Antique Liquor Cabinet

by Digby_Adams

Create the perfect home bar with an antique liquor cabinet. Lots of different styles and prices to choose from.

Home bars have always been popular and now they've found a new name "man cave." This space is the guys' domain where they meet to watch the big game, play a mean game poker or place a few bets around pool table. A man space in the house is nothing new. In other times it was called the library or den and it was very common for alcoholic drinks to be served in the library. Usually there was a liquor cabinet where the host would keep a nice selection of whiskey and brandy. You might also see a beautiful crystal decanter on the liquor cabinet as well.. So if you're looking for a space for the guys to hang out you might want it to be more a library (with perhaps a pool table) and an antique liquor cabinet to hand out drinks with a flair!

Antique English Liquor Cabinet

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The top opens up to create a serving space.
The top opens up to create a serving space.

When you're checking out an antique liquor cabinet you want to make sure that it's large enough to hold the amount of liquor that you need. If you only intend to have a crystal decanter with brandy, a side table would almost fit the bill. But if you want to store several kinds of whiskey and brandy then you'll need a larger cabinet.

As you can see from looking at the very English liquor cabinet above, generally the top half opens up to reveal the bar crystal and serving space. Most antique liquor cabinets have very ornate bar areas, so that you can really make a good impression when serving your guests. I know that my husband often leaves the serving area open and displays a beautiful crystal ships decanter with a fine brandy in it.

Matt is self-employed and we've started to have to entertain clients. Some of them are extremely conservative and don't believe in drinking. In that case, the brandy decanter goes on the shelf underneath and we shut and lock (no need taking chances) it, so it doesn't open.

Antique English Liquor Cabinet

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Antique Oak Liquor Cabinet with Humidor

Liquor and Cigars Kept at the Perfect Temperature
Liquor and Cigars Kept at the Perfect Temperature

The picture of the antique oak liquor cabinet shown above really drives home the point that you have to know your liquor storage needs. There's room for three bottles of liquor on the bottom shelf. The doors are dedicated to glasses and the top shelf has a humidor (that's the white compartment) for the storage of cigars. The top is flat and when it opens there is a milk glass insert. The two antique liquor cabinets featured in this article are small and really intended for serving small parties. I see businessmen cutting a deal, our Founding Fathers crafting their state constitutions, or even ghosts tapping on the inside to let the Victorians know that someone showed up at their seance.

The world has changed in many ways since these antique liquor cabinets were new. Primarily the men no longer leave the women and retire to the study for a drink and cigars. Now we all hang out together. It's not uncommon for "us girls" to play a game of pool (and even win some times). In fact sometimes, in the late afternoon, we have cocktails. I really think the end of the cocktail hour, whenever it was, was a sad thing. It doesn't hurt to have a dedicated time to unwind from the day. Then we cook dinner and I must say our digestion is much better!

Antique Oak Liquor Cabinet

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Antique Liquor Cabinets

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Digby_Adams on 09/08/2012

I hear you Lil. I've been learning how to restore antiques. I've bought some in really bad condition for a song. But then I spend six months figuring out how to make them pretty. I have more time than money most days.

BrendaReeves on 09/08/2012

I love antiques, and these are beautiful.

Ragtimelil on 09/08/2012

I love these old cabinets! I wish I had a place to put one, and the money to stock it. :))

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