young CODAs

The geek in me appreciates this offering from the Institute for Disabilities Research and Training; even if the organization behind it sounds more than a little scary!

But don't worry. They're kosher.

Baby's First Book of Signs is a CD that you pop into your computer. As you click your mouse to turn each page, videos and pictures describing 124 different signs awaits your infant's pleasure.

ASL Play Rug with Baby Signs

American Sign Language Seating Rug for Infants

Carpet the play room or toy area with this colorful ASL rug for kids. The 7'8" x 10'10" rectangle will keep them sitting comfortably, while demonstrating common signs.

Featuring the well-known Diaper Doodle characters from Baby Signs, every square tells them how to communicate another word. There are eighteen in all. They let your kids know the ASL for pets and animals.

In addition to expanding your toddler's knowledge of American Sign Language, the English and Spanish words for each animal are included. Along with the alphabet woven into the border.

ABC Wall Posters in ASL for Deaf Infants and CODA Babies

Line the nursery or play room with these cheery ASL wall posters and your hard of hearing toddler will learn them just by looking!

The entire alphabet is laid out across twenty-six hand sign posters. Their bright pictures will attract baby's attention, then he or she won't be able to resist trying out the sign in each corner.

Created out of sturdy, laminated cardboard, the ASL alphabet posters can be used to form a kind of mosaic on one wall, or placed in a row to make a border around the room. Each tile is 8 and a half inches by 11 inches, therefore plenty big enough to see!

American Sign Language Nursery Door Poster

If space is a problem, then there is another option. This ABC Phonics hand signs poster has been designed to fit perfectly onto the back of a door.

Your deaf toddler could have it adorning their bedroom door, where they can view it from their cot or cradle.

Creative Child Magazine certainly thought it a great idea to help CODAs and deaf infants learn ASL. It was voted the winner of their Media of the Year Award in 2013!

Both wall and door ASL posters have been created by Early Literacy author and teacher Nellie Edge, in partnership with Sign2Me Early Learning.

ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign and Read Poster for Toddlers

Baby Sign and Learn ASL Flash Cards

Fifty-Three Flash Cards to Teach your Baby ASL

The Diaper Doodles are here again to help your ASL learning CODA, and/or deaf little one, to communicate with you.

In this pack of 53 Baby Sign and Learn flash cards, common words are laid out in friendly, colorful fashion, in order to boost their signed vocabulary.

On one side of the card, a Baby Signs character performs the ASL for the headline word. Then turn it over and a beautiful picture illustrates what that word means.

Pick a couple a day - or let baby chose their own - and before long you will be having a conversation with your infant in ASL.

More ASL Flash Cards for Deaf Infants and CODAs

They are undoubtedly a great, tried and tested method for helping your little one learn American Sign Language.

American Sign Language I Love You Bibs

And finally, because no page about ASL products is complete without at least one item depicting the sign for 'I love you', have a baby's bib stating just that.

Does anyone know why this particular sign is so ubiquitous, whenever Deaf Culture is targeted in merchandise?

It's seen so often, that surely even those professing no other fluency in American Sign Language can reproduce this one. Even I can, and it's BSL that I know!

But anyway, it's a soft Terry Toweling bib, and that counts as a potential gift for a CODA infant and/or a deaf baby. Enjoy!

ASL Baby Bib with I Love You Hand Sign

More Gifts for Deaf Children

Let Deaf Bunny help your partially deaf child socialize while out playing. Informative clothing to articulate the hearing needs of deaf kids unable to explain for themselves.
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JoHarrington on 03/13/2014

Thank you very much! And welcome to Wizzley! It's always cool to see someone not in the environment that you expect. :D

BellaDoc on 03/13/2014

Super resources

JoHarrington on 03/12/2014

Did you teach her to sign? That's really groovy!

Ember on 03/12/2014

My sister knew a lot of sign language before she started talking. It was actually really useful :)

JoHarrington on 03/11/2014

There are lots of parents of hearing babies that use ASL toys. The baby can sign before it can talk, so it's a way to communicate a little earlier with them.

Ember on 03/11/2014

I think it is surprising how much asl I've picked up over the years in general. I bet having toys like this would be great in helping any child learn sign language, and I think that's useful even if no one in their immediate family is deaf.

JoHarrington on 03/10/2014

Thank you very much! And yes, I agree. These would be great additions to any nursery where ASL is the mother tongue. :)

ologsinquito on 03/10/2014

These look like such great resources for children to learn ALS. I'm pinning this somewhere.

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