An American owns Australia

by Fargy

Australia recently had an election (13th Sept 2013) and the winner, in theory, is the top dog in Australia. But he isn't.

Politics is the art of what is possible through compromise. It is why politicians usually rate lowly in popularity, sometimes the politician's self interest is the over-riding concern in the compromises he or she makes, and that greed taints how we see all politicians. Let's take a look at one case in particular.

Who do you yield to?

We all make decisions.  When we make group decisions sometimes we have to yield to another point of view for reasons that don't directly impact the immediate issue.

For example, when a boss insists on a particular course of action and imposes that course by dint of his will rather than his reasons.

Politics make strange bedfellows.  And politics runs on money.  So it's no surprise to see politicians fund-raising with the rich and famous.  And sometimes the truly powerful.

Here is a picture of one servant kneeling before such a master...

Abbott kneeling before Murdoch.Just a friendly chat at a fund-raising dinner held by Gina Reinhardt, a mining heiress in Australia.  But the picture tells a real story.  The man kneeling is Tony Abbot, just before his election to Prime Minister of Australia.

Murdoch is the one ignoring Abbott.

We can wonder about the actual words spoken but we all know the gist of it.

Abbott would have asked for help to win the election.  And Murdoch would have agreed, but with strings attached.


Murdoch's gift to Abbott.

Whatever deal was made, we will never truly know, but we can see Murdoch took his part seriously.

Front page headline seriously. 

Murdoch's part of the deal.This is one example of what Rupert did.  He also sent his main lieutenants to Australia to help in the final month of the election.

 Yes, he sent people to Australia, because he is not Australian.  He chose to be a US citizen, he lives in Beverly Hills and New York. He chose to give up his Australian citizenship so that his Fox empire could grow more freely in the US.

So we can tell where his interests lie.  If China gave him a better deal, he would be Chinese.

This doesn't bode well for Australia. 

Rupert inherited his wealth and disinherited Australia.


Rupert Murdoch, King of Australia.

Murdoch used his power to get into Abbott into power.

As a man who inherited wealth Murdoch has the usual disregard for people who work, and contempt for unemployed or otherwise disadvantaged people.

Here is one of his Twitters...

"Aust election public sick of public sector workers and phony welfare scroungers sucking life out of economy.Others nations to follow in time"

This sort of attitude will show up in Liberal party legislation.

Money for others is "welfare", money for themselves is "incentives".

More importantly Murdoch will get things like the National Broadband Network crippled.  It would compete with his media networks.

But that's not the real worry.  There is something much more frightening.



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How America runs Australia.

There is much wealth in America, and Murdoch wants it.

If he wants something he can promise Australian compliance to things that the US government may want.

And not just the US government, but any US corporations that might want a little action from Australia.

Murdoch can access those deals by promising to ring up his Abbott in Australia and get Australian compliance.

That will probably mean Australia getting involved in more US wars.

The US put 2000 Marines in Australia in a new base up in the north near Darwin.  This earned some concerned comments from China.

What the US knows of diplomacy can be written on a small postage stamp.  Their diplomacy is ,comply, or die.

We can see how fumble-handed the US is at foreign policy with the Snowden affair and the Bolivian President's plane being forced down so that US servants could look for Snowden.  Russia probably set the US up over that, and had a good laugh at how the US handled it.

But it's worrying for Australia too.  Those same US citizens that decided that foreign policy now effectively decide Australia's foreign policy via King Rupert.  

We can expect troubles with Indonesia and China at least in the near future.

Lucky Country indeed.

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Jo_Murphy on 02/26/2014

One thing noticable is that the vegetables are different here. They are not perfect and polished = they are real.

Fargy on 02/26/2014

Oh, we have always been a network of lunatics. The internet just makes us see ourselves better.

Seeds are one of the things that the chemical companies are changing. Seeds that only grow one crop that cannot germinate more seeds. Crops that have a chemical dependency on certain pesticides and will die if those sprays are not used on them.

We are loonies.

Buying poisoned food because it's easier.

Jo_Murphy on 02/26/2014

I have just come from Catalunya Place and there is a big screen. World with no borders, level the playing field - access to work for all. (Internationally / in the sky) As you walk the streets there are seeds for sale everywhere. What the Australian government is afraid of is that the 1% don't have control of the new workplace. That will be why they want to monitor the Internet. I feel we are all ensnarled in a web of lunacy. Jo

Fargy on 02/26/2014

Money is the obvious answer.

Safety is the given answer.

Much like Safety will be used by people to control the internet. Save people from internet trolls, elect me! I will keep your information safe. Trust me!

Eat safe! Buy processed food from Woolies!

If nobody knows how to grow or prepare food, then McDonalds can keep building more troughs for us.

Processed foods for processed people. We are disconnected. We haven't had to kill or butcher an animal for food. We don't know how to grow vegetables or fruit from season to season. We don't know how to run a chook pen.

If you can't feed yourself, you are powerless.

The other thing about community gardens is that they usually take up land that could be developed by the real estate agents who just happen to be in local government and so forth.

Jo_Murphy on 02/26/2014

But how could they be sooooo manipulative. Imagine saying you can't grow your own food you have to buy ours. I think I thought that the world had passed the Bread y circuses days!
I am amazed, Jo

Fargy on 02/26/2014

Not sure about the community gardens, but food is always political.

Bread and circuses from Roman days.

Food's a good motivator. Pavlov's dog ring a bell?

Jo_Murphy on 02/26/2014

Well I never
Now they want to ban community gardens.
When you started talking about fresh good I thought NEVER they will use hunger?

Jo_Murphy on 02/06/2014

Hey Jo - I see this as global politics.
Australia has thought she was isolated for too long.
This is just one world.
Yo! Jo

JoHarrington on 02/06/2014

Between you and Jo, I'm having quite an education on Australian politics this afternoon.

Fargy on 01/30/2014

To boldly go is like Yo Rinny, in that they are both slogans from old TV shows.

And battle cries and calls to action, they are.

To boldly go. A split infinitive for the infinite paths of our future.

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