How to Make Money on Pinterest

by TilenHrovatic

Learn how to make lots of money on Pinterest using some really useful affiliate tools.

In this useful guide you can find out how to make money on Pinterest. Create board, add pins and make money adding your affiliate links to Pinterest boards. In this guide you can find out about the best affiliate tools and strategies to really monetize your Pinterest profile and pins.

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

how to monetize your Pinterest boards and pins

Do you use Pinterest to share your favorite products, pictures and links with your friends and followers on this site? Pinterest is a great collection of top things that interests you and top products that others are looking for. It's one of the most popular site on the Internet and the community is growing very fast. Everyone is submitting their favorite stuff to different niche categories and everyone is sharing products that they bought or want to buy. If you want to know more about Pinterest you can read about it here or follow the links at the end of this page to better understand the benefits of Pinterest.

But do you know that you can also make money on Pinterest? You can monetize your boards and pins with some great affiliate tools and affiliate strategies. Millions of users are looking for products from the categories that interest them and many of these users are purchasing products online thanks to the Pinterest. This site is surely a great referral for many online purchases. So in this article I want to present the best way to use Pinterest to make some real money online and present some great tips that will help you in the process.

It's a great money making opportunity so be sure to give it a try! It's simple and profitable!

Make Money on Pinterest
Make Money on Pinterest

The Pinterest Business Model

So how to make money on Pinterest? There are millions of boards on this site and even more pins that users are submitting. Some are submitting stuff and other are searching for stuff they like. You should target the last group in order to benefit from the site. The majority of Pinterest users are women who love to shop online and are searching for niche product and pins. Weddings, clothing and food are one of the most popular niches on Pinterest and most of product pins from these niches are affiliate links. So you must pick some nice niches and start to pin lovely products on different boards on your profile.

There are two main things you need to know before you start pining hundreds of products on your boards. First of all, don't spam! Do not spam at all! You should grow your audience first, gain some trust and add only products that you find interesting and worth buying. Pining everything is just like writing a blog post about stuff you don't know and can't review.

The second thing you definitely should do is start using affiliate program for link cloaking. You can learn more about this in the next paragraph.

Cloak The Affiliate Links

use LinkTrackr to create unique affiliate links

Before you post pins on Pinterest you must cloak your affiliate links. Pinterest uses a service called Skimlinks that scans all boards for affiliate links, and then change those links to their affiliate ID! So  you must cloak your links to preserve your your affiliate IDs. If you don't do this you will give all your earnings to Pinterest!

So how do you cloak your affiliate links? The best way to do this is by using the service called LinkTrackr. This is one of the best tools for affiliate marketing and it's surely the best link cloaking application for bloggers and affiliate marketers. The biggest names in the affiliate industry use this service so it's surely the program you should use to cloak your affiliate links for Pinterest.

LinkTrackr allows you to monitor clicks and conversions and make it easy to cloak your product links easy and fast. Pinterest will not change your pins with their affiliate ID and you will have access to detailed statistics about your links on Pinterest.

So if you have your affiliate link from that looks like you can change it to

Follow the link above to find more about LinkTrack and find all the benefits of this service.

Pinterest Tutorials and Guides

top rated books and tutorials about Pinterest marketing
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Top 10 Tips for Monetizing Pinterest

useful tips for affiliate marketing on Pinterest

I am making money on Pinterest and it's a nice source on my online income. But I was making zero dollars for month before I started to really monetizing my pins and boards. How? I made mistakes, learn from them and learn from others. I was trying many different strategies and tools and now I'm sticking with tools that actually work.

Here are top important things I've learned from my mistakes. My top ten tips for anyone who is trying to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing. Be sure to follow these tips to increase your earnings and become a popular Pinterest user.

1. Cloak your Links with LinkTrack

2. Don't SPAM!

3. Grow your audience

4. Create niche boards

5. Promote your boards

6. Connect with Twitter and Facebook

7. Follow hot topics

8. Follow other Pinterest users

9. Categorize your boards

10. Complete your profile with photo and info

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Do you make money on Pinterest?

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Jess on 02/10/2017

A useful tool might also be It looks and feels like Pinterest but every product posted from over 3,000 merchants is tagged with earning affiliate links. It is very easy to use and the payouts can range from 2-25% and pays out each month. There are also sharing tools that allow you to take your creations and share beyond Pinterest including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog and email. So you can really open up your earning recommendations! There are tens of thousands of influencers using it today and earning from Pinterest - among other social networks.

DJ on 01/02/2017

Great Information! I spend enough time on Pinterest. It's about time I earned some money doing it.

Rebecca on 08/08/2016

I love Pinterest and would love to make some money from it but not know where to start

Bruce-Bowden on 05/16/2014

No, There doesn't seem any way to pin the pictures in my articles. As with this page I just see google plus, facebook and tweet, but no pinterest button.

Mira on 05/16/2014

It's to the left of the page.

Bruce-Bowden on 05/16/2014

I can't find a pinterest icon on any of my Wizzley pages. Help!

Mira on 07/08/2013

I never notice links there. You mean under the images? It's just plain text, sometimes with hashtags. Argh . . . Will have to look into this. Thank you for the article!

johnluisaiden on 08/10/2012

Hello,i found your site through search,yours site is excellent and a nice website...

The contents are nice &will grow higher in future...


katiem2 on 06/04/2012

Interesting, I confess, like most everyone, I enjoy pinterest. I enjoy looking at others pins and find myself spending several hours there. I share pins and certainly see the value in your money making ideas as outlined here. Thanks for sharing your successful tips, I will put them to work as it's really growing in popularity everyday. I'm gaining new followers everyday as followers I have from other social networking sites are jumping on the pinterest bandwagon. Great article.

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