Are you sabotaging your google search rankings

by annieangel

There are some things you do without thinking that may be damaging how Google sees your webpage. This article tells you how.

One thing to avoid doing that will improve your ranking on Google

or at least stop your page dropping in Google search rankings

logo by AnnMackieMillerYou have created a wonderful webpage, you have shared it every place you could think of, but it keeps dropping in the Google search rankings.  You don't understand why, then suddenly someone points out what it is that Google considers in these post-Panda days and you wonder why you didn't think about it yourself.

Among other things, one essential that the Google bots look at is how many times your page is visited.  Fine!  But it also looks at how much time people spend on your page.  Now, if you click on your page, maybe to check it is loading quickly or that it looks good, it will count as a visit.  Now, if you immediately click away, maybe to check another of your works of art, then what the bods see is that that visitor didn't stay long enough to read it or to click on any of the links contained within it.  They call it the Bounce Rate - and a fast Bounce Rate is not a good thing!  

The same applies if you are checking your pages on Google search - if you go to Google search, and type in your keyword or words to see how it is ranking - if you then click away it tells Google that none of the pages there were what you (as the searcher) were looking for and they will think none of those pages deserve to be there for that search and will rank them down.  It may seem minimal but if you do that 2 or 3 times a day it will have an impact.  

In the same vein - if you click on your page from that Google search and immediately click away, the bots think it didn't fit with those search terms, or that it wasn't worth spending time on, and you get another negative.


One more tip

Conversely you can inadvertantly help your competition without even realising it.  If you go to Google search and type in your keyword, then click onto any of the pages that are ranked above you - if you then spend time on their site, reading it and analysing it to see how it compares to yours - you are telling the bots that site is worth staying on and they get a positive tick from Google.  

How to check your web pages

a better way to check your own pages

The bottom line is, if you want to check your pages via your keywords, don't do it on Goggle Search.  Instead registered with Google Webmaster Tools - there you can get all the information you need without it affecting how Google bots see you.  

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Telesto on 12/22/2014

That's really helpful, thank you.

DrDarko on 11/13/2011

You make a really good point here.

Now, I wonder what would happen if I did the exact opposite like searching for my keywords and clicking on my article in the results and staying there for a couple of minutes before moving on? If I did this two or three times per day, would it improve my ranking?

emmalarkins on 11/08/2011

Good point! I'll try not to do that anymore.

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