Deaf Bunny: Helpful T-Shirts for Partially Deaf Kids

by JoHarrington

Let Deaf Bunny help your partially deaf child socialize while out playing. Informative clothing to articulate the hearing needs of deaf kids unable to explain for themselves.

Grown adults often become tongue-tied, when asked to describe how they hear the world, and how their environment could better facilitate their hearing needs.

Single-sided deaf and partially deaf children, who have never known anything different, have no hope of adequately raising awareness.

But this is precisely the moment when such knowledge would be most helpful. Young peers get to learn about deafness; supervisors know to watch out, on health and safety grounds, where sounds are involved; and your hard of hearing little one gets to be included in all that's going on.

The alternative is a crash course in discovering that social exclusion comes as standard, when no-one knows how to create a deaf friendly environment for you.

Deaf Bunny T-Shirts for Hard of Hearing Kids

Help other adults and your child's playmates become aware enough not to accidentally ostracize your partially deaf little one.

Image: Worried ToddlerNo thinking, caring individual would deliberately see a young child pushed out. Social exclusion is ugly in any situation, but when it applies to a toddler, then that becomes heart-breaking.

The trouble with deafness is that it's not immediately apparent at a glance. You might get the hint, if you witness individuals communicating in ASL. However the nuances can get lost, if your child is able to hear in certain environments, but not others.

Usually all it takes is for those in the vicinity to know what's required, and the world becomes much more deaf friendly, as if by magic. That's the first - and major - point of these informative Deaf Bunny t-shirts for partially deaf toddlers and young children.

The second is to head off frustration at the pass. Partially deaf and unilaterally deaf adults have to struggle to remain understanding and serene, while assaulted by noise that is naturally irritating and/or excluding. Young kids haven't yet acquired that learned capacity to not show their annoyance or distress.

It would be much better therefore not to put them in a position where their hearing causes them to feel so targeted. The Deaf Bunny kids' shirts include basic information on creating a deaf friendly environment.

All of the t-shirts on this page are available in a variety of styles from baby crawlers through to adult fashions. They are also fully customizable in terms of wording, color and illustrations.

Deaf Bunny: I am Partially Deaf Kids' Shirt

Information T-Shirt for Partially Deaf Kids

The legend on this partially deaf children's shirt reads:

Please look at me when you're talking to me, and speak up! I may require sound to be louder for me to hear it. Also beware lots of background noise. It's a nightmare for me to make anything out over it.

However, that's created as a template, so you may alter the wording to match your own child's situation.

Helpful Shirt for Kids Who are Deaf in One Ear

The legend on this t-shirt for single-sided hearing children reads:

Please don't talk over each other, or the television. It's just a jumble of confusing sound to me. Look at me when you're speaking to me. And don't expect me to find you when you call. I can't tell the direction of sound.

Again the wording is a template, so it may very easily be customized for your child. However, it is worth noting that the person who wrote it is herself deaf in one ear.

Deaf Bunny: Single-Sided Hearing Kids' Shirt

Partially Deaf Kids' T-Shirts to Raise Awareness

Help educate the neighborhood children - and your little one's peers - while they're young. They'll all grow up together treating deaf awareness as part of life.

Image: Kids Playing TogetherPerhaps this is very Utopian of me, but it's definitely worth a try.

No-one is born an audist, any more than they enter the world as a racist, homophobe or any other unsavory member of society. Those are learned reactions, often as not to something deemed abnormal in their ignorant outlook.

So use these Deaf Bunny shirts as an early prompt to learn about deafness. Hopefully that will make it a normal thing to have awareness about alternative ways of hearing. Good parents will take their cue from the legend on the t-shirts, in order to educate their own little ones about the best ways in which to include their partially deaf playmate. From then on, nothing will seem strange about it at all.

Which is great, when you contemplate the life that your hard of hearing child will lead, growing up amongst these very same children.

I Am Deaf in my Right Ear Kids' Shirt

I Am Deaf in my Left Ear Kids' Shirt

Deaf Bunny Unilaterally Deaf Kids' Shirts

The concise information might not be enough to fully facilitate your child's needs at school and at play. These alternative shirts may prompt more conversation.

Image: Kindergarten Kid PaintingA quick paragraph to make the basic points about creating a deaf friendly environment is fine. But only if you're educating people who only need the basics.

That pretty much covers kids and their guardians in a playground, but not in a place where prolonged presence means more has to occur.

The above shirts for deaf in one ear children may serve as gentle reminders for those already in the loop. But they could also act as the prompt for more in-depth conversations - with a parent or guardian - to more fully explore the needs of a single-sided deaf child.

Their beauty is that they don't let care-takers and other people off with a tiny check-list of the fundamentals. They won't be able to enact the bare minimum required to make your child's life easier, then think they've covered it all. Instead, less information renders it necessary for more detail to be discovered, leading to much, much more deaf awareness.

In theory, anyway.

Right Ear Deaf Shirt for Babies, Kids and Adults

Left Ear Deaf Shirt for Babies, Kids and Adults

Though modeled by adults, these ear illustrated shirts are available in all of the styles highlighted throughout this page (and more too!). Your single-sided deaf baby, toddler or child will be able to find one in their style, bearing an identical legend but fashioned to fit them.

And if clothing appears too much in the face of those looking on, then there are a range of buttons which may do the job too. Though naturally the sharp pin at the back may not be appropriate for babies and very young children.

Pins for Single-Sided Deaf or Partially Deaf People

These are all on a yellow/gold background, as that is the color most likely to attract the attention of any human being.

More Gifts for Partially Deaf Children and Adults

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JoHarrington on 07/13/2014

Ember - That's the plan! :D Though I should imagine that, in some ways, these little ones have the edge on communicating when it's all a bit challenging. They'd just cry, stamp and hit things, which us adults aren't really allowed to do in polite society.

JoHarrington on 07/13/2014

WordChazer - I'm fortunate in that I went deaf in one ear when I was nine. I can't imagine what it would be like to go with all of that when you're too young to explain precisely what you need for a perfect environment.

Ember on 07/12/2014

Aww, looking at little kids has put in perspective how challenging like SSD can also be for parents or caretakers if the child is young enough. They might not even know how to communicate that they can't hear in certain situations D:

I guess that's where a shirt like these can come in handy though. :)

Guest on 07/12/2014

Brilliant idea, Jo! My profoundly deaf friend would have loved to have used a variation on these when she was a kid, for sure.

JoHarrington on 07/12/2014

I'm glad that you like them! I'm branching out into being artistic here. :D

Tolovaj on 07/12/2014

Bunnies are adorable:)

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