Antique English Mahogany Corner Cabinets

by Digby_Adams

Shop this great selection of antique corner cabinets in built from beautiful mahogany wood in many different styles. You'll love the prices!

A corner cabinet is one of the most efficient uses of spaces that I've found since my husband and I have started rehabbing and decorating our 18th Century farmhouse. It was built by an eccentric sea captain who spent decades traveling the world. He often brought home furniture from exotic places. Unfortunately the furniture didn't come with the house. But I've seen photographs of the house when his children and grandchildren lived there. Just about every room had a beautiful corner cabinet. I think its because old homes have small rooms and no closets to store things. A corner cabinet is the perfect storage solution - made all the better if it's beautifully designed in rich mahogany wood.

Antique Corner Cabinet with Curio Display Shelves
Antique Corner Cabinet with Curio Display Shelves

There are several styles of antique corner cabinets that I'm using to increase the storage capacity of our farmhouse. The first is shown above it has a closed lower storage area that is all wood, so you can see what's inside. The upper storage area has display shelves and a glass door. Yes, the shelves are triangle shaped, so it does limit what you can put there. But I've found it to be a wonderful place to store - and display our Waterford crystal collection.
At least that's the use that I've found for it in our dining room. I don't save our quality crystal for holidays and special occasions. I use the Waterford salad bowl almost every night. So it's very convenient to keep it in the dining room near the table.

In the Peacock Library I use an antique corner cabinet to store our first edition books that we love to haunt used book stores to find. While we don't often read them, it's just nice knowing that they are there. I have to admit I don't get our love of dusty old books - but they are everywhere!

Antique Corner Cabinets

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Half Antique Corner Cabinet
Half Antique Corner Cabinet

You can also find one-half antique English corner cabinets in mahogany. The ones like shown above are fantastic places to store linens and even a pillow in a guest room. Then you can use the top to place decorative items or even more linens. I have one of these in my entrance foyer and it's got a basket where we toss our keys when we come in the house. It's were I put a huge candy bowl on Halloween or a tabletop Christmas tree during the holidays.

You'll also find the top half of the antique corner cabinet available as well. These are often referred to as cupboards. They are wall-mounted and also very handy places to tuck things away. I have one of these in my kitchen. I don't have wall-to-wall cupboards, because I have a pantry off of the kitchen. But it's nice to have some items close at hand. But because of the glass doors, I do have to be neater than I would like some days.

Antique Wall Corner Cabinets

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Antique Georgian Mahogany Corner Cabinets

Great Deals on ebay!

Yes, I love spending an afternoon shopping for antiques at antique stores and estate sales. But there are only so many in rural Northern Maine. So I do check out ebay sellers. You'll find lots of antique stores are also selling their inventory on ebay as well as in their shop. Some will ship and others expect you to pick up. Well, at least when we go on a road trip, we know that the right antique English corner cabinet will be waiting for us!

If you're new to ebay and are worried about buying antiques online. Then check to see if the seller is a Top Rated seller. That designation means that that seller has sold lots of stuff on ebay and consistently met ebay customer service standards. You can also check out a seller's Positive Feedback rating to see what other shoppers have experienced. Of course if you have any questions about the antique for sale, please email the seller before bidding or purchasing it.

Why antiques? Yes, I can find lots of new corner cabinets in furniture stores and thrift shops. But I can't find the hand-craftsmanship, leaded glass and inlay work. I love the way an antique gives my home a Victorian vibe. But I don't just stick to one period. Just the like old sea captain, who just picked up furniture he loved, I find things I like and bring it home.

Antique Engish Curio Mahogany Corner Cabinets

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Gorgeous Antiques to Love!

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Digby_Adams on 09/04/2012

It depends on the shipper Mira.

Mira on 09/04/2012

Thanks for this article. I enjoyed it. :) I also took a look at furniture on ebay, following one of your links. Does shipping furniture cost a lot? I'm asking just out of curiosity :-)

SusanM on 09/04/2012

I've absolutely loved mahogany furniture since I was a young child. Beautiful wood.

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