Angry Birds Birthday Cake

by lou16

Learn how to create an awesome Angry Birds birthday cake for someone special. You could even make Angry Birds cupcakes as well for a really special birthday.

How to Make an Angry Birds Birthday Cake

The Easy Peasy Way to Cake Making

If you're like me and millions of others you have at least one person in your life who is addicted to Angry Birds, if they have a birthday coming up why not surprise them with their very own Angry Birds birthday cake.

If you're a master baker then I'm sure you could re-create a wonderful cake, but I'm just a regular person so I'm going to rely on props!   Yes this is the easy peasy way to turn an ordinary shop brought cake into an Angry Birds birthday cake that will have people wanting to use your 'baking' services.

You can buy plain uniced cakes from the supermarket or a bakery and this is the way I have been making my daughter's birthday cake for the last five years - except for the year when she wanted lots of different cupcakes instead of a big cake, but that's a whole other story!

First you have to plan what you're going to do with your cake, I just have a plan in my head, but you can do drawings if you find that easier.   The set opposite will look awesome on top of a rectangular or square shaped slab cake - I personally wouldn't try and use a round cake for this one.


The details on this 22 piece Angry Birds birthday cake topper set are fantastic and who ever you're building this cake for is going to be really happy!

The first thing you need to do is decide on what type of icing you want to use to cover your cake and form the background for your design.   There are three different options for you to use - Buttercream icing (my favorite because it's yum!), white icing (easy to make) and fondant icing(fun to play with).

Now I always buy my fondant in a ready made packet, but some people actually make their own fondant and if you want to know how to do that then be sure to check out these fondant receipes.

Now let's look at a couple of recipes I do have for both buttercream icing and white icing.....

Buttercream Icing Recipe

Great for any cake, not just Angry Birds cakes!

To make butter icing or buttercream icing whichever name you use for it you will need -

1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, softened

2 cups icing sugar (confectioner's sugar)

2 tbsp hot water

1/4 tsp vanilla essence

Basically you just need to cream the butter until it's light and fluffy then add the vanilla.   Next gradually beat in the icing sugar until smooth.  

The hot water is to add at the end to get to the right consistency for spreading - isn't that just too easy?

Now if you want to make chocolate buttercream icing (highly recommended) you follow the directions above, but sift two tablespoons of cocoa into the icing sugar first.

White Icing Recipe

Another easy icing recipe

White icing is super easy to make and can be adapted to different flavors really easily.   To make it you will need -

2 cups icing sugar (confectioner's sugar)

1/4 tsp butter (softened)

2 tbsp water (approx)

1/4 tsp vanilla essence

Sift the icing sugar into a bowl and then add the butter, next you need to add enough water to mix to a spreadable consistency - do this gradually.   Finally flavor it with vanilla essence.

To make this into chocolate icing simply sift 1 tsp cocoa into the icing sugar.

To make this into coffee icing simply disolve 2 tsp instant coffee in 1 tbsp of hot water and then mix this into the icing sugar with the butter.

More Angry Birds Cake Toppers

Edible Angry Birds Cake Toppers

More Birthday Cake Ideas

If you want more ideas for birthday cakes then you'll love this site -

Birthday Cakes
A selection of cool birthday cake ideas from Angry Birds to Skylanders and more besides, if you're looking for inspiration for the perfect birthday cake then this site is perfect.


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