Antique Wrought Iron Fencing

by Digby_Adams

Create spectacular fences made of wrought iron with the antique fencing that you find on ebay.

Antique wrought iron fencing gives your property a polished and unique appearance. My husband and I were lucky when we bought our fixer-upper 18th Century farmhouse because it came with wrought iron fencing. While we had to clean and restore pieces, it created an ambiance that no other decorative fencing could have achieved. If you're looking for an authentic Victorian yard, then you'll love looking at the wrought iron fence parts that you can find on ebay.

Our Wrought Iron Fencing
Our Wrought Iron Fencing
Digby Adams

The best place to find antique wrought iron fencing is an architectural salvage company. These folks go all over scooping up the architectural detailing on historic and antique homes about to be destroyed. The only problem is that these companies are few and far between and their stock is very unique. So it can be very time consuming to find the perfect wrought iron fence. Many of these same companies have started to use ebay as a way of reaching customers more easily.  That is certainly one way to find antique ornamental fences.

When you're considering a wrought iron fence you have to decide how much yard you'll be enclosing. If cost is an issue. You can bring the decorative fencing up closer to your house to create an intimate space. Then use landscaping to define the remainder of the yard. The height of the fence will also determine its cost. One of the largest monetary expenditures is for a wrought iron gate to fully enclose the space.


Antique Wrought Iron Fencing

Backyard Defined with Decorative Fencing
Backyard Defined with Decorative Fencing
Digby Adams

One of the joys of buying an antique home is that you inherit a mature landscape. While we have had to do substantial pruning, we have a wonderful array of trees that punctuate our yard and create visual interest. Of course this shady and treed yard means that when Autumn comes there's a huge amount of yard clean up. But even when winter arrives, the wrought iron fence looks spectacular in the snow. When you're considering your landscaping, think of what your yard will look like in the dead of winter. It really helps keep the winter doldrums at bay, when you have beautiful decorative elements in your yard.

You can also buy wrought iron fence gates on ebay as well as the fencing. It can take along time to figure out just what design goes with a decorative fence. But I think that's half the fun of having a home. You can putz around and visit local companies, search out antique shops and shop online at places like ebay. Landscaping your yard with antiques does take a certain patience. Take pictures of your wrought iron fencing and show it to the shop owners. They often have wonderful advice.

Antique Wrought Iron Fence Gates

One of the largest defects that you'll find in buying an antique wrought iron fence is that finials will be missing. If you're buying this antique fence as an investment, you might not want to do any repair work. Purists who buy architectural features often don't want any repairs at all. But if you're like us and just want a complete fence to look at, then replacing the wrought iron finials is in order. Again more choices. You can have an artisan match your existing finials and put a brand spanking new finial on. That will upset the purists, but look beautiful. It's also quite expensive. You can find a new one that's almost an exact match and already made and solder it on yourself. Perhaps the best idea if you're looking to preserve the antique value and have a nice looking decorative fence, is to find antique finials that are a good match to your fence and solder them on. Ebay sellers have a great selection of wrought iron finials for both the fence and gate. Depending upon how many are missing, you can often create a new attractive pattern. Buy old homes and landscaping often requires that you think out of the box!

Antique Wrought Iron Finials

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Digby_Adams on 07/08/2013

Thank you Sheilamarie. It was pretty nice last summer. But we had six major storms in a row last winter in a month. We lost a lot of trees. However the fence didn't have any problems at all.

sheilamarie on 07/08/2013

I love those old wrought iron fences. They are a treat to see when you drive through northern New England. I haven't seen them much elsewhere, but maybe some other readers can set me straight if they've seen them in older homes in other states.
Your yard must be lovely, Digby.

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