Angry Birds Wallpapers

by TilenHrovatic

Here you can find the best Angry Birds wallpapers and graphics that you can download and use on your computer, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Here you can find the best Angry Birds wallpapers that you can download for free online and use them for your desktop on your computer, iPad, iPhone or Android. Browse this site and find some really awesome Angry Birds wallpapers, followe the links and download them for free. And be sure to check out the link section where I featured more sites that offer really amazing and well designed Angry Birds wallpapers, graphics, images and fan art. Angry birds are quite popular topic these days and some designers really make amazing digital art and vector images with these angry birds. If you like the game and characters than you can get your favorite for free. Just browse this page and follow the instructions.

If you don't know how to download wallpapers and images from the Internet don't worry! Scroll down a little bit to find a guide that will help you to easily download these wallpapers from the Internet and save them on your computer or save your selected wallpaper as a wallpaper directly fro the web.

Download Angry Birds Wallpapers

how to add these wallpapers to your desktop

For those who are not familiar with saving photos and graphics from the Internet I will write a very short and easy guide that will help you to download these wallpapers to your computer and use your favorite wallpaper as your desktop.

Each wallpaper on this page has a link below the image. This link credits an image author and if you click on this link you'll get to the page where you can download free wallpaper that you select.

When you select a wallpaper click on the image with your right mouse button and choose "Save image as". Select a location and save it on your compute. The image is now stored on your computer. You can also save an image as a wallpaper directly from the web if you don't want to have a image file stored on your computer.

Red Angry Bird Wallpaper

Red Angry Bird Wallpaper
Red Angry Bird Wallpaper

Angry Birds Halloween Wallpaper

Angry Birds Halloween Wallpaper
Angry Birds Halloween Wallpaper

Angry Birds by Alphonso Cornelius

Angry Birds Wallpaper
Angry Birds Wallpaper

More Angry Birds Wallpapers

sites with awesome Angry Birds graphics, art, fan art and wallpapers

10 Awesome Angry Birds Wallpapers

Super Cool Angry Birds Wallpapers

Cool and funny Angry Birds Wallpapers and Fanart

Angry Birds Blogger Template
Here you can download free Angry Birds template for Blogger and use it on your blogs to change your design to this awesome theme. Great for gaming blogs.

Not-So-Angry Birds by Huy Nguyen

Cute Angry Birds Wallpaper
Cute Angry Birds Wallpaper

Angry Birds Collage Wallpaper

Angry Birds Wallpaper
Angry Birds Wallpaper

Do you play Angry Birds?

More Angry Birds Pages

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Here's a short introduction to the Angry Birds app game. Know the objective of the game, it's history and the community.

Share your Wallpapers and Graphics!

Have a wallpaper, graphics, fan art or other designs related to Angry Birds? Do you want to share your designs and wallpapers with others, expose your work, promote your website and maybe connect with other fans and designers. I will feature your Angry Birds designs and wallpapers on this page for free, credit your work and add a description of your image. You will get a quality backlink to your page, exposure of your work and promotion of your art.

Send me an email or post a comment below with your link. I will check out your work and feature your design on this page.

Updated: 02/18/2012, TilenHrovatic
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Seelyon on 06/20/2015

Great collection

Bananko on 04/03/2012

I love Angry birds! They are adorable!

Tom on 01/28/2012

Check out the Angry Bird Google theme on Gazoomy Google Wallpapers!

Angry Bird on 01/28/2012

All I need now is some real Angry Birds wallpaper for my bedroom!

Valeon on 10/26/2011

Engry birds is the best game ever ! Great thanks for wallpapers !

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