Business Cards for Photographers

by TilenHrovatic

Top business card templates for your photography business.

Here you can find the best designer business card templates that you can use to promote your photography business and make a great impression on your clients and customers. Find the best photography business cards and learn how to make your own business cards online.

Top Photography Business Cards

improve your photography business with best designer cards

Are you a wedding photographer, stock photographer or maybe even own your very own photography agency? Marketing is a very important part of every business and therefore every professional photographer. Professional business cards for photographers are great affordable tools to promote your business well and make a great impression on your clients and customers. But don't just print some boring business cards with white templates and boring fonts, brand yourself with great designer business cards made just for photographers.

On this page you can find top rated and best selling photography business card templates from Zazzle and learn how to create your own personalized cards. Take a look at these templates and choose your next powerful marketing weapon!

A Perfect Business Card for Photographers

information you need to share on your business card

What to include on your business card to make the best impression, share the most information and don't share too much? Here are top things you need to consider when adding info and text to your photography business card.

  •  Name or/and company name
  • Quote, Headline
  • Address
  • Mobile number and fax
  • E-mail address, website address
  • Twitter, Facebook, Flickr

And what about the design? The best way is to include some parts of the camera, some of your best shots, your logo or maybe some nice photos of you with the camera. Below are my top suggestions for designing business cards for photographers.

  • Add your professional logo
  • Add a photo of you with the camera
  • Graphics like cameras, camera lenses and parts of the camera
  • Add your top shots or best photos for your niche (like wedding photos)

Camera Lens Photography Business Cards

On the right you can see my top selling business card for photographers from my niche Zazzle store Busy Photographer. It's a nice vertical card with an image of camera lens on the top of the card. It's a professional and stylish design that shoots the message of the profession right away but without all the uninportant words. When people will see the image they'll imidiately connect you to photography business.

Below the image are all the important information you need to share with others when promoting your business. Your name, addresses, web links and other info.

You can use this template to make your personalized card by using the cool and easy Zazzle editing tool. Add your personal text and make this card unique for your photography business!

More Photography Business Cards

other collections and galleries of top business cards for photographers

Unique Business Cards for Photographers
A collection of the best photography business card templates and top galleries of marketing tools for photographers and photography business.

Do you like presented business cards for photographers?

More About Photography Business

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katiem2 on 05/08/2012

Very cool photographers business cards, better than the average cards I've seen.

sheilamarie on 05/04/2012

Nice business cards!

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